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Does Wokeism Pose a Mental Health Threat to Women?

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Does Wokeism Pose a Mental Health Threat to Women?

WASHINGTON / April 19, 2024 – The ongoing mental health crisis among young, liberal women has been well documented (1). Last month, a study from Finland revealed women were five times more likely than men to embrace “woke” attitudes, and these women were more prone to report lower levels of mental well-being such as anxiety and depression (2).

Three recent incidents illustrate how liberal, well-educated females indulge in wokeism. Their actions include betrayal of the oath of office, outright dishonesty, and hyper-partisanship:

1. Ketanji Brown Jackson: Supreme Court Justice Jackson revealed during a recent media censorship case that her biggest concern was the “First Amendment hamstringing the government in significant ways” (3).

Apparently she was unaware that the entire point of the First Amendment is to do exactly that – to restrain the power of the government from intruding into the lives of private citizens. Judge Jackson’s comments appeared to contradict her oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” (4).

Combined with her previous “I’m not a biologist” remark, Judge Jackson’s “hamstringing” comment raises questions about her objectivity and fitness to serve on the High Court.

2. Sharon Malone, MD: Doctor Malone was the guest for an April 4 interview on National Public Radio to discuss woman’s health. Echoing the woman-as-victim narrative, she made this dubious claim: “it wasn’t until 1993 that women were even included in clinical trials” (5).

But the facts reveal Malone’s statement to be an outright fabrication:

  • As early as 1979, 96% of all NIH clinical trials included women (6).
  • An analysis of enrollees in National Cancer Center clinical trials in 1989 reported 57% female participation (7).
  • Overall, “women routinely participated in clinical trials, and in numbers that are more than proportionate to the number of women in the overall population,” according to a third review (8).

3. Katherine Maher: Endowed with a gold-plated resume, Maher was hired in March to serve as the chief executive of National Public Radio. Maher has issued numerous partisan tweets that condemn “white complicity,” the “system of oppression founded on treating people’s ancestors as private property,” and much more (9).

But in a moment of lucidity, Katherine Maher admitted to indulging in her “hysteric white woman” voice (10). Maher’s candid admission of hysteria echoes the above-mentioned study from Finland.

In her April 3 column, Canadian Amy Hamm offers this insight for the current rash of female wokeism: “Perhaps it is not a tendril of our good nature that makes women ‘woker’ than men, but merely a reflection of our darker, malicious side” (11).

And commentator Janice Fiamengo floats this controversial idea: “If a significant subset of women are incapable of acting in their own best interests, let alone in those of society as a whole—particularly the best interests of (female) children—is it not time to rethink the alleged equal capacity of women to lead our societies?” (12)