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Arrogant and Corrupt: Presidential Candidates and Others Call for Abolition of U.S. Department of Education

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Arrogant and Corrupt: Presidential Candidates and Others Call for Abolition of U.S. Department of Education

WASHINGTON / November 13, 2023 – Based on revelations of wasteful and ideologically driven policies (1), three Republican presidential candidates are now calling for the abolition of the U.S. Department of Education:

  1. Ron DeSantis: In response to the question, Are you in favor of eliminating any agencies: “We would do education, commerce, energy, and the IRS….With the Department of Education, we reverse all the transgender sports stuff. Women’s sports should be protected.” (2)
  2. Vivek Ramaswamy: “I would shut down the U.S. Department of Education…Do I favor 6-year-olds being educated on sexuality and gender ideology? No, I don’t.” (3)
  3. Donald Trump: “We’re going to end education coming out of Washington, DC. We’re going to close it up – all those buildings all over the place and people that in many cases hate our children. We’re going to send it all back to the states.” (4)

Earlier this year, Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky introduced H.R. 899 that states simply, “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2023.” (5)

In addition, 55 state lawmakers are now calling to abolish the Department of Education (6).

In September, 59 organizations signed a letter calling for the resignation of Office for Civil Rights director Catherine Lhamon for repeated violations of the U.S. Constitution: Article 1 regarding the legislative powers of Congress, the First Amendment, and the Fourteenth Amendment (7).

During the past month alone, SAVE has identified two instances of serious misconduct by DOE officials:

  1. In 2021 the Department of Education issued a Title IX regulation that disregarded the Administrative Procedure Act requirements for public review and comment (8).
  2. An attorney representing the Department of Education repeatedly made false statements to federal judges in a hearing about its 2021 Title IX regulation (9).

The Department of Education Office for Civil Rights also is seeking to overturn a milestone Supreme Court decision, Davis v. Monroe, which defined “sexual harassment” as actions that are pervasive, severe, and objectively offensive (10). Now, the DOE is attempting to expand the definition of sexual harassment as to dramatically infringe upon free speech rights.

The Heritage Foundation has developed a plan to implement the agency’s abolition. The plan calls for block grants to the states, transfer of selected functions to other federal departments, and a discontinuation of the remaining functions (11).