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The Family Is the Greatest Resource Ever Given to Our Nation Under the Natural Law – Not Title IX Law

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The Family Is the Greatest Resource Ever Given to Our Nation Under the Natural Law – Not Title IX Law

Frank J. Nice

Our nation’s greatest resource is the family.  The best form of government is the smallest government.  The smallest of government is the family.   It does not matter to what political party our family belongs, what religion our family practices, what ethnic ancestry our family comes from, or what color our family is.

We know that we need strong families with loving and caring parents. Parents and family members know what is best for their families to thrive.  We do not need elected officials curbing and taking over our God-given parental rights and responsibilities.  We need elected leaders to ask us what they can do to help us once again have strong families. We need elected officials who will support children’s growth in the family with entitlements that respect the birth sex of our children.  We need to protect our God-given children, especially our daughters, from sex discrimination and abuse that forces our children to share locker rooms and bathrooms with those of the opposite sex and forces them to compete in sports against much stronger transgenders.

Government leaders need to give parents the dignity they have earned and deserve. Dignity is the quality of being worthy of honor and respect. We give dignity to parents by honoring and focusing on the diversity and beauty of families and by allowing children to grow and mature under the leadership of their fathers and mothers. We need to prevent any policy or law that takes away the dignity of the family to give privileges and entitlements, instead, to those who promote sex based on non-birth sex orientation, gender identity, sex stereotypes, and sex characteristics. We need to prevent destroying our already fragile families by those who take away parents’ rights to raise their children under the Natural Law, not under Title IX Law.

I am the father of six children and grandfather of eleven grandchildren. The government must not be allowed to take away my dignity as the father of my children and thus the dignity of my children. Our elected leaders must once again return dignity to our greatest resource, our families, over and above any issue that destroys our families by giving honor to less worthy causes, such as the draft Title IX regulation. You, dad; you, mom; you, children; you, grandparents are the resources given to our leaders to prosper us and to provide for the common good of our precious families and society. It is not about being a Democrat leader or being a Republican leader; it is about being a Family leader.

Any “reformation” of Title IX will have an impact on the family. We must not allow Title IX to fundamentally transform our families where parental rights, roles, and responsibilities are transferred to and replaced by the State. These rights, roles, and responsibilities include only parents defining the sex of their children, preventing gender experimentation on their children, having due process in all sex-related issues, and restricting sexually oriented curricula to their children under the protection of free, not mandated, speech for parents and students. Only God has the right to change the character of families.

Note: This presentation was made at the Stop the Title IX Take-Over rally on August 11.