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National Outrage Over Biden Title IX Plan

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National Outrage Over Biden Title IX Plan

WASHINGTON / February 28, 2024 – America is witnessing a seismic shift in popular views about President Biden’s Title IX plan to expand the definition of sex to include “gender identity.” (1) Such a change would impose dramatic changes on women’s sports, gender transitioning, parental rights, free speech, due process, and more (2).

The following events took place during a five-day period in mid-February, revealing a historic shift in the national mood:

  1. February 13: St. Louis Park Schools in blue-state Minneapolis agreed to allow six Somali-American families to opt out of instruction that featured “LGBTQ-affirming” books (3).
  2. February 14: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis boldly announced, “The Biden Administration is plunging ahead with a radical re-write of Title IX, seeking to impose gender ideology on K-12 schools all across the country….In Florida, we will not abide by it.” (4)
  3. February 17: Democrat-turned-Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced, “I don’t think somebody who is born a biological male should be competing in consequential women’s sports.” (5)

The issue that has generated the strongest public reaction is women’s sports, which are now imperiled by policies that allow biological males to compete against women.

In early February, Collegiate Charter School in Massachusetts played a basketball game against the KIPP Academy. The KIPP team had a member who was a 6-foot tall, biological male who identified as female. During the first half of the game, the male injured three of the Collegiate players, depleting the team’s roster and forcing the coach to forfeit the competition (6).

The incident went viral on social media and sparked public outrage. Retired University of North Carolina coach Sylvia Hatchell charged, “I don’t care if you had an operation or took hormones or what. Having to play against a transgender is not fair and it’s not equal.” (7)

The Collegiate Charter School incident was not the first time that a female was injured under similar circumstances.

Last November, a field hockey player for Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School in Massachusetts had her teeth knocked out and suffered facial injuries when a Swampscott High School male player who identifies as a female hit the ball directly at her face.

In North Carolina, volleyball player Payton NcNabb suffered head and neck injuries and a concussion after a transgender player spiked the ball at her.

After USA Boxing announced it was going to admit biological males to compete against biological women, attorney Jenna Ellis accused the organization of wanting to “get women killed.” (8)  Rep. Lauren Bobert (R-Colo.) denounced the scheme as “pathetic and disgusting.”

Numerous opinion polls show a strong majority of Americans opposes the Biden Gender Agenda (9). SAVE urges persons to submit testimony to the federal Office of Management and Budget to record their strong opposition to the new Title IX regulation.

Instructions how to schedule the testimony are available online: