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Petition to Defund the United Nations

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Petition to Defund the United Nations

Organized by the Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance[1]

Whereas, the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms the “dignity and worth of the human person” and the “equal rights of men and women.”[2]

Whereas, the United Nations has been strongly criticized for ignoring the mass rapes of Israeli women on October 7, 2023.[3]

Whereas, the United Nations is a strong advocate of transgender ideology, which serves to violate the dignity and worth of women.[4]

Whereas, the United Nations has yet to acknowledge the global problem of female abusers or the existence of male victims.[5]

Whereas, the United Nations seeks to weaken the family by promoting controversial comprehensive sexuality education, diminishing parental authority, and seeking to redefine the very concept of “family.”[6]

Whereas, numerous countries have expressed dissatisfaction with the use of pressure tactics to approve controversial UN resolutions.[7]

Whereas, S. 3428 recently was introduced in Congress calling for the United States to disengage from the United Nations.[8]

Whereas, Israeli ambassador Gilad Erdan recently called for the defunding of key UN agencies.[9]

Therefore, the undersigned persons and groups call for nations and donor organizations to suspend their funding of the United Nations until all UN agencies fulfill their pledge to respect the “dignity and worth” of all persons and assure the “equal rights of men and women.”


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