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Over 140 Organizations Opposed to Biden Title IX Plan Launch Advocacy Network

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Over 140 Organizations Opposed to Biden Title IX Plan Launch Advocacy Network

WASHINGTON / August 10, 2022 – In the wake of growing criticisms of Joe Biden’s Title IX proposal by over 140 organizations, a “Title IX Network” has been established (1). The Network will advocate for a variety of changes at the national, state, and local levels to reverse the harmful effects of flawed Title IX policies that have been implemented in recent years.

These far-reaching policies relate to the areas of due process, free speech, women’s sports, bathroom privacy, parental rights, and gender experimentation. More information on each of these topics is available on the SAVE website (2).

Bipartisan criticisms of the Biden proposal have ballooned in recent weeks. The disapprovals have been issued by lawmakers, attorneys general, and others (3). To date, 62 editorials critical of the proposal have been published (4).

Most recently, three feminist professors published an editorial claiming the Title IX regulation’s mandatory reporting provision “will only make things worse.” (5)  Then, 15 Republican governors issued a Joint Letter that charges, “your Administration proposed changes that misunderstand the purpose of Title IX, which was to prevent discrimination ‘on the basis of sex’ in education programs.” (6)

To date, 147 organizations have come out in opposition to the Title IX plan (7). A rally is being held in Washington, DC on August 11 to call on the Department of Education to disavow its plan to move forward with its Title IX proposal (8).