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Candidates, Lawmakers, and Attorneys General Oppose Title IX Plan

A growing number of candidates, federal lawmakers, state lawmakers, and state Attorneys General have come out in opposition to the proposed Title IX regulation.


SAVE invites candidates for school boards and for political office (local, county, state, and federal) to sign the Candidate Pledge to Protect Schools, Children, and Families from the Federal Title IX Plan:Steps:

  1. Review the Pledge.
  2. If you are in agreement, send an email indicating your support to
  3. We will add your name to the listing of other Pledge supporters.


House of Representatives:

  • May 12: Rep. Michael Cloud and 38 others: “The Department’s rule sets a dangerous precedent for undermining the intent of Congress…therefore, we respectfully urge  the Department of Education to immediately withdraw the proposed rule.”
  • 21 Representatives: “The Department of Education should promptly withdraw the rule and instead focus on upholding existing law and regulations consistent with our law.”
  • Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: “Congress needs to pass legislation in order to stop the Biden administration’s action from moving forward because it will directly undermine Title IX and erase the progress that women have made.”
  • Rep. Virginia Foxx: “For an administration that claims to carry the torch for ‘equality’, these proposed regulations are steeped in hypocrisy. Policies such as these serve one purpose, and one purpose only: to tilt the scales in favor of radical partisans.”
  • Rep. Steve Scalise and Rep. Debbie Lesko: “It is shameful that Democrats’ divisive politics and radical gender ideology ignore basic science and are destroying women’s sports that Title IX was created to protect.”
  • Rep. Jim Banks: “I will always push back against Joe Biden’s radical #TitleIX rewrite – which would force schools to allow boys to play girls’ sports – to protect my daughters and yours.”
  • Rep. Greg Steube: “President Biden’s reversal of Title IX is a slap in the face to every female athlete in this nation. It cancels biological sex – on teams, in locker rooms, in dorms, and in scholarship selections.”


  • May 23: Senators Lankford and Marco Rubio filed a comment calling on the DOE to defend fairness in women’s sports.
  • May 15: Sen. Tommy Tuberville and 21 other senators called on the Biden Administration to withdraw its proposed Title IX sports regulation, which could prevent states from enforcing bans on transgender athletes competing in women’s sports.
  • 13 Senators: “The Department of Education should promptly withdraw the rule and instead focus on upholding existing law and regulations consistent with our law.”
  • Senators Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Marsha Blackburn, Josh Hawley, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio: “Equally disturbing is the likelihood that your department will weaponize Title IX to force a radical gender ideology in K-12 classrooms.”
  • Senators Roger Wicker, Cindy Hyde-Smith, and 19 others: “By contrast, the new proposed rule encourages institutions to adopt processes that have either been struck down or been viewed skeptically by multiple courts.”
  • Sen. Richard Burr: The draft policy “threatens students’ Constitutional right to due process and the core American value of justice for all. The existing rule struck a balance that follows the law and is fair to both parties.”
  • Sen. Tom Cotton: “If you don’t conform to the left’s new gender ideologies, you could lose your job or get kicked out of school. That’s what President Biden’s return to Obama’s Title IX means for students and faculty around the country.”
  • Sen. Marsha Blackburn: “Regardless of the radical propaganda being pushed by the left, God created men and women differently from a physical standpoint, and that’s a biological fact.”
  • Sen. Steve Daines: “On the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the Democrats have decided to push their damaging gender ideology in American schools – they are waging a woke war on women and girls.”




  • May 15: The Attorneys General from 22 states sent a 17-page letter to the DOE that concludes: “The Department should abandon the proposed rule.”