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Does Wokeism Pose a Mental Health Threat to Women?


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Does Wokeism Pose a Mental Health Threat to Women?

WASHINGTON / April 19, 2024 – The ongoing mental health crisis among young, liberal women has been well documented (1). Last month, a study from Finland revealed women were five times more likely than men to embrace “woke” attitudes, and these women were more prone to report lower levels of mental well-being such as anxiety and depression (2).

Three recent incidents illustrate how liberal, well-educated females indulge in wokeism. Their actions include betrayal of the oath of office, outright dishonesty, and hyper-partisanship:

1. Ketanji Brown Jackson: Supreme Court Justice Jackson revealed during a recent media censorship case that her biggest concern was the “First Amendment hamstringing the government in significant ways” (3).

Apparently she was unaware that the entire point of the First Amendment is to do exactly that – to restrain the power of the government from intruding into the lives of private citizens. Judge Jackson’s comments appeared to contradict her oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” (4).

Combined with her previous “I’m not a biologist” remark, Judge Jackson’s “hamstringing” comment raises questions about her objectivity and fitness to serve on the High Court.

2. Sharon Malone, MD: Doctor Malone was the guest for an April 4 interview on National Public Radio to discuss woman’s health. Echoing the woman-as-victim narrative, she made this dubious claim: “it wasn’t until 1993 that women were even included in clinical trials” (5).

But the facts reveal Malone’s statement to be an outright fabrication:

  • As early as 1979, 96% of all NIH clinical trials included women (6).
  • An analysis of enrollees in National Cancer Center clinical trials in 1989 reported 57% female participation (7).
  • Overall, “women routinely participated in clinical trials, and in numbers that are more than proportionate to the number of women in the overall population,” according to a third review (8).

3. Katherine Maher: Endowed with a gold-plated resume, Maher was hired in March to serve as the chief executive of National Public Radio. Maher has issued numerous partisan tweets that condemn “white complicity,” the “system of oppression founded on treating people’s ancestors as private property,” and much more (9).

But in a moment of lucidity, Katherine Maher admitted to indulging in her “hysteric white woman” voice (10). Maher’s candid admission of hysteria echoes the above-mentioned study from Finland.

In her April 3 column, Canadian Amy Hamm offers this insight for the current rash of female wokeism: “Perhaps it is not a tendril of our good nature that makes women ‘woker’ than men, but merely a reflection of our darker, malicious side” (11).

And commentator Janice Fiamengo floats this controversial idea: “If a significant subset of women are incapable of acting in their own best interests, let alone in those of society as a whole—particularly the best interests of (female) children—is it not time to rethink the alleged equal capacity of women to lead our societies?” (12)


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Lawsuits by Detransitioners Skyrocket as Transgender Movement Retreats


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Lawsuits by Detransitioners Skyrocket as Transgender Movement Retreats

WASHINGTON / April 15, 2024 – The transgender movement is facing setbacks on multiple fronts (1). Last week a comprehensive review of gender identity services for youth in the United Kingdom concluded (2):

  • “The strengths and weaknesses of the evidence base on the care of children and young people are often misrepresented and overstated.”
  • Thousands of young people received life-altering treatments with “no good evidence on the long-term outcomes of interventions to manage gender-related distress.”
  • “Social justice” ideology is driving medical decision-making, and “the toxicity of the debate” has created an environment “where professionals are so afraid to openly discuss their views.”

In 2007 Boston Children’s Hospital opened the first pediatric gender clinic in the United States. The hospital boasted its Gender Multispecialty Service has “expanded our program to welcome patients from ages 3 to 25.” During the following years, trans medicine became a major money-maker, as nearly 9,000 transgender surgeries were performed annually in the United States (3) with a market value of $1.9 billion in 2021 (4).

Medical treatments for gender dysphoria typically include puberty blockers, cross-sex hormone treatments, and eventually surgery on the genitals and breasts. The Mayo Clinic claims on its website that puberty blockers “don’t cause permanent physical changes. Instead, they pause puberty.” (5)

But numerous research studies point to the opposite conclusion (6).  A recent study, for example, reveals that puberty blockers for boys cause mild to severe sex gland atrophy, resulting in long-term fertility problems (7).

The effects of gender treatments are profound. Surgically transitioned persons are unable to have sexual relations, or to father or bear children. Their mental health often deteriorates. Their pain is psychological, social, and physical.

Sometimes these persons come to realize that they made a grave mistake and decide to detransition.

On May 10, 2022, the first detransitioner lawsuit was filed, against the Permanente Medical Group in California (8). Seven months later, Camille Kiefel filed a similar lawsuit in Oregon against the Quest Center for Integrative Health, which had performed a double mastectomy on her (9). Now, the number of detransitioner and wrongful death lawsuits has increased eight-fold, according to Transition Justice (10).

These lawsuits allege a breach of the standard of care, including failing to perform a mental health evaluation, lack of informed consent, and battery.

One of the leading law firms in this area, Campbell Miller Payne (11), reports that medical providers are beginning to shut down their gender modification services, such as Children’s Hospital of Colorado and Washington University in St. Louis.

But inexplicably, the Biden Department of Education is moving ahead with its plan to finalize a new Title IX regulation that would change the definition of sex to include “gender identity.” (12)

Marxist Shulamith Firestone once revealed that the goal of the feminist revolution is the elimination of the “sex distinction itself: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally…The tyranny of the biological family would be broken.” (13)

Future historians will marvel how a neo-Marxist ideology ignited a global gender hysteria, giving rise to the most egregious examples of medical malpractice in recorded history.


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Financing a gender justice infrastructure

Financing a Gender Justice Infrastructure to Counter Anti-Gender Ideology and Anti-Rights Movements


March 25, 2024

On March 19, 2024 the Ford Foundation, along with Global Philanthropy Project and the Institute of Development Studies, sponsored a parallel event to the 68th session of UN Commission on  the Status of Women conference in New York City. Titled “Financing a Gender Justice Infrastructure to Counter Anti-Gender Ideology and Anti-Rights Movements,” the event consisted of six presentations.

During the presentations, presenters and participants repeatedly stated, “I am full of rage” and “I’m raging.” Summaries of these presentations are shown below.

Argentinian President Milei’s Anti-Feminism Speech

Presenter: Angelika Arutyunova-

Co-Founder, CEECCNA Collaborative Fund

President Milei’s speech against feminism stirred considerable controversy within feminist circles. Many feminists argue that Milei’s rhetoric undermines decades of progress in gender equality and women’s rights. They view feminism not as a threat but as a crucial movement advocating for the rights and empowerment of women and marginalized genders.

Milei’s stance is seen as reflective of deeply ingrained patriarchal attitudes that seek to maintain traditional power structures and perpetuate gender-based discrimination. Feminists emphasize the importance of challenging such rhetoric and continuing to push for policies and social norms that promote gender equality and justice.

President Nayib Bukele’s Banishment of Gender Ideology

Presenter: Angelika Arutyunova

Co-Founder, CEECCNA Collaborative Fund

El Salvador president Bukele’s efforts to banish gender ideology in his country have sparked significant concern among feminists and LGBTQ+ rights advocates. They argue that Bukele’s actions not only erase the identities and experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals, but also perpetuate harmful stereotypes and discrimination. Feminists believe that gender ideology serves as a framework for understanding and addressing the complexities of gender, including issues of discrimination, violence, and social inequality.

By dismissing gender ideology, Bukele’s government risks exacerbating existing disparities and marginalizing already vulnerable communities. Feminists advocate for policies that recognize and affirm diverse gender identities and experiences, promoting inclusivity and equality for all individuals.

Collaboration between Feminists and Transsexuals

Presenter: Chivuli Ukwimi – Feminists and Transexuals Union

Deputy Director, International Trans Fund (ITF)

The discussion on collaboration between feminists and transsexuals underscored the importance of solidarity and mutual support within the broader gender justice movement. Feminists recognize the intersecting oppressions faced by transgender and gender non-conforming individuals and emphasize the need for inclusive activism that addresses the diverse needs and experiences of all gender minorities. Building alliances between feminists and transsexuals involves advocating for policies and initiatives that advance the rights and well-being of transgender individuals, including access to healthcare, legal recognition, and protection from discrimination.

Feminists aim to create spaces that are welcoming and affirming of all gender identities, fostering a sense of belonging and collective resistance against gender-based oppression.

Study on Anti-Gender Campaigns in Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Senegal

Presenter: Caroline Kouassiaman 

Executive Director – Initiative Sankofa d’Afrique de l’Ouest (ISDAO)

The presenter’s study sheds light on the detrimental impact of anti-gender campaigns in West Africa, highlighting the challenges faced by gender activists in combating misinformation and promoting gender equality. Feminists view these campaigns as a deliberate attempt to undermine progress towards gender justice by spreading fear and misinformation and reinforcing traditional gender norms. They emphasize the importance of countering such narratives with evidence-based education and advocacy efforts that challenge stereotypes and promote gender equality as a fundamental human right.

Feminists work to amplify the voices of local activists and communities affected by anti-gender campaigns, supporting grassroots initiatives that empower individuals to challenge harmful ideologies and advocate for gender-inclusive policies and practices.

Role of Technology in Gender Activism

Presenter: Jac sm Kee

Co-funder and Cartographer, Numun Fund

The discussion on the role of technology highlighted both its potential as a tool for advancing gender equality and its pitfalls, including issues of harassment and the spread of misinformation. Feminists recognize the power of technology in amplifying marginalized voices, organizing grassroots movements, and raising awareness about gender-based issues. However, they also acknowledge the need to address digital harassment and online abuse, which disproportionately target women and gender minorities.

Feminists advocate for platforms and policies that promote online safety and combat cyberbullying, recognizing the interconnectedness of digital and offline forms of violence against women. They work to harness the transformative potential of technology while challenging its negative impacts on gender equality and women’s rights.

Considerations on Funding for UN Women and Advocacy Groups

Presenters: All above persons

The discussion surrounding potential cuts in funding for UN Women and related advocacy groups reflects broader shifts in philanthropic priorities and funding allocations. Feminists expressed concern about the implications of reduced funding for gender equality initiatives, particularly at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing gender disparities and heightened the need for targeted interventions. They emphasized the importance of sustained investment in organizations that work to advance gender equality, including UN Women, grassroots women’s groups, and feminist-led initiatives.

Feminists advocate for donor strategies that prioritize long-term sustainability, flexibility, and responsiveness to the evolving needs of women and gender minorities worldwide, ensuring that resources are directed towards effective, rights-based approaches to achieving gender justice.

During the two-hour event, there were no questions posed, only expressions of support for the topics under discussion and the prevailing atmosphere of anger.



UN Women Has 170 Twitter Accounts With Millions of Followers

UN Women Has 170 Twitter Accounts With Millions of Followers

Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance

February 6, 2024

UN Women is the largest and most powerful feminist organization in the world. UN Women currently has 170 Twitter accounts with millions of followers, mostly females. Many of the accounts are country-specific. Others focus on certain languages (eg, Arabic), regions (eg, the Pacific), cities (eg, Los Angeles), or groups (eg, youth).

Following is a listing of these accounts and the number of followers for each:

UN Women
@UN_Women 2.2M Followers
UN Women India
@unwomenindia 578.8K Followers
UN Women Arabic
@unwomenarabic 43.7K Followers
UN Women Watch
@UNWomenWatch 149.6K Followers
UN Women Pakistan
@unwomen_pak 42.3K Followers
UN Women Afghanistan
@unwomenafghan 20.3K Followers
UN Women Africa
@unwomenafrica 88.8K Followers
UN Women Jordan
@unwomenjordan 16.8K Followers
UN Women Europe & CIS
@unwomeneca 24.4K Followers
UN Women AsiaPacific
@unwomenasia 59K Followers
UN Women Ethiopia
@unwomenethiopia 5,395 Followers
UN Women Malawi
@unwomenmalawi 4,060 Followers
UN Women in Brussels
@unwomenEU 16K Followers
UN Women with Youth
@UNWOMEN4Youth 33.6K Followers
UN Women in UAE
@unwomenuae 6,370 Followers
UN Women Egypt
@unwomenegypt 5,762 Followers
UN Women Pacific
@unwomenpacific 14.3K Followers
UN Women Rwanda
@unwomenrwanda 6,069 Followers
UN Women Lebanon
@unwomenlebanon 7,387 Followers
UN Women Albania
@unwomenalbania 4,380 Followers
UN Women Uganda
@unwomenuganda 30.4K Followers
UN Women UK
@UNWomenUK 27.3K Followers
UNI Women’s Hoops
@UNIwbb 6,232 Followers
UN Women Türkiye
@unwomenturkiye 9,792 Followers
UN Women Australia
@UNWomenAust 27.2K Followers
UN Women Kosovo
@unwomenkosovo 2,058 Followers
UN Women Nepal
@unwomennepal 8,478 Followers
UN Women Kenya
@unwomenkenya 7,484 Followers
UN Women Nordic
@unwomennordic 3,446 Followers
UN Women Zimbabwe
@unwomenzw 7,694 Followers
UN Women Indonesia
@unwomenid 3,527 Followers
UN Women South Africa
@unwomenSA 4,482 Followers
UN Women Ukraine
@unwomenukraine 2,514 Followers
UN Women Moldova
@unwomenmoldova 2,617 Followers
UN Women BiH
@unwomenbih 2,963 Followers
UN Women Myanmar
@unwomenmyanmar 3,498 Followers
UN Women Yemen
@unwomenyemen 4,252 Followers
UN Women Liberia
@unwomenliberia 4,127 Followers
UN Women Sweden
@UNWOMENSweden 2,622 Followers
Susanne Mikhail Eldhagen
@SusanneUNWomen 897 Followers
UN Women Nigeria
@unwomenNG 17.3K Followers
UN Women Somalia
@UNWomen_Somalia 1,366 Followers
UN Women South Sudan
@unwomenssudan 1,013 Followers
UN Women Sierra Leone
@UNWOMEN_SL 712 Followers
UN Women Tanzania
@unwomentanzania 1,544 Followers
UN Women Timor-Leste
@unwomenTL 1,481 Followers
Women’s Empowerment Principles
@WEPrinciples 12K Followers
UN Women Liaison Office to AU & UNECA
@unwomenAU 1,003 Followers
UN Women Viet Nam
@unwomenvietnam 2,041 Followers
UN-Women Executive Board
@unwomenboard 427 Followers
UN Women Geneva
@unwomengeneva 629 Followers
UN Women Iraq
@unwomeniraq 2,425 Followers
UN Women Sri Lanka
@unwomenSriLanka 1,266 Followers
UN Women China
@unwomenchina 201 Followers
UN Women Libya
@unwomenlibya 2,353 Followers
UN Women Deutschland
@UNWomen_Germany 6,902 Followers
UN Women USA Los Angeles
@UNWomenLA 2,583 Followers
UN Women IES
@unwomenEval 5,108 Followers
UN Women Niger
@unwomenNiger 656 Followers
UN Women Palestine
@unwomenpal 177 Followers
UN Women Japan
@unwomenjapan 8,339 Followers
UN Women Papua New Guinea
@unwomenPNG 866 Followers
UN Women Georgia
@unwomengeorgia 184 Followers
UN Women USA Miami
@UNWomenMiami 160 Followers
UN Women USA LA Youth
@UNwomenLAintern 123 Followers
USNC for UN Women UT
@USNC_UNWomenUT 149 Followers
UN Women USA SFBA Chapter
@UN_Women_SF 717 Followers
United Nations Women Aotearoa NZ
@UNWomenNZ 651 Followers
UN Women Ísland
@unwomeniceland 1,493 Followers
UN Women for Peace
@unwfpa 1,657 Followers
UN Women USA Gulf Coast
@unwomengulfcst 75 Followers
UN Women CentralAsia
@unwomenctrlasia 2,465 Followers
UNWomen NC
@UNWomenNC 191 Followers
UN Women Canada
@CCUNIFEM 904 Followers
UN Women Burundi
@UNWomenBurundi 2,602 Followers
UN Women CN Italia
@UNWomenCNItalia 530 Followers
Young UN Women ADL
@YoungUNWomenADL 234 Followers
UN Women Mozambique
@UNWMozambique 122 Followers
UN Women Brisbane
@UNWomenBrisbane 90 Followers
UN Women Stockholm
@UNwomensthlm 663 Followers
UN Women
@UNWomen_US 37 Followers
UN Women Youth Team
@unwyouthteam 43 Followers
@unwomenfiu 98 Followers
UN Women Nederland
@UNWomen_NL 1,825 Followers
UN Women Philly
@Philly_UNWomen 8 Followers

Why Are Feminists Such Unhappy People?

Why Are Feminists Such Unhappy People?


January 25, 2024

Currently, 46% of white Gen Z women — defined as women born between 1996 and 2010 –identify as liberal, compared to only 28% of white Gen Z men. And a Pew Research study reveals that over half of white, liberal women have been diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point in their lives. This is twice the rate as young moderate or conservative women.

Does this mean there’s a correlation between progressive ideas and mental health?

As Gen Z women have become more progressive and politically active, Jonathan Haidt observes that they’ve shifted psychologically. Not only have they adopted a more external locus of control, but also have embraced an ideology that engenders cognitive distortions like catastrophizing and emotional reasoning. This has then caused them to become more anxious and depressed.

Young liberal women are also much less tolerant. Democrat women are three times more likely to block friends on social media because of their political views than are Republican women: 30% versus 10%.

The liberal narrative portrays marriage and families as threats to personal freedom. It casts any form of commitment or responsibility as a constraint. Accordingly in the United States, 45% of women are predicted to be childless and unmarried by 2030. In the UK, more than half of women aged 34 or under are now unmarried.

Surprisingly, liberal women are much more accepting of marital infidelity. Liberal women are half as likely as conservative women to believe it’s always wrong for a married woman to have an affair: 36% versus 71%.

Very liberal women are nearly three times more likely to reporting having experienced sexual harassment than conservative women: 71.7% among very liberal women versus 27% among conservative women.

Young liberal women are much less likely to date people with different political views than are conservative women. While more than half of men said they would date someone with different views, just 35% of women said the same thing.

Former University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo sums up the pathological effects of feminist ideology this way:

“Feminism was never sane. It was never without deep rancor and bitterness against men, never free from the claim that women were absolute victims of male predation, never uninterested in destroying the family, never accurate in its claims about women’s social situation, never unwilling to slander men in the most vicious and unpitying ways, and it never expressed any appreciation for men nor recognition that men had made any contribution to society or that men had ever acted out of love and concern and compassion for women in the laws that had been made or social instruments that had been developed over time. It was always a deeply misandrist, man-hating, man-blaming kind of movement.”




Self-Styled ‘Feminist Barrister’ Confronts Army Veteran Academic in Court

Self-Styled ‘Feminist Barrister’ Confronts Army Veteran Academic in Court

Sean Bw Parker

December 9, 2023

In late 2023 the Twitter/X culture wars leapt off the screen and into the UK court system. Outspoken family court barrister Charlotte Proudman had form for pursuing those of whom she disapproved: her fame – or notoriety, depending on whom is asked – sprang from her outing of a fellow legal professional for ‘liking’ a photo she had posted on LinkedIn, back in pre-#MeToo 2015.

Proudman – who changed her surname from her father’s Bailye – has recently had an Inspector Philip Grimwade, formerly of Nottinghamshire Police, dismissed for gross misconduct for sending malicious tweets. This might have been a bellwether in how these types of cases were now going. Proudman has also allegedly run conferences designed to teach you about how to bring about a ‘cultural revolution’.

Now David Mottershead, a 42-year-old independent researcher from Machynlleth, Powys, was accused of sending harassing tweets in November 2022 (as well as being in possession of a bladed article – which he claims he had forgotten was in his possession). He pleaded not guilty to the two charges at Mold Crown Court, on July 28th 2023.

Mottershead had been a Lance Corporal in the Royal Logistic Corps between 1999 and 2002 and served in Kosovo, Norway, Oman and Cyprus. He served again from 2008 to 2012 as a Household Cavalry soldier. His defence accepted that he was responsible for the messages but maintained that he had not directed them at the lawyer. The Court heard that Mottershead, who has post-traumatic stress and partial autism, ‘took great issue’ with Proudman’s views.

An equal rights writer and advocate, Mottershead was given a restraining order. He had said that he had not intended to threaten Proudman, who in turn claimed in the court case to not support cultural revolution or the deconstruction of family, and denied the harassment allegation.

The judge said that both parties held very different views in relation to gender equality and violence between the sexes, but that both also sought to amplify them on social media. The photo that Mottershead sent Proudman of a soldier in fatigues, pointing a gun towards the viewer, could be seen as the pointing out of the difference between an actual warrior serving on the front line and a ‘keyboard warrior’ with their memes (as a Daily Mail writer said of Mottershead following the trial).

There is allegedly a list drawn up by political feminists of 200 figures speaking out for equal rights. This includes family attachment specialists, child psychologists, and those who have reunited numerous families on behalf of the family courts. It is claimed that Proudman and Claire Waxman, the domestic violence commissioner for London, England and Wales, have come up with this list of professionals who campaign over or make Parental Alienation (PA) diagnoses they deem ‘dangerous’.

Mottershead, who has himself had death threats sent to him (he had been sent pictures of dead bodies by activists with the message ‘you have no idea who we are, but answer me now or this is how you’ll end up’ ) was accused of being a ‘keyboard warrior’ on Remembrance night, as a result of what he saw as Proudman’s provocation in the form of the promotion of activist violence. After having been stalked, harassed and doxxed by many of the accounts in her feed for years, he confronted them. It seems Mottershead’s intent was to interrupt Proudman’s process by offering himself up to those who were harassing him, hoping that they would take the bait and leave everyone else alone.

Charlotte Proudman, who was revealed by a former client as sometimes earning £20,000 per day for her work, was reported as saying in The Daily Mail: ‘I have never seen another feminist make death threats’.

In 1968, feminist writer Valerie Solanas entered world-famous Pop artist Andy Warhol’s New York office. Carrying two loaded guns, she shot Warhol in the stomach and chest, due to what she saw as his treatment of women. Although he almost died, the shots weren’t fatal. Instead, Warhol suffered severe health complications for the rest of his life, which according to some led to his death some years later. Solanos belonged to S.C.U.M. (Society for Cutting Up Men). 

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As False Allegations Spiral Out of Control, Feminist Groups Work to Give False Accusers a Free Pass


Rebecca Hain: 513-479-3335


As False Allegations Spiral Out of Control, Feminist Groups Work to Give False Accusers a Free Pass

WASHINGTON / August 23, 2023 – Courtney Conover of Pennsylvania made a series of false accusations against Dr. James Amor and another person, claiming they had mishandled the complaints of victims of rape and sexual assault. Using her blog and social media account, Conover accused them of being “the devil,” a “human monster,” had been “aiding and abetting a pedophile for two decades,” and other outlandish claims.

The jury was so disturbed by the accusations that it found in favor of Dr. Amor and awarded $1.4 million in damages. This past Friday, U.S. District Court Judge John Gallagher upheld the jury finding, although he did reduce the damages (1).

False allegations represent a growing threat across the country. A 2020 YouGov survey found that 8% of Americans had been falsely accused of sexual assault, domestic violence, or child abuse (2). Three years later, that number had increased to 10% (3).

Unfortunately, feminist groups are working to give a free pass to false accusers, focusing on both the civil and criminal settings:

Civil: Feminists are seeking to confer absolute legal immunity on women who make accusations that are knowingly false. The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized that lawsuits for damages from defamatory claims reflect “our basic concept of the essential dignity and worth of every human being.” (4)

But that didn’t stop Legal Momentum (formerly, the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund) from filing an amicus brief in Khan v. Yale University seeking absolute immunity for the false accuser (5). In June, the Connecticut Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of Khan, rejecting the Legal Momentum arguments (6).

Criminal: Feminist organizations are pressuring prosecutors to not file criminal charges against false accusers, even though every state has laws that ban persons from making false reports. Last week a group known as End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) released an email message titled, “Is Prosecution for False Reporting Ever Appropriate?”

The message links to a longer document with the provocative title, “Raped, Then Jailed: The Risks of Prosecution for Falsely Reporting Sexual Assault” (7). The report fails to clarify the key distinction between an allegation that is “unfounded” — not meeting the legal standard of proof — versus “false,” that is, made in bad faith.

The crux of the EVAWI argument is that prosecuting an accuser is contrary to the “public interest.” Predictably, the feminist organization’s concept of “public interest” excludes any consideration of the effects of a bogus accusation on the falsely accused, including its devastating effects on the person’s reputation, mental and physical health, social standing, and career opportunities.

Worse, EVAWI never mentions the fact that false allegations and perjury are now the number one cause of wrongful convictions, according to the National Registry of Exonerations (8).

September 9 is International Falsely Accused Day (9). The global event is intended to raise awareness of how easy it is to fall victim to a false accusation, to point out how the presumption of innocence has been eroded, and how the law continues to be upended in the name of “social justice.”


  4. Gertz v. Robert Welch, 418 U.S. 323, 341 (1974).
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Broken on Campus: High-Profile Failures Reveal Title IX Offices are in Desperate Need of Reform


Rebecca Hain: 513-479-3335


Broken on Campus: High-Profile Failures Reveal Title IX Offices are in Desperate Need of Reform

WASHINGTON / July 24, 2023 – Three recent reports reveal widespread oversights and failures at university offices that were established to assure compliance with Title IX, the federal law enacted to stop sex discrimination in schools. The problems with Title IX are being seen throughout the country at institutions large and small, private and public, in three areas:

  1. Discrimination against Male Students: A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education reveals the existence of a broad array of scholarships, leadership development programs, awards, and summer camps that illegally exclude male students. The article notes that economist Mark Perry has filed hundreds of anti-discrimination complaints with the federal Office for Civil Rights, alleging more than 2,000 violations of federal antidiscrimination law by more than 750 colleges in virtually every state around the country (1).
  2. Due Process: To date, 265 judicial decisions have been handed down (2) against colleges for sex discrimination (3), lack of due process, and other similar violations. One of the most notable decisions was rendered on June 27 when the Connecticut Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of student Saif Khan, who had been falsely accused of sexual assault. The Court singled out numerous due process deficiencies in the school’s Title IX procedures, including the fact that Yale “failed to establish an adequate record of the proceedings.” (4)
  3. Handling of Sexual Harassment Complaints: A new report reveals a constellation of failures at California State University, the nation’s largest four-year public university. The report documents the lack of a coordinated approach across the 23-campus system, resulting in sexual misconduct complaints being ignored, mishandled, or falling through the cracks. The report deplores the lack of a “consistent formal process for reporting, resolving, documenting, or tracking” of complaints, and makes numerous recommendations for improvement (5).

Part of the problem can be traced to a lack of legal expertise among Title IX coordinators. According to the Association of Title IX Administrators, the leading trade organization for Title IX coordinators, fewer than one in four coordinators have a Juris Doctor degree (6).  Another analysis revealed a pro-feminist, anti-male bias among many Title IX coordinators (7).

In addition, the Association of Title IX Administrators has a well-documented history of seeking to roll back on Fourteenth Amendment-based due process protections for the accused (8). Last year, a lawsuit was filed against ATIXA president Brett Sokolow for allegedly using company funds for personal purposes and defrauding clients (9).

All of these facts point to a pervasive lack of impartiality, professionalism, and legal expertise in the Title IX field. One might reasonably conclude that these problems need to be addressed before any efforts are make to widen the scope of the Title IX law or increase the duties of Title IX coordinators.

And that’s exactly what the Department of Education’s proposed Title IX regulation seeks to do (10).



In Their Own Words: Feminists Claim the Family is ‘Oppressive’ to Women


In Their Own Words: Feminists Claim the Family is ‘Oppressive’ to Women


July 11, 2023

  1. “No woman should be authorized to stay at home to raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.” — Simone de Beauvoir, quoted in the Saturday Review, June 14, 1974, p. 18.
  2. “Romance itself serves a larger political purpose by offering at least a temporary reward for gender roles and threatening rebels with loneliness and rejection.” — Gloria Steinem, Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem, 1992, p. 260.
  3. “You become a semi-nonperson when you get married.” — Gloria Steinem
  4. “Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women’s bodies.” — Andrea Dworkin
  5. “The simple fact is that every woman must be willing to be identified as a lesbian to be fully feminist.” — National NOW Times, January 1988
  6. “Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage. ” — Sheila Cronan, Page 219.
  7. “Being a housewife is an illegitimate profession…The choice to serve and be protected and plan towards being a family-maker is a choice that shouldn’t be. The heart of radical feminism is to change that.” — Vivian Gornick, University of Illinois, “The Daily Illini,” April 25, 1981.
  8. “In order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them.” — Mary Jo Bane, associate director of the Wellesley College Center for Research on Women
  9. “Marriage has existed for the benefit of men; and has been a legally sanctioned method of control over women… We must work to destroy it. The end of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition for the liberation of women. Therefore, it is important for us to encourage women to leave their husbands and not to live individually with men” — The Declaration of Feminism, 1971.
Civil Rights Feminism

All Must Work to End the ‘War on Men on Campus’


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All Must Work to End the ‘War on Men on Campus’

WASHINGTON / July 10, 2023 – A new commentary probes the reasons for the declining presence of male students on college campuses – only 8 million men, compared to 11.4 million women in 2020-21.

Authored by Jennifer Kabbany, the War on Men Continues on Campus recounts that “Nowhere has the feminist goal of domination been more clearly realized than on the college campus.” (1) The analysis goes on to reveal a series of stereotypes, programs, humiliation, and smear tactics that refute any lingering notion of fundamental fairness or “gender equality:”

Stereotypes: The denigration of males begins at freshmen orientation, and permeates the entire college experience. “The nebulous term maleness is often used as a curricula cudgel when teaching subjects such as colonialism, capitalism, and systemic and institutional racism,” Kabbany explains.

Programs: Kabbany highlights the “high volume of female-only university scholarships, fellowships, internships, academic aid, and STEM programs.” College administrators apparently have never heard of the federal Title IX law that bans discrimination of students on the basis of sex.

Public Humiliation: Recalling the “struggle” sessions conducted during the Mao Zedong era, “Many colleges also host so-called privilege walks in which male students are told to step forward to acknowledge their advantages in life,” Kabbany reveals.

Smears: Campus feminists do not hesitate to resort to non-democratic methods: “The cancel culture mob is also quick to protest any frat that steps out of line, most notably over sexual assault allegations. Rather than hold to the adage ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ student activists hold marches, launch petitions, and engage in public smear campaigns to try allegations in the court of public opinion.”

Economist Mark Perry sums up the “future is female” ethos thusly: “Female privilege. It’s power, privilege, and payback, exploiting the victimhood narrative.”

Former University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo takes the argument a step farther, calling out the prevalence of “feminist injustice” and “bigotry.” (2)

Emphasizing that men are “truly the backbone of our society,” Kabbany warns that these Marxist-inspired tactics threaten the very fabric of society: “Feminism’s goal to neuter men has weakened families, derailed lives, and advanced unhealthy policies, and, ultimately, it is destroying our nation.”

The politicization of higher education. The open disregard for the law. Revolutionary rhetoric. Struggle sessions. Mob justice. It happened during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. And history is repeating itself here in the United States.