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All Must Work to End the ‘War on Men on Campus’

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All Must Work to End the ‘War on Men on Campus’

WASHINGTON / July 10, 2023 – A new commentary probes the reasons for the declining presence of male students on college campuses – only 8 million men, compared to 11.4 million women in 2020-21.

Authored by Jennifer Kabbany, the War on Men Continues on Campus recounts that “Nowhere has the feminist goal of domination been more clearly realized than on the college campus.” (1) The analysis goes on to reveal a series of stereotypes, programs, humiliation, and smear tactics that refute any lingering notion of fundamental fairness or “gender equality:”

Stereotypes: The denigration of males begins at freshmen orientation, and permeates the entire college experience. “The nebulous term maleness is often used as a curricula cudgel when teaching subjects such as colonialism, capitalism, and systemic and institutional racism,” Kabbany explains.

Programs: Kabbany highlights the “high volume of female-only university scholarships, fellowships, internships, academic aid, and STEM programs.” College administrators apparently have never heard of the federal Title IX law that bans discrimination of students on the basis of sex.

Public Humiliation: Recalling the “struggle” sessions conducted during the Mao Zedong era, “Many colleges also host so-called privilege walks in which male students are told to step forward to acknowledge their advantages in life,” Kabbany reveals.

Smears: Campus feminists do not hesitate to resort to non-democratic methods: “The cancel culture mob is also quick to protest any frat that steps out of line, most notably over sexual assault allegations. Rather than hold to the adage ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ student activists hold marches, launch petitions, and engage in public smear campaigns to try allegations in the court of public opinion.”

Economist Mark Perry sums up the “future is female” ethos thusly: “Female privilege. It’s power, privilege, and payback, exploiting the victimhood narrative.”

Former University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo takes the argument a step farther, calling out the prevalence of “feminist injustice” and “bigotry.” (2)

Emphasizing that men are “truly the backbone of our society,” Kabbany warns that these Marxist-inspired tactics threaten the very fabric of society: “Feminism’s goal to neuter men has weakened families, derailed lives, and advanced unhealthy policies, and, ultimately, it is destroying our nation.”

The politicization of higher education. The open disregard for the law. Revolutionary rhetoric. Struggle sessions. Mob justice. It happened during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. And history is repeating itself here in the United States.