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30 Groups Call on Biden Administration to Abandon ‘Disastrous’ Title IX Regulation

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30 Groups Call on Biden Administration to Abandon ‘Disastrous’ Title IX Regulation

WASHINGTON / April 8, 2024 – The Washington Post recently reported that the U.S. Department of Education is again postponing its plan to issue a new Title IX regulation that would govern the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sports (1).

The Department of Education originally had promised to release the final Title IX sports regulation in October. “Folks close to Biden have made the political decision to not move on the athletics [regulation] pre-election,” the article reported. The proposed sports regulation would be a companion to a larger Title IX regulation that seeks to redefine sex to include “gender identity.”

Title IX is the federal law that was originally enacted to curb sex discrimination in schools. critics Ironically, the new Title IX regulation would worsen sex discrimination against men who have been falsely accused of sexual misconduct (2) and against women who participate in athletics. Last month, advocates for women’s sports met with Department of Education officials and criticized the proposed Title IX changes for its “disastrous legal effects.” (3)

Sixteen public opinion polls have revealed strong public opposition to the proposed Title IX changes (4).

The proposed Title IX changes have been challenged by federal lawmakers, attorneys general,   (5), and governors (6). Even presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. has expressed his opposition to the participation of biological males in women’s sports (7).

The Title IX Network was established in 2022 to oppose the new Title IX regulation, and currently has 221 national, state, and local organizations from around the country (8).

In response to the most recent delay, the following 30 members of the Title IX Network issued statements calling on the Department of Education to abandon its unlawful, far-reaching, and dangerous plan to revamp the Title IX law:

  1. AFA Action: “The Biden Administration has an evil agenda that is using unsafe, unfair, and illegal rulemaking to hurt girls and women. But at least they are pausing this rule, primarily because they are afraid of the American voters and a Congressional Review Act challenge.”
  2. Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization: “The Washington Post’s account of what the Biden administration has in store for us should he get elected for a second term is a chilling assault, on not only the female sex but of morality in general.”
  3. American Association of Christian Schools: “The Biden Administration has played politics with its extreme Title IX rewrite, redefining the word ‘sex’ and putting women in danger. This new delay of the rule until after the election reveals a craven awareness that the American people have rejected its radical gender agenda.”
  4. American Association of Evangelicals: “The Biden Administration’s assault on Title IX is inhumane and anti-science engineering that harms women, men, families and nations.”
  5. American Life & Liberty PAC: “The American Life & Liberty PAC stands 100% against the current DOE policy proposals. They are the antithesis of protecting the rights of children, ensuring children do not face dangerous medical interventions, and protecting children from longstanding harm.”
  6. American Values: “The American people overwhelmingly oppose the Biden Administration’s efforts to allow male athletes to cheat our daughters out of their hopes and dreams. Outraged parents and grandparents will make their voices heard in November.”
  7. Americans for Limited Government: “Americans for Limited Government opposes Joe Biden’s Title IX regulation as it represents a dangerous and unconstitutional federal mandate on local school districts to sexualize children.”
  8. Association of Mature American Citizens and AMAC Action: “Every individual is worthy. But a small group of persons facing an identity crisis around gender should not eclipse the majority of women and girls who compete in sports as biological females.”
  9. Center for Equal Opportunity: “Delaying the release of the final Biden Title IX sports regulations is election-year politics that signals a desire to sidestep overwhelming public opposition to allowing transexual athletes’ participation in women’s sports.”
  10. Child Protection League: “The proposed rule turns Title IX on its head, erasing the safety, dignity, privacy, and opportunities of women and girls. It must be dumped.“
  11. Citizens for Renewing America: “The Biden administration continues to trample on the rights of women through its attempts to redefine biological reality.”
  12. Concerned Women for America LAC: “Delay means nothing when you are dealing with the lives of young women. Biden’s destructive changes to Title IX will mandate a new form of discrimination against female athletes.”
  13. “The election year delay of this dangerous and outrageous proposal shows that Biden administration officials recognize how unpopular it is. But make no mistake, it will be back the day after the election, if Joe Biden wins.”
  14. Global Strategic Alliance: “We call on the Biden Administration to abandon this ‘disastrous’ Title IX regulation.”
  15. Greenwich Patriots: “It’s bad enough that girls are getting physically harmed by boys competing in girls’ sports. Biden’s plan to enshrine the right for boys to play in girls’ sports is outrageous and would effectively spell the end of women’s sports.”
  16. Independent Women’s Network, Denver Chapter: “Title IX was born to protect female athletes and give them opportunities in sports. Instead of protecting those rights, the Biden Administration looks to rewrite them so they have a better chance to win an election, allowing girls to be excluded and injured.”
  17. Independent Women’s Network, North Dakota Chapter: “Camouflaged hate speech toward females in the new Title-IX revisions should not be ignored, as discrimination against females is cloaked with words like ‘diversity,’ ‘equity,’ and ‘inclusion.’”
  18. Katartismos Global: “The Title IX proposed sports regulation is but part of broader, disastrous Title IX regulation by the Biden Administration that attempts to defend the lie that is known as gender ‘transitioning.’”
  19. Law Offices of Philip A. Byler: “The saying, ‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ applies here. The DeVos regulations fixed the worst parts of campus sexual misconduct proceedings, but the Biden regulations would un-fix it and make due process just some words.”
  20. Less Government: “Men are men. Women are women. And bureaucrats who pretend otherwise are corrupt idiots.”
  21. Mission America: “The Biden administration has apparently seen the writing on the wall, that the unlawful and high-risk Title IX changes are overwhelmingly unpopular and will carry a substantial political cost.”
  22. Palm Beach Freedom Institute: “As the recent revelations about administration policy toward gender and sports reveal, Title IX is an abomination and must be repealed.”
  23. SAVE: “The proposed Title IX regulation would be an unmitigated disaster for children, schools, families, women’s sports, free speech, and falsely accused male students.”
  24. Scottsdale Unites for Educational Integrity: “The feelings of boys-who-imagine-they-are-girls must not be prioritized over the rights and safety of biological girls.”
  25. 60 Plus Association: “President Biden can prove he’s a man, biologically speaking, if he lets stand Title IX, and what it has meant for female athletes during its 50-year history!”
  26. Tea Party Patriots Action: “The Biden administration’s Title IX rules are an insult to female athletes throughout the country. They should be competing against their peers, not against males.”
  27. Texas Values: “We have one message for the Biden Administration on its rewrite of Title IX: Don’t Mess with Texas female athletes or kids.”
  28. Title IX for All: “If the Biden administration does not abandon its attempt to roll back critical due process protections, accused students will again be systematically subjected to life-altering sham proceedings.”
  29. Utah Citizens for the Constitution: “A study published in the Journal of Urology (September 2021) found that suicidal tendencies double after transgender surgery. Such procedures on minors must be stopped.”
  30. Utah Eagle Forum: “For 50 years Title IX has protected women’s sports. The Biden administration’s proposed Title IX changes would eliminate all women’s sports.”

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