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We Need to Stop the ‘Gender Identity’ Experiment

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We Need to Stop the ‘Gender Identity’ Experiment

Edward E. Bartlett

So you’ve now heard from the experts, who have revealed the contours of the grand social experiment currently taking place in our society:

  • It’s an experiment to remove due process protections from the accused.
  • An experiment to eliminate free speech on controversial topics, and institute gender pronoun mandates.
  • An experiment to allow male-bodied individuals to compete against female athletes.
  • An experiment to allow men to free access female bathrooms and locker rooms.
  • An experiment to curtail the right of parents to direct the educational experiences of their children.
  • And it’s an experiment to promote transitioning from one gender to another.

This experiment has been underway for a number of years. And we already know the results:

  • Hundreds of falsely accused college men, stigmatized as sex offenders – many of whom courageously decided to fight back, and ended up winning their lawsuit. [show report]
  • Dozens of lawsuits against schools for violations of free speech.
  • Countless testimonies by female athletes, outraged by the notion of being forced to compete against their male-bodied counterparts.
  • On the bathroom privacy issue, many of us know what happened in Loudon County, Virginia when a male student put on a dress and sexually assaulted a female student in the girl’s bathroom.
  • And the millions of parents who are fed up that they no longer have a voice in determining the course of their child’s education.
  • And perhaps most tragically, the high school students who have changed their gender, only to later regret the decision. Or worse, take their own lives.

We can refer to this ambitious effort as the “gender identity” experiment.

If the real objective was to end discrimination against transgender students, schools would be allowed to create reasonable accommodations such as separate bathrooms, and sponsor events in which transgender athletes could compete against other transgenders.

But experience reveals such overtures are consistently rejected. So the gender identity experiment is not a good-faith attempt to achieve acceptance and affirmation. It is really an agenda of coercion, conformity, and control.

So we are here today to tell the Department of Education, “Stop this perverted experiment.”

Fortunately, we are not alone. Over the past two months, SAVE has worked to identify like-minded organizations. I’m now pleased to show you the fruits of these labors….a listing of the over 140 organizations have come out in opposition to Biden’s Title IX proposal.

So I hope everyone here will do three things:

  1. Submit your comments to the Department of Education, by September 12.
  2. Contact your lawmakers and candidates for political office – ask them to speak out against this Title IX proposal.
  3. Last but not least, get ready for litigation.

Thank you.

Note: This presentation was made at the Stop the Title IX Take-Over rally on August 11.