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Parental Rights Groups See Wave of School Board Victories Across the Country

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Parental Rights Groups See Wave of School Board Victories Across the Country

WASHINGTON / November 14, 2022 – Parental rights groups scored dozens of victories across the nation on November 8 as a part of a burgeoning national movement to make schools more responsive to parents and to the community.

Parental concerns about school policies began to surface over a year ago:

  1. Virginia candidate Glenn Younkin highlighted concerns about COVID-related school closures and the teaching of “critical race theory” (1), paving the way to an upset victory over former governor Terry McAuliffe in November 2021.
  2. As a result of plans of the United School District to rename 44 buildings, San Francisco voters recalled three Board members in February 2022. (2)

This trend intensified last week as proponents of parental rights flipped at least nine school boards in six states: Florida, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, and South Carolina (3):

  • In Florida, Moms for Liberty endorsed 67 candidates for school board elections, of whom 41 won the contest (4).
  • In Carroll County, Maryland, three school board candidates won the election, reversing the majority of the school board (5).
  • In Brandywine, Michigan, four parental rights candidates were victorious, which turned the school board majority (6).

Victories for parental rights were seen at the state-wide level, as well. In Texas (7) and Kansas (8), parental rights proponents now hold 10-5 and 7-3 majorities in these two states, respectively.

Another parental rights advocacy group, the 1776 Project PAC, reports that since November 2021, the group has succeeded in flipping 100 school boards (9).

Concerns about public education cross party lines. A 2022 Gallup poll found that the public tilts more dissatisfied (55%) than satisfied (42%) with the quality of K-12 education in the United States. The leading reason for voter dissatisfaction is a “poor/outdated curriculum.” (10)

The Title IX Network (11) urges school boards across the country to heed the concerns of parents and study the results of national opinion polls (12).