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Growing Number of State Lawmakers Call for Abolition of Department of Education

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Growing Number of State Lawmakers Call for Abolition of Department of Education


WASHINGTON / August 4, 2023 – Sixteen state lawmakers have signed on in support of a national campaign to abolish (or “overhaul”) the Department of Education, if the Biden Administration moves forward to release its proposed Title IX regulation.
The Department of Education’s proposed Title IX regulations, which are scheduled to be released in October, would change the definition of “sex” to include “gender Identity.”  The proposed regulations also would harm women’s sports, promote gender transitioning among young children without parental consent, infringe on free speech, and remove due process protections for men who have been falsely accused.  

The following 16 state lawmakers, listed on SAVE’s website, are calling for the abolition of the U.S. Department of Education: [1]

  • Rep. Susan DuBose (AL- 45)
  • Rep. Michael Ramone (DE-21)
  • Rep. Tina Lambert (ID-23)
  • Rep. Bill Rhiley (KS-80)
  • Rep. Brett Fairchild (KS-113)
  • Rep. Chris Sander (MO-33)
  • Rep. Tom Mannion (NH-Hillsborough-1)
  • Rep. Travis Corcoran (NH-Hillsborough-44)
  • Rep. David Love (NH-Rockingham-13)
  • Rep. Mark A. Pearson (NH-Rockingham-34)
  • Rep. Michael Granger (NH-Strafford-2)
  • Rep. Walter Stapleton (NH-Sullivan-6)
  • Rep. Josiah Magnuson (SC-38)
  • Rep. Jay Kilmartin (SC-85)
  • Rep. Monty Fritts (TN-32)
  • Delegate Dave LaRock (VA-33)
In addition, four Presidential candidates have called for the abolition of the Department of Education:
  • Ron DeSantis: In response to the question, are you in favor of eliminating any agencies: “We would do education, commerce, energy, and the IRS….With the Department of Education, we reverse all the transgender sports stuff. Women’s sports should be protected.”
  • Mike Pence: “Eliminate the U.S. Department of Education and convert some of its current budget to grants to states and localities, providing maximum flexibility in how to deploy federal dollars.”
  • Vivek Ramaswamy: “I would shut down the U.S. Department of Education…Do I favor 6-year-olds being educated on sexuality and gender ideology? No, I don’t.”
  • Tim Scott: “The federal government has absolutely no role in our education system whatsoever. So, let’s get them out and let’s abolish the Department of Education.”
Also, dozens of Members of Congress have come out in opposition to the Biden administration’s Department of Education’s proposed Title IX regulations or made similar requests. 
State lawmakers who would like to add their name to this growing list should contact Bob Thompson, Outreach and Coalitions Manager, SAVE at