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Children at Risk. What is Happening Now?

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Children at Risk. What is Happening Now?

By Traditional Family Association

May 23, 2023

Translated from Czech:

Once again, the insane LGTBI propaganda has taken off as it always does at this time. Many of you see this as a topic that doesn’t concern him, many of you are bored by this topic, or downright annoyed by this topic. Unfortunately for most people in this society they wave their hands over it and act like it doesn’t concern them.

Beware OMYL!

It mainly concerns them and it concerns children.

The point is that LGBT activists and non-profits are not targeting any minority at all, gays, lesbians, etc., that is not their target group of people. Their target group is children. And they’re mainly the children of you heterosexuals.

It’s been coming out basically in years past, but it wasn’t as obvious there, it’s obvious now.

Let’s start with the symbolism.

You’ve probably noticed that the rainbow flag, the LGBT flag, we’ve changed a little bit, we’ve added a pink and white tip. It’s a symbol of transgender, but it’s basically a symbol of transideology, and here it’s already a really big SURPRISE!

Because that transideology is what trans activists and non-profits are incredibly attacking children with right now. If we look to America where this is coming from, it’s gotten to the point where LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual) groups there are tearing themselves apart and distancing themselves from trans and queer. In our country, queer, are transvestites, are men who dress up in women’s clothes. These activists and non-profits are now targeting children in incredible ways.

If we’re talking pro-marriage for all that’s another thing that’s totally unacceptable for us to endorse.  Because it legitimizes all of these ideologies and opens the door to exactly

All the countries that have passed this agenda, whether it’s marriage for all and other legislative procedures, not as you’re told on TV and in the media and by politicians that it hasn’t hurt anybody, that it’s been working there for 20, 30 years.


It has hurt there. It hurt thousands, maybe tens of thousands of just children and it hurt their parents. Because these countries are characterized by three things in particular:

  1. A very low and ever-decreasing birth rate even for heterosexual couples.
  2. Increased and increasing numbers of children suffering from gender dysphoria and it is only because of this propaganda and in many of them especially in the UK and progressive states of the USA, trans clinics have sprung up to re-educate children! This monstrosity has been noticed by gays and lesbians themselves and in some states they are distancing themselves heavily from it and starting to fight against it. That is why it is absolutely important that this year we really pay due attention to this and sweep it off the table. Because this year, this particular period that has started is absolutely groundbreaking and it is a turning point!

If anyone doesn’t believe that, I have two pieces of evidence for you that LGBT activists, and especially trans activists, are all about the children. It’s about four months ago, when in Germany, and I’ll take Germany as an example, because it’s closer to us than the UK or the US……Regenboren-portal.DE, which is a non-profit rainbow organisation that falls directly under the Ministry of Family Affairs, there was an advert targeting 10-year-olds recommending puberty blockers. Puberty blockers are used to treat adolescents who have real problems, but to offer puberty blockers to all kids and to advertise it, asking them: Am I transgender? How do I know? And then it says, “Take your time, try it. Do you feel better as a girl? Or do you feel more comfortable as a boy? The important thing is, you’re supposed to do well. Who you are at 10 doesn’t matter. Are you a man, are you a woman? You don’t have to decide right now.”

The second column says, “Take puberty blockers. You’re still very young, and you’re not in puberty yet, or you don’t want to go into puberty yet? Then take puberty blockers.

Puberty blockers have untold side effects in many children and adolescents, even lifelong consequences. What the activists claim (and I encounter this today and daily) is that it’s only short term and has short term effects and then it basically wears off. NO! IT WILL NOT EXPIRE.

After a few days, this non-profit was forced to take down this ad because there was such strong opposition from parents that they pulled the ad. But as you can see the progression, this rainbow progression is now really targeted at children.

It’s crazy. For those for whom this is not enough, I have another message:

A photo has surfaced in Berlin’s underground railway. For the city district… they’re looking for kindergarten teachers and tutors. These posters are several meters long! How many of you would like your children to be educated in a kindergarten?

The text of the poster is: “Does it play any role at all? Queer and one or one, a good tutor or governess. That’s important to us. Sign up.”

This is already heavily over the edge, because the so-called Queer, in our country it’s called transvestites, so it’s the closest thing to that. They’re biologically men who don’t even want to become women and just have this fetish that they like to dress up in women’s clothes.

I have now ordered a book which is from the USA, it’s called ‘Queer and Gender’. This book in the state of Illinois is mandatory in school libraries, it is in the form of a comic book. If the state school administrators decide to remove these books, they will not get any money from the state. What’s in this book? A grown, hardened adult’s stomach churns. For example, there are depictions of two ten-year-old boys giving oral pleasure. This is presented to children as part of their school curriculum. The next book is even “cooler”. In this book for children aged 10 and up (this age is the target group for the lobbyists because they are pre-pubescent children) they are taught how to clean their anus before sex, or how two men orally satisfy themselves, or two women, etc. In this book, they even learn what a “skit” is, which is a sexual practice in which excrement is ingested. It’s in the article and in the photo.

When a FB user writes to me that he doesn’t care, that there are pictures like this on the internet and kids will find it, I got mad and made a video on fb, the transcript of which you are now reading.

These people need to wake up very quickly.

If we don’t stop this, your kids will have access to decide for themselves what and who they want to be. Indoctrination is very powerful.

If you take trans people who read them fairy tales or show off in front of them, telling them how great it is to be something other than who they are, kids will pick up on that. Because they’re kids. They like the colors, they like the comedy, they like it when someone smiles at them and does shit to them, but the consequences are absolutely drastic.

I’m in touch with many groups and other “rainbow” organizations in the US, the UK, or even Australia and Canada (Canada is the absolute worst) that are against child abuse because it’s already child abuse.

This is legalized child abuse, and they are standing up against it and fighting against it.

It needs to be stopped from the start.

That’s why it’s imperative that this progression not be given a chance in our country.

It is at its peak in the west, it will break and it is breaking.

If we keep this up, I’m telling you, we’re going to save a lot of kids’ lives.

We live in a time when many people are in financial trouble, when many people are losing their assets, when many people are in a bad way. I think people can lose everything material, the tangible, but the last thing they lose is their children. They shouldn’t lose their children, they should fight to the last for that.

Those who don’t understand this or make light of it are aiding and abetting these psychopaths, there is no other way to call them.

Claiming something about human rights is not what these NGO’s are demanding, these are mere demands.

They are not human rights because all human rights are granted to all groups of people in the western world.

Don’t fall for these cheap slogans. Many of you don’t have the balls to dig into the details like I or other people do. Cheap slogans are false, untrue.

We have tried and experienced this for ourselves on Czech TV with Mrs Jílková, where many lies were told, especially at the end of the programme. We will, of course, contradict these lies in time. However, it is not such a priority for us at the moment.

The priority now is for people to find out what the aim of these lobbyists is.

Let me answer the question, why are they doing this?

Why are they targeting children?

The answer is simple:

Look for money behind everything.

In all the states where this LGBT propaganda has been legalized, where this insane progression has been allowed, trans clinics have sprung up many times over to reassign children. There’s a huge business in it. Kids who take puberty blockers, which is nothing more than chemical castration, which is used on severe sex offenders who, for example, leave correctional facilities and have long term side effects, it’s a huge business for the farmalobes.

What we said in Jilek, that we’re going to be basically selling children, that it’s legalizing the business of children, so yes, that’s another huge business.

Look for the money behind everything.

Let everybody make money however they want, but don’t bring children into it. It’s terrible.

There’s a lot of posts on Twitter, I didn’t even have to look much. That’s why we need to show people where this is going.

It’s a monstrosity and it needs to be stopped.