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The Woke Has Poked Mama Bear

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The Woke Has Poked Mama Bear

Tabitha Walter, Executive Director

Eagle Forum

It’s so great to see so many people advocating for the present and future of our country! I’m honored to stand up here with amazing leaders from across the country who are advocating for truth.

I’m Tabitha Walter and I’m the Executive Director of Eagle Forum. I’m also a mom of two toddlers and I want to share why that means something regarding the new Title IX regulations. A little over four years ago, I found out through a blood test that the baby in my belly was a boy. That evening I attended a Fairfax school board meeting to oppose their new school curriculum that taught kids lies about their gender and bodies. I told them that my son’s sex wasn’t chosen for him; it was rooted in his biological DNA. I didn’t want my little boy believing that he was born in the wrong body especially because of something he learned at school.

Yet, we have an administration that is pushing that on our kids beginning in elementary school and telling them to hide it from their parents. Title IX redefines “sex” to include gender ideology. This means that biological boys who claim to be girls can help themselves to girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms and compete unfairly against girls. This also means that radical gender ideology curriculums have an open door into schools beginning as young as kindergarten.

While all of this is being implemented, teachers and school administrators have no obligation to inform parents. Even if a child changes their pronouns, openly questions their gender, or requests to be called by a different name, school officials have no obligation to inform the parents of what is happening at school. In fact, teachers have more protections under the new Title IX regulations if they encourage students to hide their feelings from their parents and if they push them toward puberty blockers or other body altering procedures.

I’m truly concerned about my daughter’s future. Will she ever have a chance to be a top athlete or even have the motivation to try her best if boys are dominating her sport? Will she be safe in her own bathroom at school? Will she be told that she isn’t really a “she” and that her beautiful characteristics are ugly or unimportant? Not under my watch!

The Department of Education’s rewritten Title IX regulation would erase 50 years of progress for girls and women. Regardless of what the Biden administration says, this mama bear is going to know what my children are learning, who they are sharing private spaces with, and that they can be confident in the body that God created for them.

When I stood in front of that school board, I didn’t have children who were old enough to attend public school in that district. There were parents attending who homeschooled their children or sent their kids to private school. Their voices were just as important. YOUR voices are just as important. Why? Because these are the children who will be leading our country one day. THEY will make decisions for YOUR children one day. We don’t just fight for now. We fight for the future! Thank you!

Note: This speech was presented at the Stop the Title IX Take-Over rally on August 11.