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DOJ’s Kristen Clarke Stabbed Her Husband, Then Engaged in a Five-Year Cover-Up


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DOJ’s Kristen Clarke Stabbed Her Husband, Then Engaged in a Five-Year Cover-Up

WASHINGTON / May 2, 2024 – The Centers for Disease Control reports that more men than women are victims of domestic violence. Each year, 6.5 million men, compared to 5.7 million women, fall prey to intimate partner aggression (1).

Consistent with these findings, a new report reveals a high-level female official at the U.S. Department of Justice attacked her husband, evaded prosecution, and sought to remove the incident from the public record.

A recent Daily Signal exposé reveals the following (2):

  1. On July 4, 2006, Kristen Clarke attacked her husband, Reginald Avery, slicing his finger to the bone. Maryland police arrested Clarke that night. A criminal case against Clarke was initiated in the District Court of Maryland.
  2. On Oct. 17, 2006, a Maryland state attorney entered a request of “nolle prosequi,” effectively dismissing the charge without a trial.
  3. On January 10, 2008, Clarke obtained an “Order for Expungement of Police and Court Records” for the arrest, thereby obscuring the incident from the public record.
  4. On January 7, 2021, President-elect Joe Biden nominated Clarke to serve as the head of the Department of Justice’s high-profile Civil Rights Division.
  5. During her April 21 confirmation hearing, Sen. Tom Cotton asked nominee Clarke, “Since becoming a legal adult, have you ever been arrested for or accused of committing a violent crime against any person?” Clarke dishonestly answered, “No.”

The weakening and dissolution of the nuclear family has long been a central objective of Marxist activists (3). Accordingly, feminists have created numerous domestic violence myths that are designed to divert attention from the reality of female-initiated violence (4).

For example, Gloria Steinem famously claimed that “Patriarchy requires violence, or the subliminal threat of violence, in order to maintain itself” (5). Such falsehoods have served to frighten women and vilify men, eventually undermining the institution of marriage.

Basic notions of fairness and justice have been compromised, as well. Even though a majority of abuse perpetrators are female, the Department of Justice reports that inexplicably, 81% of intimate partner violence arrestees are male (6).

Indeed, female-perpetrated violence is a hidden epidemic in our society (7). Last week, the media reported on a Kansas mother who cut off the head of her 6-year-old son (8). One week before that, an Arizona woman pled guilty to poisoning her husband by pouring bleach into his coffee (9).

SAVE urges lawmakers to undertake a thorough re-evaluation of the domestic violence laws within their jurisdiction, to assure these policies are based on principles of science and justice, not Marxist ideology. And chivalrous judges and law enforcement personnel need to stop giving female abusers a free pass.


  1. Tables 9 and 11.
  6. , Table 5.9.
Domestic Violence Special Report

Continued Culture of Corruption at Domestic Abuse Shelters

Continued ‘Culture of Corruption’ at Domestic Abuse Shelters

Coalition to End Domestic Violence

March 27, 2024

Over the past 25 years, abuse shelter managers have engaged in numerous instances of fiscal mismanagement and embezzlement. The CEDV report, Accountability and Oversight of Federally-Funded
Domestic Violence Programs, documents 16 instances of fraud from 1998 to 2020.

Such fraudulent activities have continued to the present time, as revealed by these seven cases:

Bookkeeper for domestic violence shelter pleads guilty in $300,000 embezzlement scheme

March 26, 2024

A woman pleaded guilty Tuesday in Tulsa federal court to tax evasion and bank fraud linked to the embezzlement of nearly $300,000 from a now-closed Bartlesville domestic violence shelter.

Ex-CEO of Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence arrested

September 20, 2023

Tiffany Carr and others are accused of padding the books at the defunct taxpayer-funded organization to compensate themselves.

Nuns accuse domestic violence shelter boss of spending facility’s cash on pricey dinners, luxe shopping sprees

July 29, 2023

The former director of an embattled Hells Kitchen domestic violence shelter spent the facility’s cash on pricey dinners and luxe shopping sprees, according to court papers.

At least $60,000 has gone missing under Deborah Pollock’s watch, claim the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, who opened the Dwelling Place in 1977 — but were hauled into court last week after they abruptly shuttered the facility.

Former Executive Director of Nonprofit Receiving Grant Funds Charged with Grand Theft and Falsification of Records

June 23, 2023

On June 22, 2023, the former Executive Director of a nonprofit organization called the Riverside County Coalition for Alternatives to Domestic Violence (ADV) that receives federal grant funds in Riverside, California, was charged following an amended criminal Complaint with three counts of grand theft and one count of falsification of records.

Bookkeeper theft prompts changes at Oasis Safe Haven

February 4, 2023

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – Oasis Safe Haven provides shelter for women who have been abused and need to get out of danger. It’s been a favorite for those wishing to donate to a worthy cause.  …

Boudreaux pleaded guilty to theft over $25,000, but investigators concluded the theft was closer to $200,000.

Former bookkeeper of federally funded domestic violence shelter sentenced to prison for misusing shelter funds on personal expenses

September 28, 2022

CINCINNATI – The former bookkeeper of My Sister’s House, a now-shuttered domestic violence shelter in Washington Court House, Ohio, was sentenced in U.S. District Court today to 12 months in prison for crimes related to stealing funds from the shelter.  [employee stole more than $50,000]

Non-Profit Ceo Sentenced to Two Years in Federal Prison After Pleading Guilty to Wire Fraud in Connection with the Misuse of Federal Funds Intended for the Treatment of Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

October 26, 2021

GreenbeltMaryland – U.S. District Judge Paula Xinis sentenced Glenda Hodges, age 72, of Clinton, Maryland, yesterday to two years in federal prison, followed by three years of supervised release, after Hodges pleaded guilty to two counts of wire fraud, in connection with the misuse of federal funds, and other fraud related to non-profit and for-profit entities that Hodges operated, and additional fraud committed while Hodges was on pretrial release for the wire fraud charges.

Culture of Corruption

There’s nothing new about these actions. Domestic violence advocates have engaged in fraudulent behavior for years. In 1993, for example, they promoted a story that “domestic violence spikes on Super Bowl Sunday.” However, when scholars tried to find the source for this claim, they discovered the claim was simply made-up.


Domestic Violence Murdered or Missing United Nations Violence

Women Who Attack Women to Steal Their Unborn Babies

Women Who Attack Women to Steal Their Unborn Babies


January 10, 2024

There is no crime more brutal, more sinister, or more incomprehensible than a female who kills a pregnant woman with the intention of stealing the unborn baby from the dead mother’s womb. But these crimes continue to happen with disturbing regularity.

These are six incidents from the last two years:

1. Woman pleads guilty to ‘helping mother kill 19-year-old and cut baby from womb’

2. US carries out its 1st execution of female inmate since 1953

A Kansas woman was executed Wednesday for strangling an expectant mother in Missouri and cutting the baby from her womb, the first time in nearly seven decades that the U.S. government has put to death a female inmate.

3. Killer Sentenced to Death for Stabbing Pregnant Woman 100 Times, Trying to Steal Her Baby

4. Woman accused of killing pregnant stranger to steal unborn baby faces new charge

5. Texas woman who killed pregnant friend and cut unborn baby from womb, sentenced to death

6. Friend of slain mother Heidi Broussard sentenced to 55 years in prison 

While these cases are fortunately rare, their incidence seems to be increasing. According to a 2021 study, there were 15 such cases reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the 24-year period from 1987 to 2011.

However, a 2017 article, “10 Horrifying Cases Of Fetal Abduction,” identified eight examples in the United States and South Africa between 2009 and 2017.

Internationally, mothers commit 72% of all infant murders. Despite these grisly facts, groups such as the United Nations continue to white-wash female-perpetrated violence.


Coercive Control Domestic Violence False Allegations Gender Agenda Parental Alienation United Nations

Exposing UN Women’s Anti-Male Bias: Reem Alsalem to Visit the UK

Exposing UN Women’s Anti-Male Bias: Reem Alsalem to Visit the UK

 Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance

January 9, 2024

Reem Alsalem is a Jordanian international human rights advocate. Since August 2021 Alsalem has served as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, and is scheduled to visit the UK in early 2024. Alsalem was born in Egypt in 1976, and was educated at the American University in Cairo where she completed a master’s degree in International Relations in 2001. She subsequently graduated from Oxford in 2003 with a Masters degree in Human Rights Law.

In Womansgrid, Alsalem wrote: ‘Women and girls have a right to discuss any subject free of intimidation and threats of violence. This includes issues that are important to them, particularly if they relate to parts of their innate identity, and on which discrimination is prohibited. Holding and expressing views about the scope of rights in society based on sex and gender identity should not be delegitimised, trivialised, or dismissed.’

While most in the West would consider this to be self-evident, the UN Women’s social media posting tends to go in a different direction. Encouragement of women’s rights, activities, and achievements is frequently overshadowed by a thinly-veiled contempt for men. This puts high-minded ideas such as Alsalem’s in the shade of a controversy verging on provocation. It’s almost as if the ‘Special Rapporteur’ had no idea what was being done in her name from the UN’s marketing department.

Alsalem has also written: ‘In some cases, women politicians are sanctioned by their political parties, including through the threat of dismissal or actual dismissal’, an observation which could well be about Rosie Duffield of the UK Labour Party, who had been put under investigation for expressing such views.

Elsewhere, Alsalem has been dismissive of Parental Alienation (PA) as a psychological fact, obstreperous as it no doubt is to her wider mission, describing it as a ‘pseudo-concept.’ DAVIA has revealed,

“Ignoring the science, the UN Special Rapporteur submitted to the Human Rights Council a deeply flawed report, Custody, Violence Against Women and Violence against Children. The document refers to parental alienation as a ‘discredited and unscientific pseudo-concept,’ and recommends that countries should ‘legislate to prohibit the use of parental alienation or related pseudo concepts in family law cases.'”

We can point to numerous articles from John Barry, David Mottershead, Phil Mitchell, Mike Bell, and many more proving beyond doubt the veracity of the so-called ‘pseudo science’ of PA. But as is the way of current discourse, this evidence is dismissed at best, and attacked as biased at worst. The Parental Alienation Study Group said of the Alsalem report: ‘The Special Rapporteur literally had the resources of the whole world available to her to produce a solid report that represents the best of qualitative and quantitative research practices. The Report failed to accomplish that goal, and is deeply flawed.’

Everyone seems to have some skin in the game, and social media rewards entrenched binary positions, making it almost impossible to present mature, adult resolutions. Add to this the unlimited resources provided by VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) organisations and by the UN to continually drip their one-way – male-to-female – abuse narratives, and it is left to exasperated voices on Twitter to call out the relentless propaganda. The toxic bias is becoming easier and easier to spot, rewarded as it is by likes and reshares, all apparently without consequence.

In the UK, the case of Sally Challen brought out power-feminists in campaigning for the recently conceptualised ‘Coercive Control’ to become law. Challen had been given life for murder of her husband — reduced to manslaughter following this campaigning — due to his alleged coercive control being seen as a reasonable excuse for his wife’s hammer attack. The couple’s son David, who had turned to campaigning in support of his mother, has since become a media voice for the relentless promotion of coercive control as law.

As is often the case with unintended consequences, coercive control in law has established allegations of domestic abuse as 50/50 at best, going to majority female-incited when coercive control and psychological abuse is taken into account. This view is clearly unacceptable to the power-feminist’s VAWG monopoly.

The victimhood industry — along with the Andrew Malkinson Effect on the False Allegations Industry — continues to tank in terms of the public support and credibility it once enjoyed. Reem Alsalem continuing to freeze out dissenting voices to the biased VAWG narrative, permanently churned out by UN Women for the consumption by the catastrophically impressionable, needs itself to be called out.

Domestic Violence Gender Agenda United Nations

Petition to Defund the United Nations

Petition to Defund the United Nations

Organized by the Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance[1]

Whereas, the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms the “dignity and worth of the human person” and the “equal rights of men and women.”[2]

Whereas, the United Nations has been strongly criticized for ignoring the mass rapes of Israeli women on October 7, 2023.[3]

Whereas, the United Nations is a strong advocate of transgender ideology, which serves to violate the dignity and worth of women.[4]

Whereas, the United Nations has yet to acknowledge the global problem of female abusers or the existence of male victims.[5]

Whereas, the United Nations seeks to weaken the family by promoting controversial comprehensive sexuality education, diminishing parental authority, and seeking to redefine the very concept of “family.”[6]

Whereas, numerous countries have expressed dissatisfaction with the use of pressure tactics to approve controversial UN resolutions.[7]

Whereas, S. 3428 recently was introduced in Congress calling for the United States to disengage from the United Nations.[8]

Whereas, Israeli ambassador Gilad Erdan recently called for the defunding of key UN agencies.[9]

Therefore, the undersigned persons and groups call for nations and donor organizations to suspend their funding of the United Nations until all UN agencies fulfill their pledge to respect the “dignity and worth” of all persons and assure the “equal rights of men and women.”


Name of individual or organization

City, State, Country











Domestic Violence

MEN TOO Documentary Exposes Inconvenient Truths About Domestic Violence

MEN TOO Documentary Exposes Inconvenient Truths About Domestic Violence

By Sean Bw Parker

November 24, 2023

Odette Van Rensburg is a South African documentary filmmaker, whose last two pieces have been Disconnected  (about suicide) and The Bonfire of Agreed Terms (false allegations) released by Dogs On The Run films. In MENTOO – Domestic Violence Against Men, Rensburg turns her laser focus to this most egregiously under-reported of subjects.

Odette often prefers her work to speak for itself, and in the words of its own subjects. MEN TOO opens with Erin Pizzey, founder of the Women’s Refuge movement in the UK. Pizzey was discredited and disowned by the wider political-feminism movement when she dared suggest that as many men were coming for her help as women. Pizzey speaks in a non-partisan and direct way throughout, pointing out uncomfortable realities relating to how sexual politics has unfolded over time.

She is echoed by Phil Mitchell, an academic researcher and public communicator on the theme of violence against men; and from across the pond by John Davis, the man behind the Gender Studies for Men group. There is a golden thread of pain through MEN TOO, and that is the blithe deafness of the mainstream media to the plight of abused men. The stats are 50/50, weighted to women often being the main instigators when psychological abuse and coercive control are taken into account.

But this statistical reality is inconvenient for heavily-funded VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) charity programmes around the world, be they Women’s Aid, Rape Crisis or UN Women. ‘Positive Conclusions’ gives his heartbreaking testimony in disguise; Australian wokeist’s nightmare Bettina Arndt clearly hasn’t read the Sisterhood memo, and is having none of it.

The golden thread running through Rensburg’s own work is ‘stigma’, whether that be of suicide (often in the family) or living through the injustice of false allegations. These false allegations are the low-hanging fruit of VAWG, and believe the victims policies across the world (notably chronic in India, Spain, Argentina and Australia of late) have weaponised them to the hilt. Though VAWG policies are now firmly embedded in the mainstream, their shills on television and social media are acting as if they’re still in the first wave of feminism, flinging themselves in front of racehorses no matter how many Equality Acts are passed.

The reality is that reality itself is seen as obstreperous to the cause, as unnecessary as the men themselves in this deliberately concocted mirror-world. Released on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Men, MEN TOO is a tight, snappily edited and compelling piece of visual education – and seeing Erin Pizzey keeping it brutally real after all these years is genuinely empowering.

Sean Bw Parker is a an artist and writer on cultural theory and justice reform.

Domestic Violence

Britney Spears & Sam Ashgari: Never Waste a Crisis when There’s an Autobiography to Sell

Britney Spears & Sam Ashgari:

Never Waste a Crisis when There’s an Autobiography to Sell

Sean Bw Parker

November 15, 2023

Spare a thought for a Princess of Pop. It can’t be easy being an object of desire for a quarter of a century, selling over 60 million records and having a similar number of followers on X/Instagram. She gets through the husbands too, like a true 20th century diva – three at last count, not bad for a sprightly 41. And sprightly Ms Spears remains, doing regular dark-eyed dances for the goggling hordes, with or without (apparently fake) knives, semi-naked to the background of what looks like a Mulholland Drive mansion.

Still, this summer Brit defenestrated husband number three; unfortunate Iranian fitness instructor Sam Ashgari, only a few months into wedded bliss but after having already been ‘together’ for six years. Publicity for this new development Spears deigns not to want: ‘As everyone knows, Hesam and I are no longer together … six years is a long time to be with someone so, I’m a little shocked but … I’m not here to explain why because it’s honestly nobody’s business. But, I couldn’t take the pain any more, honestly … In some sort of telepathic way, I have been receiving so many messages that melt my heart from friends and I thank you’.

Happily however this new adieu comes hot on the heels of her autobiography ‘The Woman In Me’ becoming the fastest selling auto by a celeb ever: ‘My book is the highest selling celebrity memoir in history and it’s only day 1 !!! Thank you to the fans who have been so supportive !!! Love you all’. Don’t you just love those triple exclamation marks??? And fancy giving Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ such a spanking at Nielsen! PR team heads will surely roll.

This being ‘post-#MeToo’ – not to mention post-Depp/Heard – no Hollywood breakup is complete without its own abuse miscellanea; the twist in the tail being that celeb muckraker TMZ claims Ashgari is the victim this time: ‘During one fateful encounter earlier in 2023, Asghari claimed Spears flew into a fit of rage while he was asleep, subjecting him to a barrage of punches. This incident reportedly coincides with a widely circulated photograph of Asghari sporting a black eye and bite marks on his forearm, which he initially attempted to downplay when questioned by the press‘.

Just to make sure the public didn’t suspect predictable overreaction to yet another abuse narrative, the marginally more respectable Entertainment Today chimed in with the ominous Recently, things took a bad turn and their arguments became more serious and real’. The sheer, relentless superfluity of the media ensured that the news was instant, international, and re-postable – whatever its veracity.

Cue British family court barrister and radical feminist Charlotte Proudman, rocking up to save the day in customary fashion: ‘In case you were wondering what the world thinks of a woman’s trauma after being controlled, abused and harassed then look no further. I stand with Britney Spears’. Of course she does, despite both Spears and Ashgari remaining silent on the subject. What the world does now know, thanks to some superlative and necessary counter-discourse from trusted reality-sources (John Barry, Janice Fiamengo, Bettina Arndt et al) is that domestic violence is 50/50, rather than the VAWG-compelled ‘full responsibility on men, all the time’ narrative.

Whether TMZ, Entertainment Today, Ashgari or Spears – or more importantly, their lawyers – care about such realities remains to be seen. Best of luck to the ever-entertaining Britney Spears – and even more to husband 4.

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As False Allegations Spiral Out of Control, Feminist Groups Work to Give False Accusers a Free Pass


Rebecca Hain: 513-479-3335


As False Allegations Spiral Out of Control, Feminist Groups Work to Give False Accusers a Free Pass

WASHINGTON / August 23, 2023 – Courtney Conover of Pennsylvania made a series of false accusations against Dr. James Amor and another person, claiming they had mishandled the complaints of victims of rape and sexual assault. Using her blog and social media account, Conover accused them of being “the devil,” a “human monster,” had been “aiding and abetting a pedophile for two decades,” and other outlandish claims.

The jury was so disturbed by the accusations that it found in favor of Dr. Amor and awarded $1.4 million in damages. This past Friday, U.S. District Court Judge John Gallagher upheld the jury finding, although he did reduce the damages (1).

False allegations represent a growing threat across the country. A 2020 YouGov survey found that 8% of Americans had been falsely accused of sexual assault, domestic violence, or child abuse (2). Three years later, that number had increased to 10% (3).

Unfortunately, feminist groups are working to give a free pass to false accusers, focusing on both the civil and criminal settings:

Civil: Feminists are seeking to confer absolute legal immunity on women who make accusations that are knowingly false. The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized that lawsuits for damages from defamatory claims reflect “our basic concept of the essential dignity and worth of every human being.” (4)

But that didn’t stop Legal Momentum (formerly, the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund) from filing an amicus brief in Khan v. Yale University seeking absolute immunity for the false accuser (5). In June, the Connecticut Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of Khan, rejecting the Legal Momentum arguments (6).

Criminal: Feminist organizations are pressuring prosecutors to not file criminal charges against false accusers, even though every state has laws that ban persons from making false reports. Last week a group known as End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) released an email message titled, “Is Prosecution for False Reporting Ever Appropriate?”

The message links to a longer document with the provocative title, “Raped, Then Jailed: The Risks of Prosecution for Falsely Reporting Sexual Assault” (7). The report fails to clarify the key distinction between an allegation that is “unfounded” — not meeting the legal standard of proof — versus “false,” that is, made in bad faith.

The crux of the EVAWI argument is that prosecuting an accuser is contrary to the “public interest.” Predictably, the feminist organization’s concept of “public interest” excludes any consideration of the effects of a bogus accusation on the falsely accused, including its devastating effects on the person’s reputation, mental and physical health, social standing, and career opportunities.

Worse, EVAWI never mentions the fact that false allegations and perjury are now the number one cause of wrongful convictions, according to the National Registry of Exonerations (8).

September 9 is International Falsely Accused Day (9). The global event is intended to raise awareness of how easy it is to fall victim to a false accusation, to point out how the presumption of innocence has been eroded, and how the law continues to be upended in the name of “social justice.”


  4. Gertz v. Robert Welch, 418 U.S. 323, 341 (1974).
Domestic Violence

Women, Custody Disputes, and Spousal Murder

Women, Custody Disputes, and Spousal Murder


August 21, 2023

Recently, the ex-wife of murdered Microsoft executive Jaren Bridegan was charged with first-degree murder in connection with his murder.  Bridegan, who was in the midst of a custody dispute with his ex-wife, was ambushed on the street after dropping-off the couple’s children at his ex-wife’s house.  The mother’s new husband has also been charged in the murder.

Ex-wife of slain Microsoft exec Jared Bridegan charged with his murder

Bridegan was shot and killed in the middle of a Jacksonville Beach street.

Aug 17, 2023

A few weeks earlier, a New York woman and her new husband were charged with killing her ex-husband, with whom she shared two children.  He went missing after dropping-off the couple’s children at the ex-wife’s house.

Accused in Missing Man’s Grisly Killing: His Ex-Wife and Her Husband

Three years ago, Steven Kraft disappeared. This week, Jamie and Nicholas Orsini were arrested and accused of carrying out an elaborate plot to kill him and dispose of his body.

June 16, 2023

These stories are reminiscent of the infamous murder of Florida State law professor Dan Markel, who was murdered while sitting in a car in his garage.  Markel was in the midst of a custody dispute with his ex-wife, who was also a law professor.  The ex-wife’s brother, a prominent dentist, has been charged with first degree murder for arranging the contract killing.  The trigger-men have already been convicted.  Many people believe other members of the wife’s family, including the wife herself, were involved.

Charlie Adelson’s trial over Dan Markel’s killing will now start in October

March 19, 2023

These cases are also reminiscent of an earlier Illinois case in which a father, Steve Watkins, was murdered by his former mother-in-law.  Watkins was gunned down from behind when he went to the home of his estranged wife to pick up their child while their divorce case was pending. Watkins died from a single gunshot to the back of his head.

She fought the law and the law won

“During the 2010 trial, prosecutor Michael Vujovich called the murder a “family affair,” committed because Jennifer Watkins and her kin considered [the child] their property, and they feared that Steven Watkins might gain custody, or at least substantial visitation rights, during divorce proceedings.”

Other cases:

Dad wins custody of kids, then ex’s boyfriend kills him moments after, VA family says

May 12, 2023

Father of Children Killed in Reseda Was in Custody Fight With Mother Now Suspected of Murder

Apr. 12, 2021

Cruel twist in Queens custody fight: Mother accused of killing her baby’s father shares joint custody with his heartbroken mom

Nov. 20, 2020

Here’s a twist on the theme.  A mother murdered her child’s paternal grandmother.

Texas Grandmother Killed Outside Starbucks, Allegedly by Child’s Mother in Dispute Over Custody

Police said Watts allegedly pulled out a handgun and fired shots at Edwards, killing her in front of the child

Apr. 20, 2022

The common theme that runs throughout these cases is a mother who views the children as her property and is unwilling to share custody with their father.  Of interest, none of the fathers in these cases was seeking (or had) more than 50% parenting time.

Domestic Violence

Prevalence of Domestic Violence in Australia

Prevalence of Domestic Violence in Australia

Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance

February 7, 2023

Seven population-based or large-scale surveys have examined the sex-specific prevalence of physical domestic violence in Australia. Studies with the strongest methodologies surveyed a large, random sample of the population, and asked about the occurrence of specific abusive behaviors, e.g., slap, shove, hit, etc., consistent with the Conflict Tactics Scale.[1]

The surveys were conducted among adolescents (Gibbon et al), university students (Straus), newlyweds (Halford et al), and the general adult population (Headey et al, Grande et al, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Ahmadabadi et al).

The following surveys found higher rates of male victimization or female perpetration:

  • Headey et al
  • Straus
  • Halford et al
  • Ahmadabadi et al (among persons currently in a relationship)
  • Gibbon et al

The following surveys found higher rates of female victimization or male perpetration:

  • Grande et al
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Ahmadabadi et al (among persons currently not in a relationship)

We conclude that overall, men and women in Australia experience domestic violence at similar rates. Summaries of each survey are shown below, in chronological order of year of publication:

  1. Headey B, Scott D, & de Vaus D (1999). Domestic violence in Australia: Are women and men equally violent? Data from the International Social Science Survey/Australia 1996/1997 was examined. A sample of 1,643 subjects (804 men, 839 women) responded to questions about their experiences with domestic violence in the past 12 months, as assessed by responses to three questions about a slap, shake, or scratch; hit with fist or threw something; or kicked. Results reveal that 5.7 % of men and 3.7 % of women reported being victims of domestic assaults.[2]
  2. Grande ED, Hickling J, Taylor, & Woollacott T (2003). Domestic violence in South Australia: A population survey of males and females. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 27(5), 543–550. A representative random sample of South Australian adults responded to items related intimate partner violence. Results reveal that 2.9 % of 2,596 men and 3.4 % of 2,884 women reported experiencing physical violence perpetrated by their partners.[3]
  3. Straus M (2008). Dominance and symmetry in partner violence by male and female university students in 32 nations. Children and Youth Services Review 30 (252-275). As part of an international study of dating violence among students in 32 countries, Straus surveyed university students in Adelaide. Among the respondents, 20.2% admitted to pushing, grabbing, slapping, throwing something, twisting the arm or hair, punching, kicking, choking, slamming against a wall, beating up, burning, or using a knife or gun against their dating partner within the past year. These incidents were of the following type (Table 2):
  • Male-only: 14.0%
  • Female-only: 21.0%
  • Both violent: 64.9%
  1. Halford W, Farrugia, C, Lizzio A, & Wilson K (2010). Relationship aggression, violence and self-regulation in Australian newlywed couples. Australian Journal of Psychology, 62(2), 82–92. A sample of 379 newlywed couples in Australia responded to a short version of the CTS. Results reveal that 22% of couples experienced a least one act of physical violence in the past year. Female perpetration of violence was more common that male perpetration. Authors report that in violence couples the more common pattern was for women to be violent (59%) followed by violence by both partners (34%) and least common was violence by men only (7%). [4]
  2. Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey (2017). A large, nationally representative survey inquired about persons’ experience of “violence.” The two components of physical violence are defined as:
    1. Physical assault is any incident that involved the use of physical force with the intent to harm or frighten a person.
    2. Physical threat is any attempt to inflict physical harm or a threat or suggestions of intent to inflict physical harm, which was made face-to-face and which the person believed was able and likely to be carried out. Excludes incidents of violence in which the threat was actually carried out.

Of all incidents committed by an intimate partner in the past year, 35% of victims were male and 65% female.[5]

  1. Zohre Ahmadabadi, Jackob M. Najman, and Peter d’Abbs (2017). Gender Differences in Intimate Partner Violence in Current and Prior Relationships. Journal of Interpersonal Violence 36 (1-2). The sample consisted of 2,060 young adults (mean age = 30 years) who had participated in the 30-year follow-up of the Mater Hospital and University of Queensland Study of Pregnancy. Percentages of persons who had experienced physical abuse in the previous 12 months:[6]
    1. Currently in a relationship: 12.0% of males and 5.9% of females
    2. Not currently in a relationship: 22.6% of males and 27.2% of females
  1. Gibbon KF, Meyer S, Boxall H, Maher J, Roberts S (2022). Adolescent family violence in Australia: A national study of prevalence, history of childhood victimisation and impacts. ANROWS conducted a national online survey of over 5,000 adolescents ages 16-20 regarding their abusive actions directed to family members. The survey found that 23% of females and 14% of males reported they had ever perpetrated some form of abuse against a family member (Table 2):
  • Physical violence — Males: 7%; Females: 11%
  • Verbal abuse — Males: 9%; Females: 17%
  • Emotional/psychological abuse – Males: 2%; Females: 6%

The age of onset among female adolescents tended to be earlier than male adolescents (Figure 1.5). The violence was directed to siblings (68%), mothers (51%), and fathers (37%).[7]