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False Allegations Forum: Pushing Back on Legal Dominance Ideology

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False Allegations Forum: Pushing Back on Legal Dominance Ideology

By Sean Parker

June 14, 2023

‘But eventually Dum spiro spero – ‘while I breathe, I hope”

The False Allegations Forum (FAF) is a union of various groups working in the UK FA movement, supporting those claiming to be falsely accused, their families and loved ones. The Forum includes representatives of FACT, FASO, PPMI,, Fighting for the Falsely Accused, Letters to the Establishment, Empowering the Innocent and individual campaigners, and the remit is on putting the accumulated knowledge and experience of a 25-plus years campaign into action.

In the inaugural meeting in early June 2023, subjects were raised such as the Law Commission’s proposal to make theoretical ‘rape myths’ obligatory to be followed by judges, juryless trials, recovery groups for the falsely accused, and how all who go through this process are treated in the media. If judges are to decide alone, how will they ascertain that defendants were aware of these supposed rape myth-based offences at the time of the alleged incident beyond reasonable doubt?

It is acknowledged that the moves by ‘progressive’ activists to transform the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ standard to ‘conviction-upon-allegation’ started in the 1990s with the care home scandal in North Wales and the north of England. Each time the media cycle turns (whether that be through stories such as those of Bill Clinton, John Worboys, Jimmy Savile, Carl Beech or Harvey Weinstein), a new chunk seems to be lopped off the once apparently golden trunk of the British justice system.

If the intention is to outlaw casual sex even further than it has been already in the 21st century, then the new proposals by the Criminal Law Reform Network (CLRN) to make ‘deceit sex’ a new offence should do the trick. However, as was raised by Ian Osborne at the meeting, his son John Lee Osborne was already serving a sentence of 18 years due to such allegations – of which he maintains his innocence, some four years after conviction. This proposal puts putting the cart before the horse into absurd new territory.

Should all contested convictions for category 2-3 rape or sexual assault from 2003 onwards be judicially reviewed with the presumption of the new category of ‘sexual misadventure’? The justice system has gone beyond ‘believing the victims’ to determination to not further upset complainants, however variable the recollections. By pushing the same levers of power as trans activists in attempting to invert natural reality, legal dominance ideologues are trying to redefine sexual behaviour with the presumption of these so-called ‘rape myths’ (recently discredited by Nuffield Foundation research, as reported by Joshua Rozenburg).

The weaponisation of ‘shame’ in the false allegations industry ensures that almost all successful appeals are reported as being on ‘technicalities’, since the accused mostly want to run and hide when it’s all over, and ‘new evidence’ is required for convictions which have increasingly needed no evidence to convict in the first place.

Power-preoccupied activists versus The People is the name of the game in the media affiliated political realm, as the question of whether the patriarchy of Moses or Mick Jagger that needs dismantling is next on the news agenda. Clare’s Law is one in an array of named laws, spannered through after the death of a woman at the hands a man; in this case a mentally deranged ex-turned-stalker. This law ensures that potential new partners are told about the criminal records of their new beaus, regardless of their maintaining innocence stance or lack of violence/controlling behaviours. This is in effect a counter-intuitive overreach, with no interest in being on a case-by-case basis, since the risk criteria in allegations of sexual misconduct is already so vast, and vehemently contested.

The counter-discourse of the False Allegations Forum opens up all such arbitrary – if well meaning – moves up to a scrutiny many of them didn’t seem to receive in the House of Commons. Even when MP Christopher Chope asked for a pause to hear the ‘upskirting’ bill -as all MPs are in fact required to do – he was hurricaned by incensed politicos and their facilitating activists.

Fake doctors and activist academics abound in this sphere, grandstanding on Twitter and emotioneering from their legally-tenured day jobs at Chambers or in universities. Their activities since 2003 (at least) have engendered a sort of New Protestantism across society, as the progressive agenda of what has come to be known as ‘woke’ has run up against a far deeper culture of pragmatic thought.

The false allegations industry has made the dating scene a new minefield, as online swipe-rights have met Tinder or Plenty of Fish-era playboys, newly relabelled ‘predators’. The CLRN’s proposed new offence of deceit sex would make lying about being in a relationship punishable as a form of rape – as could be posing with an expensive car when (he) can’t in fact even afford the insurance. Seduction by pretence used to be the stuff of light films, and often a part of how a couple met. Now that is to be criminalised, leading to even more bizarre hearings – spun in the press as journalists are apparently compelled to do.

The intellectual cowardice involved in forever pitching empathy versus objectivity in a culture that has for some decades been degrading masculinity has resulted in biased media reports being essentially an abuse of free speech principles. Whatever his other moves as Justice Secretary, the orchestrated, bullying pile-on on to the admittedly redoubtable Dominic Raab was an example of the politicised defenestration of an alpha male: Raab’s unapologetic discontinuation of radfem-in-high-office Vera Baird’s contract as Victims Commissioner clearly unacceptable.

Legal dominance ideology is eroding if not destroying western institutions, removing elected officials if they don’t follow the prescribed progressive narrative. The new and non restrictive definition of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is distinct from ‘incel’ (involuntary celibate) culture by resembling a sort of postmodern priesthood in its uncompromising, exasperated reaction to extreme establishment feminism. The benefits of heteronormative relationships are increasingly failing to outweigh the negatives.

There is no actual patriarchy any more in the Anglosphere – if there indeed ever was – but there has been a class system, which has been replaced by Diversity, Equality and Inclusion policies as the new elite ruling class. Jurassic prisons, with their inmates as dinosaurs of the cultural revolution, are housing thousands of less high profile Gary Glitter-type cases, with completely understandable ‘dark web’ curiosities standing against them in appraisal of their ‘risk factors’. An allegedly predatory appetite in 1975 is not the same as a hypervigilant, neurotic OAP in the mid 2020s, but the false allegations industry has no interest in recognising that nuance, particularly in those prisons’ eagerness to deny prisoners communications.

Trying to appease the new pseudo-liberals while they merrily cancel Rock n’ Roll as a problematic artform is an endless slog, as the radical feminists take on the Trans activists, lumped in with the Men’s Rights Activists, all of them out-moralising each other over free speech taboos – be they holocaust exaggeration, slavery, rape myths, or the age of consent.