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Democrats Embrace Sex Change for Kids

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Democrats Embrace Sex Change for Kids

Jon Schweppe

Good morning everyone.

Well, we know the Left loves to lie to people’s faces and take a bad thing and pretend that it’s a good thing. We saw this just the other day – half a trillion dollars in new spending, and what do they call it? The Inflation Reduction Act. Absolutely ridiculous. We know this on other issues, too. Abortion – tearing an infant limb from limb – what do they call that? Reproductive health care. And here we have another issue where the Left is just lying to our faces. They call what they’re doing to children – they call it “gender-affirming care.”

But “care” is a real misnomer, isn’t it? Because what we’re talking about – what they’re doing to kids here – is giving puberty blockers to kids as young as 8, cross-sex hormones to kids as young as 14, sex change surgeries – double mastectomies for young teenagers, fifteen years old – it’s absolutely Nazi Germany stuff, and we’re doing it right here in the United States.

This is being pushed – unfortunately it’s not just the activist Left, it’s not just our politicians although the Biden Administration is obsessed with this – but it’s being pushed by all parts of our society, culture, institutions, medical professionals, the education system, certainly corporations, Big Pharma stands to make a lot. You know, a lot of people don’t realize this with these cross-sex hormones, but once you start on a regimen, you’re on it for life. That’s hundreds of dollars, probably thousands of dollars over the course of a year, and Big Pharma is standing to profit from that.

Part of the problem here is that this is so widespread across our culture that there’s really only one way to stop it, and it’s politics. We have a real problem on our hands because Republicans are weak. They’re not very good on this issue.

We have some that have been really good, we have to give them credit. Senator Marshall from Kansas, as soon as he got into office, introduced a bill to try to push back against this stuff. LaMalfa, Jim Banks, both on the House side have been good. Rand Paul, we know him from his hearing with Rachel Levine, where his first two words in the hearing were “genital mutilation,” so you have to give him credit for that. Tom Cotton has been good as well.

But the reality is that Republicans have not, while they have on an issue like women’s sports, they haven’t quite put this as a top issue, where they’re talking about it, where they’re expressing outrage about what’s happening. We have to change that.

Polls show we’re winning – we’re actually crushing the Left on this issue. APP did a poll on this recently and we’re at like 58 percent of people agreeing that we shouldn’t do this to children. When we actually compared that to the Left’s argument, where the Left is saying this is life-saving treatment and all these kids are going to kill themselves, we actually made that comparison, and our numbers went up. So the American people are against this. They think it’s outrageous. But we’re not doing anything about it. So we have to give credit: we have state legislation that’s passing. That’s good. We need to pass the SAFE Act in every single state. I think we have legislation in five states right now where we’re actually getting some stuff done on this. But this has to be a priority. This really is the moral issue of our time.

And so call your Member of Congress, call your Senator, demand that this is a priority, that they fight against sex changes for kids, it’s wrong, it’s unAmerican, and we won’t stand for it.

Thank you so much.

Note: This presentation was made at the August 11 Stop the Title IX Take-Over Rally in Washington, DC.