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‘Ayudar & Crecer’ Foundation Calls on Citizens and Victims of False Accusations to Raise Their Voice on International Falsely Accused Day

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‘Ayudar & Crecer’ Foundation Calls on Citizens and Victims of False Accusations to Raise Their Voices on International Falsely Accused Day

This September 9 marks the third anniversary of Falsely Accused Day, an international initiative aiming to spotlight flaws in the judicial system related to false accusations while upholding fundamental legal guarantees such as the presumption of innocence, due process, and equality before the law.

Originating from the case of British teacher Simon Warr, which shook the education sector in England, the initiative has gained international prominence. It engages individuals and organizations across countries in raising awareness about the damage and injustices caused by false accusations.

In Argentina, the education sector has not been immune to this phenomenon. Collectives have been formed to defend affected colleagues, as seen in the cases of Lucas Puig and teacher Erika Vázquez. Marches have been organized in various cities demanding protocols to prevent false accusations in classrooms.

The ‘Ayudar & Crecer’ Foundation has taken a step further by creating the False Allegations Observatory, an online platform allowing victims and their families to securely report their cases. It serves as a data repository aimed at providing detailed analysis to promote judicial reforms and raise awareness about false accusations.

After a year of recording cases, the Observatory published its first statistical report in June, providing an initial view of the situation in Argentina. It will continue to compile additional data with the aim of identifying recurring patterns across various jurisdictions in the country.

Adding weight to this cause will be activist and YouTuber Valentina Ortiz, who collaborates with the Observatory and has recently gained media attention for her role in the controversial Palermo Case. From Córdoba, she will live-stream on her Instagram account to give voice to those affected by false accusations. The public is invited to dress in black and carry a candle in memory of those who have taken their own lives as a result of false accusations.

Additionally, Andrea Guacci, collaborator with the Observatory and leader of the Women’s Front of Argentina, has mobilized a group of women focused on defending not only the rights of falsely accused men but also women who face collateral consequences: aunts cut off from nephews, grandmothers separated from grandchildren, daughters parted from fathers, mothers and new partners whose life plans are ruined. They aim to address this issue which they feel is wholly neglected by the government. Simultaneously, legal reforms are also being advocated to penalize those who make public shaming and false gender-based accusations.

Observances and Marches Across the Country:

The main gathering will take place in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Scheduled for Saturday, September 9 at 5:00 pm in Parque Lezama, the event aims to demand justice on Falsely Accused Day. It will feature the participation of several groups, including “No Mas Hijos Rehenes”, representatives of the False Allegations Observatory, Union Latam Argentina, Frente de Mujeres Argentinas, Nosotras por Ellos, NGO Joshua, Morelli Foundation, Healthy Parenting Bahía Blanca, Parents from Río Negro and Neuquén, Infancia Compartida, and many others.

Aside from the main gathering in the Capital City of Buenos Aires, events will be held in various cities:

● Capital Federal: Parque Lezama
● Bahía Blanca, Provincia de Buenos Aires
● Pilar, Provincia de Buenos Aires
● Gualeguay, Entre Ríos
● Santa Fe Capital, Santa Fe
● Rafaela, Santa Fe
● Rosario, Santa Fe
● Córdoba Capital
● Resistencia, Chaco
● La Rioja Capital
● Neuquén Capital
● Cipolletti, Neuquén
● Mendoza Capital
● Bariloche, Río Negro
● San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán

Similar events will take place globally, including a march in Chicago, IL, and various protests in the United Kingdom coordinated by FalselyAccusedDay and other organizations.

This year, more people in Latin America and around the world are expected to join the unanimous call of “No More False Accusations”. The Ayudar & Crecer Foundation invites all affected individuals and their families to participate in a collaborative video that will be widely disseminated.

To be part of this important cause, send your photo via email to or post your photos on social media with the hashtags:

  • #DíaMundialContraLasFalsasDenuncias
  • #FalselyAccusedDay

Here is a video of those who participated last year::

About the False Allegations Observatory:

The False Allegations Observatory is a non-governmental organization based in Argentina that works on identifying, documenting, and analyzing reports of false accusations. Founded in 2021 and with its digital platform relaunched in 2022, the Observatory is an open space for victims to safely report their experiences. With a dedicated team of legal and social professionals, the Observatory strives to promote transparency in information, conducting ongoing monitoring and analysis of reported cases. Its mission is to provide statistical data through case surveys to foster transparency in the justice system surrounding this issue. Through education and data dissemination, we aim to eradicate all forms of violence and raise awareness about the severity of false accusations. The False Allegations Observatory is administered by the Ayudar & Crecer Foundation.