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Blockbuster Lawsuit Filed Against 15 Women’s Rights Organizations for Defamation


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Blockbuster Lawsuit Filed Against 15 Women’s Rights Organizations for Defamation

WASHINGTON / May 31, 2024 —   Saifullah Khan, a former Yale University student who was acquitted of rape charges in 2018, has filed a defamation lawsuit against 15 prominent women’s rights organizations. (1) The lawsuit alleges that despite Khan’s acquittal in a court of law, the defendants falsely labeled him a “rapist” in a legal filing, causing severe damage to his reputation. (2)

Khan, an Afghan refugee who came to the United States as a child, was a full scholarship student at Yale University. In 2015, he was accused of sexual assault by a female classmate following a Halloween party. Following a highly publicized trial in 2018, the jury found Khan not guilty on all charges. (3)

Despite the acquittal, Yale University launched an internal disciplinary proceeding, found him responsible for sexual misconduct, and expelled him. Khan then sued Yale in 2019 for $110 million, claiming the university had denied him due process. (4)

Normally, accusers are granted immunity by courts when they testify in a legal proceeding. But in this case, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled last June that Yale’s disciplinary procedures lacked adequate due process protections to provide the accuser immunity for her testimony, allowing Khan’s accuser to be potentially held liable for defamation (5).

Two weeks ago, Khan expanded his legal battle, filing a new defamation suit against 15 women’s rights organizations, including the National Women’s Law Center, Legal Momentum, Jewish Women International, and others. (6) The complaint alleges these groups falsely characterized Khan as a “rapist” and made other defamatory statements in a legal filing, which caused him substantial reputational harm.

“I was acquitted in a court of law, yet trusted and powerful organizations continued to defame me,” stated Khan.  He further explained that he doesn’t have a national agenda, but just wants to clear his name. (1)

The defendants, with combined assets exceeding $200 million, have not yet publicly responded to the suit. However, the case is likely to raise important questions about the boundaries of protected speech versus defamation in the context of sexual misconduct allegations during school hearings.


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30 Groups Call on Biden Administration to Abandon ‘Disastrous’ Title IX Regulation


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30 Groups Call on Biden Administration to Abandon ‘Disastrous’ Title IX Regulation

WASHINGTON / April 8, 2024 – The Washington Post recently reported that the U.S. Department of Education is again postponing its plan to issue a new Title IX regulation that would govern the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sports (1).

The Department of Education originally had promised to release the final Title IX sports regulation in October. “Folks close to Biden have made the political decision to not move on the athletics [regulation] pre-election,” the article reported. The proposed sports regulation would be a companion to a larger Title IX regulation that seeks to redefine sex to include “gender identity.”

Title IX is the federal law that was originally enacted to curb sex discrimination in schools. critics Ironically, the new Title IX regulation would worsen sex discrimination against men who have been falsely accused of sexual misconduct (2) and against women who participate in athletics. Last month, advocates for women’s sports met with Department of Education officials and criticized the proposed Title IX changes for its “disastrous legal effects.” (3)

Sixteen public opinion polls have revealed strong public opposition to the proposed Title IX changes (4).

The proposed Title IX changes have been challenged by federal lawmakers, attorneys general,   (5), and governors (6). Even presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. has expressed his opposition to the participation of biological males in women’s sports (7).

The Title IX Network was established in 2022 to oppose the new Title IX regulation, and currently has 221 national, state, and local organizations from around the country (8).

In response to the most recent delay, the following 30 members of the Title IX Network issued statements calling on the Department of Education to abandon its unlawful, far-reaching, and dangerous plan to revamp the Title IX law:

  1. AFA Action: “The Biden Administration has an evil agenda that is using unsafe, unfair, and illegal rulemaking to hurt girls and women. But at least they are pausing this rule, primarily because they are afraid of the American voters and a Congressional Review Act challenge.”
  2. Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization: “The Washington Post’s account of what the Biden administration has in store for us should he get elected for a second term is a chilling assault, on not only the female sex but of morality in general.”
  3. American Association of Christian Schools: “The Biden Administration has played politics with its extreme Title IX rewrite, redefining the word ‘sex’ and putting women in danger. This new delay of the rule until after the election reveals a craven awareness that the American people have rejected its radical gender agenda.”
  4. American Association of Evangelicals: “The Biden Administration’s assault on Title IX is inhumane and anti-science engineering that harms women, men, families and nations.”
  5. American Life & Liberty PAC: “The American Life & Liberty PAC stands 100% against the current DOE policy proposals. They are the antithesis of protecting the rights of children, ensuring children do not face dangerous medical interventions, and protecting children from longstanding harm.”
  6. American Values: “The American people overwhelmingly oppose the Biden Administration’s efforts to allow male athletes to cheat our daughters out of their hopes and dreams. Outraged parents and grandparents will make their voices heard in November.”
  7. Americans for Limited Government: “Americans for Limited Government opposes Joe Biden’s Title IX regulation as it represents a dangerous and unconstitutional federal mandate on local school districts to sexualize children.”
  8. Association of Mature American Citizens and AMAC Action: “Every individual is worthy. But a small group of persons facing an identity crisis around gender should not eclipse the majority of women and girls who compete in sports as biological females.”
  9. Center for Equal Opportunity: “Delaying the release of the final Biden Title IX sports regulations is election-year politics that signals a desire to sidestep overwhelming public opposition to allowing transexual athletes’ participation in women’s sports.”
  10. Child Protection League: “The proposed rule turns Title IX on its head, erasing the safety, dignity, privacy, and opportunities of women and girls. It must be dumped.“
  11. Citizens for Renewing America: “The Biden administration continues to trample on the rights of women through its attempts to redefine biological reality.”
  12. Concerned Women for America LAC: “Delay means nothing when you are dealing with the lives of young women. Biden’s destructive changes to Title IX will mandate a new form of discrimination against female athletes.”
  13. “The election year delay of this dangerous and outrageous proposal shows that Biden administration officials recognize how unpopular it is. But make no mistake, it will be back the day after the election, if Joe Biden wins.”
  14. Global Strategic Alliance: “We call on the Biden Administration to abandon this ‘disastrous’ Title IX regulation.”
  15. Greenwich Patriots: “It’s bad enough that girls are getting physically harmed by boys competing in girls’ sports. Biden’s plan to enshrine the right for boys to play in girls’ sports is outrageous and would effectively spell the end of women’s sports.”
  16. Independent Women’s Network, Denver Chapter: “Title IX was born to protect female athletes and give them opportunities in sports. Instead of protecting those rights, the Biden Administration looks to rewrite them so they have a better chance to win an election, allowing girls to be excluded and injured.”
  17. Independent Women’s Network, North Dakota Chapter: “Camouflaged hate speech toward females in the new Title-IX revisions should not be ignored, as discrimination against females is cloaked with words like ‘diversity,’ ‘equity,’ and ‘inclusion.’”
  18. Katartismos Global: “The Title IX proposed sports regulation is but part of broader, disastrous Title IX regulation by the Biden Administration that attempts to defend the lie that is known as gender ‘transitioning.’”
  19. Law Offices of Philip A. Byler: “The saying, ‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ applies here. The DeVos regulations fixed the worst parts of campus sexual misconduct proceedings, but the Biden regulations would un-fix it and make due process just some words.”
  20. Less Government: “Men are men. Women are women. And bureaucrats who pretend otherwise are corrupt idiots.”
  21. Mission America: “The Biden administration has apparently seen the writing on the wall, that the unlawful and high-risk Title IX changes are overwhelmingly unpopular and will carry a substantial political cost.”
  22. Palm Beach Freedom Institute: “As the recent revelations about administration policy toward gender and sports reveal, Title IX is an abomination and must be repealed.”
  23. SAVE: “The proposed Title IX regulation would be an unmitigated disaster for children, schools, families, women’s sports, free speech, and falsely accused male students.”
  24. Scottsdale Unites for Educational Integrity: “The feelings of boys-who-imagine-they-are-girls must not be prioritized over the rights and safety of biological girls.”
  25. 60 Plus Association: “President Biden can prove he’s a man, biologically speaking, if he lets stand Title IX, and what it has meant for female athletes during its 50-year history!”
  26. Tea Party Patriots Action: “The Biden administration’s Title IX rules are an insult to female athletes throughout the country. They should be competing against their peers, not against males.”
  27. Texas Values: “We have one message for the Biden Administration on its rewrite of Title IX: Don’t Mess with Texas female athletes or kids.”
  28. Title IX for All: “If the Biden administration does not abandon its attempt to roll back critical due process protections, accused students will again be systematically subjected to life-altering sham proceedings.”
  29. Utah Citizens for the Constitution: “A study published in the Journal of Urology (September 2021) found that suicidal tendencies double after transgender surgery. Such procedures on minors must be stopped.”
  30. Utah Eagle Forum: “For 50 years Title IX has protected women’s sports. The Biden administration’s proposed Title IX changes would eliminate all women’s sports.”

Email Secretary Miguel Cardona at the Department of Education:



False Allegations Sexual Assault

We Need New Laws to Punish False Accusers

We Need New Laws to Punish False Accusers

Perses Institute

The law would punish false accusers
with a minimum prison sentence equal
to any jail time served by the victim of
the false accusation. Such a statute might look like this:

18 Stat. § 101: False Accusations of
sexual misconduct.

(a) Any person who makes any
utterance, publication or statement
that states or implies that another
person is guilty of rape or sexual
assault, knowing that the utterance,
publication or statement is false, or,
having reason to know that the
utterance, publication or statement is
false, shall be guilty of a Felony.

(b)  This offense shall be charged as “False sexual reporting.”

(c) There shall be no immunity or
privileges asserted in response to a
charge under subsection (b).

(d) Any person who violates the
provisions of subsection (a) shall
serve a term in prison not less than
any amount of time, including pre
trial confinement that any falsely
accused served as a result of the false

(e) Any person who violates the
provisions of subsections (a) or (b)
shall be strictly liable for any
damages the falsely accused victim
incurs as a result of the false
utterance, publication or statement.

(f) Any court entering judgment
against a false accuser under this
provision shall award full restitution
to any falsely accused, including
restitution or damages that arise or
become known after any hearing on
restitution. A victim of a false
accusation of rape or sexual assault
may re-open the issue of restitution in
any criminal proceeding under this
provision, at any time, to seek
additional compensation for
restitution of damages or injuries.

(g) There shall be no statute of
limitations for any charge brought
under this provision.

(h) Any person who violates the
provisions of subsection (a) or (b) of
this provision shall be required to
register as a sex offender under any
applicable state or federal laws.

(i) Punishment under this provision
shall be the minimum prison sentence
as specified in subsection (d) up to
and including twenty-five years in
prison, plus a fine of up to $500,000
or both.

False Allegations Sexual Harassment Training

SAVE Opposes HB 370: Sexual Harassment Training in the Workplace


Rebecca Hain: 513-479-3335


SAVE Opposes HB 370: Sexual Harassment Training in the Workplace

WASHINGTON / January 18, 2024 – The House of Delegates in the Commonwealth of Virginia is considering legislation – HB 370 — that would require all employers with more than 50 employers to provide detailed harassment training annually to all employees (1).

The bill raises a number of problems and concerns, including cost, trainer qualifications, false accusations, and effectiveness:

In addition to the additional financial burden imposed on companies, the bill micromanages trainings in ways that may undermine their effectiveness. It requires that the training be conducted by an “educator or human resources professional.” Why not an experienced lawyer? Lawyers who bring or defend sexual harassment cases and administrative complaints know what the law actually requires.

Sexual harassment training can give rise to false accusations, as well. One manager revealed, “I am a manager and one of my employees reported that she was being sexually harassed by another employee. Her accusations included vague terms and said this employee would stare at her, making her uncomfortable. I immediately notified HR so they could do a full investigation and it turns out that these accusations were false. The employee admitted she just didn’t like the other person and was hoping to get them fired or, in her words ‘cancelled.’” (2).

There is little evidence that sexual harassment training reduces sexual harassment (3). Some research has found that sexual harassment training may have the opposite effect.  One study reported that persons who participated in the training were “significantly less likely” to consider coercive behaviors toward a subordinate or student as sexual harassment, compared with persons who hadn’t done the training (4).

In Kentucky, one lawmaker spoke out in opposition to the mandatory sexual harassment training for lawmakers. Sen. John Schickel said. “Legislators sit through three hours at taxpayers’ expense to be told by a bureaucrat who’s making six figures and elected by no one what’s ethical and what’s not.” (5)

HB 370 may be voted on this week. SAVE urges Virginia lawmakers to strongly oppose HB 370.

SAVE – Stop Abusive and Violent Environments – is a 501(c)3 organization working to assure due process and fairness.







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Exposing UN Women’s Anti-Male Bias: Reem Alsalem to Visit the UK

Exposing UN Women’s Anti-Male Bias: Reem Alsalem to Visit the UK

 Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance

January 9, 2024

Reem Alsalem is a Jordanian international human rights advocate. Since August 2021 Alsalem has served as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, and is scheduled to visit the UK in early 2024. Alsalem was born in Egypt in 1976, and was educated at the American University in Cairo where she completed a master’s degree in International Relations in 2001. She subsequently graduated from Oxford in 2003 with a Masters degree in Human Rights Law.

In Womansgrid, Alsalem wrote: ‘Women and girls have a right to discuss any subject free of intimidation and threats of violence. This includes issues that are important to them, particularly if they relate to parts of their innate identity, and on which discrimination is prohibited. Holding and expressing views about the scope of rights in society based on sex and gender identity should not be delegitimised, trivialised, or dismissed.’

While most in the West would consider this to be self-evident, the UN Women’s social media posting tends to go in a different direction. Encouragement of women’s rights, activities, and achievements is frequently overshadowed by a thinly-veiled contempt for men. This puts high-minded ideas such as Alsalem’s in the shade of a controversy verging on provocation. It’s almost as if the ‘Special Rapporteur’ had no idea what was being done in her name from the UN’s marketing department.

Alsalem has also written: ‘In some cases, women politicians are sanctioned by their political parties, including through the threat of dismissal or actual dismissal’, an observation which could well be about Rosie Duffield of the UK Labour Party, who had been put under investigation for expressing such views.

Elsewhere, Alsalem has been dismissive of Parental Alienation (PA) as a psychological fact, obstreperous as it no doubt is to her wider mission, describing it as a ‘pseudo-concept.’ DAVIA has revealed,

“Ignoring the science, the UN Special Rapporteur submitted to the Human Rights Council a deeply flawed report, Custody, Violence Against Women and Violence against Children. The document refers to parental alienation as a ‘discredited and unscientific pseudo-concept,’ and recommends that countries should ‘legislate to prohibit the use of parental alienation or related pseudo concepts in family law cases.'”

We can point to numerous articles from John Barry, David Mottershead, Phil Mitchell, Mike Bell, and many more proving beyond doubt the veracity of the so-called ‘pseudo science’ of PA. But as is the way of current discourse, this evidence is dismissed at best, and attacked as biased at worst. The Parental Alienation Study Group said of the Alsalem report: ‘The Special Rapporteur literally had the resources of the whole world available to her to produce a solid report that represents the best of qualitative and quantitative research practices. The Report failed to accomplish that goal, and is deeply flawed.’

Everyone seems to have some skin in the game, and social media rewards entrenched binary positions, making it almost impossible to present mature, adult resolutions. Add to this the unlimited resources provided by VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) organisations and by the UN to continually drip their one-way – male-to-female – abuse narratives, and it is left to exasperated voices on Twitter to call out the relentless propaganda. The toxic bias is becoming easier and easier to spot, rewarded as it is by likes and reshares, all apparently without consequence.

In the UK, the case of Sally Challen brought out power-feminists in campaigning for the recently conceptualised ‘Coercive Control’ to become law. Challen had been given life for murder of her husband — reduced to manslaughter following this campaigning — due to his alleged coercive control being seen as a reasonable excuse for his wife’s hammer attack. The couple’s son David, who had turned to campaigning in support of his mother, has since become a media voice for the relentless promotion of coercive control as law.

As is often the case with unintended consequences, coercive control in law has established allegations of domestic abuse as 50/50 at best, going to majority female-incited when coercive control and psychological abuse is taken into account. This view is clearly unacceptable to the power-feminist’s VAWG monopoly.

The victimhood industry — along with the Andrew Malkinson Effect on the False Allegations Industry — continues to tank in terms of the public support and credibility it once enjoyed. Reem Alsalem continuing to freeze out dissenting voices to the biased VAWG narrative, permanently churned out by UN Women for the consumption by the catastrophically impressionable, needs itself to be called out.

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To End ‘Kangaroo Courts,’ Lawmakers Need to Remove Qualified Immunity from Corrupt Title IX Officials


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To End ‘Kangaroo Courts,’ Lawmakers Need to Remove Qualified Immunity from Corrupt Title IX Officials

WASHINGTON / January 9, 2024 – Recent incidents reveal that many campus Title IX offices are ignoring fundamental due process protections for the falsely accused, resulting in college disciplinary committees being dubbed “Kangaroo Courts.” Given that these biases are so egregious and likely intentional, lawmakers need to enact laws to remove qualified immunity from campus Title IX personnel.

These are three recent examples of egregious due process violations:

Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia: After he was sexually assaulted by a female resident, physician John Abraham reported the incident to his supervisor at the university. But inexplicably, his complaint was not forwarded to the Title IX office and never investigated (1). Abraham was forced from his faculty position before any investigation could be conducted.

In December, a jury decided in favor of Abraham, awarding him $11 million in compensation for financial losses and $4 million in punitive damages for the university’s “outrageous conduct.” (2)

University of Maryland, College Park: A UMD student recently sued the University of Maryland, accusing the institution of a biased disciplinary proceeding (3). The lead investigator in the case was Jamie Brennan, who had previously posted on her Facebook page a quote stating, “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.”

The man’s lawsuit notes, “Investigators are supposed to ‘identify discrepancies’ in the stories and ‘ask the hard questions.’…In this case there were several discrepancies for which there was no follow-up and certainly no ‘hard questions’… When asked to explain her conduct, Brennan retorted, ‘that was not something we sought to obtain.’” (4)

University of Tulsa, Oklahoma: Impartiality is the foundation of due process. But at the University of Tulsa, the Title IX coordinator made a video promising accusers that they “will be believed.” (5)  A similar promise was not made to falsely accused students.

No surprise, a sex discrimination lawsuit alleged the same Title IX coordinator had restricted an accused student’s access to evidence and treated him as guilty throughout the process. In August, the case was remanded to the Tulsa County District Court for final resolution (6).

These three incidents are not the exception to the rule. An analysis of 175 lawsuits decided in favor of the falsely accused student concluded that in most cases, the judicial decisions were based on the fact that colleges were failing to observe the most fundamental notions of fairness, often so gross as to suggest that sex bias was the motivating factor (7).

Indeed, recent actions by the federal Department of Education that flout basic requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act have been denounced as a “contempt of court” and “contempt of law.” (8)

Given the continuing lack of good faith on the part of the Title IX personnel, lawmakers must consider the removal of qualified immunity. Qualified immunity is the legal doctrine that shields officials from personal accountability when they violate a citizen’s constitutional rights.

The drive to end qualified immunity for unscrupulous police officers now enjoys broad support, including from U.S. senator Mike Lee (9), Americans Against Qualified Immunity (10), and the National Police Accountability Project (11).  An online petition, “End Qualified Immunity!” has garnered nearly 130,000 signatures (12).

It’s time to eliminate qualified immunity for corrupt Title IX officials and bring an end to the campus Kangaroo Courts.


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$15 Million Verdict Against Thomas Jefferson Univ. Signals Fall of ‘Believe Women’ Movement


Rebecca Hain: 513-479-3335


$15 Million Verdict Against Thomas Jefferson Univ. Signals Fall of ‘Believe Women’ Movement

WASHINGTON / December 13, 2023 – On September 28, 2018, a full-page advertisement appeared in the New York Times that stated simply, “Believe women” (1). These words would be repeated countless times over the years, eviscerating the presumption of innocence and tilting the outcome of sexual assault cases against the accused. But a sexual assault allegation that recently ended with a $15 million jury verdict reveals the days of the vacuous “Believe women” phrase may be numbered.

The former Soviet Union was famous for its notorious Show Trials in which innocence or guilt was decided not by the evidence presented, but rather by whether the accused person came from a favored social group. If an investigation was conducted, it only was intended to create a façade of impartiality for the bogus trial with a predetermined outcome.

Which is exactly what happened in Thomas Jefferson University’s adjudication of medical resident Jessica Phillips’ accusation of rape against attending orthopedic surgeon John Abraham.

The saga began at an alcohol-fueled party on June 23, 2018 in Philadelphia. As the party began to wind down, Phillips forced whiskey into Abraham’s mouth and began to aggressively kiss him, according to the man. She pulled him to the floor, where they had sex. Abraham promptly reported the incident to his supervisor at the university. But inexplicably, his complaint was not forwarded to the Title IX office and never investigated (2).

In the meantime, the woman informed her husband of the incident and filed a complaint with her residency director. Four days after the sexual liaison occurred, Abraham received a Notice of Concern from Jefferson’s Title IX coordinator, alleging that he had engaged in “non-consensual sexual intercourse” with Phillips.

The university Chief Medical Officer also warned Abraham that if he did not immediately take a leave of absence, he would be suspended and reported to the Medical Staff and National Practitioner Database (3). Abraham believed he had choice but to capitulate.

All this happened before the University had completed its investigation.

On January 8, 2019, the University concluded its probe, with no finding of responsibility against the man. A police investigation of the incident likewise did not result in any charges being filed.

But the damage had been done. Abraham had been forced out of his position, his reputation destroyed, his career in tatters. The acclaimed surgeon was the latest victim of a campus Kangaroo Court.

A year later, Abraham filed a Title IX lawsuit against the University, accusing the institution of sex bias for failing to investigate his original complaint of sexual assault. At the trial, attorneys invoked the damsel-in-distress argument, claiming that Abraham “was in a powerful hierarchy position” relative to Phillips, as if a high-achieving woman in a medical residency somehow had lost her ability to utter the word, “no.”

On December 3, the jury met to decide on the case. Appalled at the university’s failure to investigate the surgeon’s complaint, the jury decided in favor of Abraham, awarding him $11 million in compensation for his financial losses, and $4 million in punitive damages for the university’s “outrageous conduct.” (4)

After five years of legal wrangling, a jury of five women and three men unanimously decided to not believe the woman. And the millions of falsely accused Americans could give a sigh of relief (5).


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Candidates Are Invited to Sign ‘Pledge to Protect Schools, Children, and Families from Federal Title IX Plan’


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Candidates Are Invited to Sign ‘Pledge to Protect Schools, Children, and Families from Federal Title IX Plan’

WASHINGTON / October 5, 2023 – The U.S. Department of Education is proposing to redefine the meaning of sex to include “gender identity” as part of the Title IX law (1). This change would have transformative effects on schools, children, families, and American society at large (2).

In response, SAVE is inviting candidates for federal, state, or local office to sign a “Candidate Pledge to Protect Schools, Children, and Families from the Federal Title IX Plan.” The Pledge states,

When elected to office, I pledge to work to assure that:

  1. Schools and other organizations shall utilize the traditional binary definition of “sex.”
  2. Schools shall obtain prior consent from parents for any use of gender pronouns, or gender-dysphoria counseling or treatments.
  3. Parents shall have the right to examine and opt their children out of any school curricula dealing with sexuality and gender identity.
  4. Schools shall only allow biological females to participate in women’s sports, enter women’s locker rooms, and use women’s bathrooms.
  5. Schools shall adhere to Constitutional due process procedures to protect falsely accused males from Title IX complaints.
  6. Schools and other institutions shall fully uphold Constitutional free speech guarantees.

The Candidate Pledge can be viewed online (3). Candidates can indicate their support for the Pledge by sending a confirmatory email to:

Even though the Pledge was not publicly announced until October 5, lawmakers in Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia already have signed on to the statement (4).

The Biden Title IX proposal has faced stiff criticism from numerous federal and state lawmakers and attorneys general (5). In addition, five Republican presidential candidates are now calling for the abolition of the Department of Education (6).

Candidates for school boards also are invited to sign the Pledge. At last count, 1,045 school districts around the country have implemented policies stating that school personnel can or should keep a student’s transgender status hidden from parents (7).

Candidates are welcome to display the signed Pledge on their campaign websites and at campaign events.


False Allegations

‘Ayudar & Crecer’ Foundation Calls on Citizens and Victims of False Accusations to Raise Their Voice on International Falsely Accused Day

‘Ayudar & Crecer’ Foundation Calls on Citizens and Victims of False Accusations to Raise Their Voices on International Falsely Accused Day

This September 9 marks the third anniversary of Falsely Accused Day, an international initiative aiming to spotlight flaws in the judicial system related to false accusations while upholding fundamental legal guarantees such as the presumption of innocence, due process, and equality before the law.

Originating from the case of British teacher Simon Warr, which shook the education sector in England, the initiative has gained international prominence. It engages individuals and organizations across countries in raising awareness about the damage and injustices caused by false accusations.

In Argentina, the education sector has not been immune to this phenomenon. Collectives have been formed to defend affected colleagues, as seen in the cases of Lucas Puig and teacher Erika Vázquez. Marches have been organized in various cities demanding protocols to prevent false accusations in classrooms.

The ‘Ayudar & Crecer’ Foundation has taken a step further by creating the False Allegations Observatory, an online platform allowing victims and their families to securely report their cases. It serves as a data repository aimed at providing detailed analysis to promote judicial reforms and raise awareness about false accusations.

After a year of recording cases, the Observatory published its first statistical report in June, providing an initial view of the situation in Argentina. It will continue to compile additional data with the aim of identifying recurring patterns across various jurisdictions in the country.

Adding weight to this cause will be activist and YouTuber Valentina Ortiz, who collaborates with the Observatory and has recently gained media attention for her role in the controversial Palermo Case. From Córdoba, she will live-stream on her Instagram account to give voice to those affected by false accusations. The public is invited to dress in black and carry a candle in memory of those who have taken their own lives as a result of false accusations.

Additionally, Andrea Guacci, collaborator with the Observatory and leader of the Women’s Front of Argentina, has mobilized a group of women focused on defending not only the rights of falsely accused men but also women who face collateral consequences: aunts cut off from nephews, grandmothers separated from grandchildren, daughters parted from fathers, mothers and new partners whose life plans are ruined. They aim to address this issue which they feel is wholly neglected by the government. Simultaneously, legal reforms are also being advocated to penalize those who make public shaming and false gender-based accusations.

Observances and Marches Across the Country:

The main gathering will take place in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Scheduled for Saturday, September 9 at 5:00 pm in Parque Lezama, the event aims to demand justice on Falsely Accused Day. It will feature the participation of several groups, including “No Mas Hijos Rehenes”, representatives of the False Allegations Observatory, Union Latam Argentina, Frente de Mujeres Argentinas, Nosotras por Ellos, NGO Joshua, Morelli Foundation, Healthy Parenting Bahía Blanca, Parents from Río Negro and Neuquén, Infancia Compartida, and many others.

Aside from the main gathering in the Capital City of Buenos Aires, events will be held in various cities:

● Capital Federal: Parque Lezama
● Bahía Blanca, Provincia de Buenos Aires
● Pilar, Provincia de Buenos Aires
● Gualeguay, Entre Ríos
● Santa Fe Capital, Santa Fe
● Rafaela, Santa Fe
● Rosario, Santa Fe
● Córdoba Capital
● Resistencia, Chaco
● La Rioja Capital
● Neuquén Capital
● Cipolletti, Neuquén
● Mendoza Capital
● Bariloche, Río Negro
● San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán

Similar events will take place globally, including a march in Chicago, IL, and various protests in the United Kingdom coordinated by FalselyAccusedDay and other organizations.

This year, more people in Latin America and around the world are expected to join the unanimous call of “No More False Accusations”. The Ayudar & Crecer Foundation invites all affected individuals and their families to participate in a collaborative video that will be widely disseminated.

To be part of this important cause, send your photo via email to or post your photos on social media with the hashtags:

  • #DíaMundialContraLasFalsasDenuncias
  • #FalselyAccusedDay

Here is a video of those who participated last year::

About the False Allegations Observatory:

The False Allegations Observatory is a non-governmental organization based in Argentina that works on identifying, documenting, and analyzing reports of false accusations. Founded in 2021 and with its digital platform relaunched in 2022, the Observatory is an open space for victims to safely report their experiences. With a dedicated team of legal and social professionals, the Observatory strives to promote transparency in information, conducting ongoing monitoring and analysis of reported cases. Its mission is to provide statistical data through case surveys to foster transparency in the justice system surrounding this issue. Through education and data dissemination, we aim to eradicate all forms of violence and raise awareness about the severity of false accusations. The False Allegations Observatory is administered by the Ayudar & Crecer Foundation.

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As False Allegations Spiral Out of Control, Feminist Groups Work to Give False Accusers a Free Pass


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As False Allegations Spiral Out of Control, Feminist Groups Work to Give False Accusers a Free Pass

WASHINGTON / August 23, 2023 – Courtney Conover of Pennsylvania made a series of false accusations against Dr. James Amor and another person, claiming they had mishandled the complaints of victims of rape and sexual assault. Using her blog and social media account, Conover accused them of being “the devil,” a “human monster,” had been “aiding and abetting a pedophile for two decades,” and other outlandish claims.

The jury was so disturbed by the accusations that it found in favor of Dr. Amor and awarded $1.4 million in damages. This past Friday, U.S. District Court Judge John Gallagher upheld the jury finding, although he did reduce the damages (1).

False allegations represent a growing threat across the country. A 2020 YouGov survey found that 8% of Americans had been falsely accused of sexual assault, domestic violence, or child abuse (2). Three years later, that number had increased to 10% (3).

Unfortunately, feminist groups are working to give a free pass to false accusers, focusing on both the civil and criminal settings:

Civil: Feminists are seeking to confer absolute legal immunity on women who make accusations that are knowingly false. The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized that lawsuits for damages from defamatory claims reflect “our basic concept of the essential dignity and worth of every human being.” (4)

But that didn’t stop Legal Momentum (formerly, the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund) from filing an amicus brief in Khan v. Yale University seeking absolute immunity for the false accuser (5). In June, the Connecticut Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of Khan, rejecting the Legal Momentum arguments (6).

Criminal: Feminist organizations are pressuring prosecutors to not file criminal charges against false accusers, even though every state has laws that ban persons from making false reports. Last week a group known as End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) released an email message titled, “Is Prosecution for False Reporting Ever Appropriate?”

The message links to a longer document with the provocative title, “Raped, Then Jailed: The Risks of Prosecution for Falsely Reporting Sexual Assault” (7). The report fails to clarify the key distinction between an allegation that is “unfounded” — not meeting the legal standard of proof — versus “false,” that is, made in bad faith.

The crux of the EVAWI argument is that prosecuting an accuser is contrary to the “public interest.” Predictably, the feminist organization’s concept of “public interest” excludes any consideration of the effects of a bogus accusation on the falsely accused, including its devastating effects on the person’s reputation, mental and physical health, social standing, and career opportunities.

Worse, EVAWI never mentions the fact that false allegations and perjury are now the number one cause of wrongful convictions, according to the National Registry of Exonerations (8).

September 9 is International Falsely Accused Day (9). The global event is intended to raise awareness of how easy it is to fall victim to a false accusation, to point out how the presumption of innocence has been eroded, and how the law continues to be upended in the name of “social justice.”


  4. Gertz v. Robert Welch, 418 U.S. 323, 341 (1974).