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Clandestine Gender Transitioning at California School Triggers Lawsuit, Call for Legislative Hearings

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Clandestine Gender Transitioning at California School Triggers Lawsuit, Call for Legislative Hearings

WASHINGTON / January 30, 2023 – A lawsuit has been filed against a California school district for promoting the gender transitioning of an 11-year-old girl without parental knowledge. Many school districts across the nation have adopted similar policies that prevent parents from being informed about their own children changing their gender.

The lawsuit alleges the girl was seeing a counselor at Sierra View Elementary School in Chico, California for mental health issues. One day the girl told the counselor she felt “like a boy.” Subsequently, the school began to secretly transition the girl without parental knowledge or consent. Subsequently, the girl’s mental health began to deteriorate (1).

The girl later changed schools and reverted to her female identity. The lawsuit against the Chico Unified School District was filed earlier this month (2).

A recent report from the American Principles Project notes that transgenderism is marked by a “deadly and destructive combination of ideology, politics, and profits,” and reveals the global market value of sex reassignment surgery to be more than $316 million (3).

The unregulated growth of gender transitioning has resulted in a growing number of persons, known as “detransitioners,” who have decided to revert to their original sex (4).

Sixty-three leading organizations are now calling on Congress to “Conduct hearings on experimental medical practices involving gender transition of under-age children, e.g., puberty blocking drugs, opposite-sex hormones, breast removal, and castration.” (5)

In addition, state lawmakers are being called up to hold hearings to assess the science, ethics, and financial backing of gender transitioning of underage students. To date, federal courts in Florida, North Dakota, and Texas have ruled in favor of placing restrictions on underage gender transitioning surgery (6).

In June, the U.S. Department of Education proposed a new Title IX regulation that would redefine the meaning of “sex” to include “gender identity.” Such a change would serve to promote gender transitioning and have profound, long-lasting effects on child safety, the family structure, and parental rights (7).