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Don’t Erase Women. Don’t Erase Free Speech

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Don’t Erase Women. Don’t Erase Free Speech

Ryan Bomberger

Good morning. It’s an honor to stand here in support of common sense.

Before I go any further, my nouns for the news media are factivist and myth-slayer.

I can only be referred to in this way. To do otherwise would be semantic harassment.

Ridiculous, right? But this is exactly what’s happening with the Biden administration’s hostile takeover of Title IX. Who needs legislation when you have liberal interpretation?

Biden wants to magically create a world where there is no discrimination, which of course, requires a world that intensely discriminates in order to fulfill his LGBTQ+++ vision for America. We have to mangle our language, deny basic biology, promote bodily mutilation, and cheer on blatant inequality in the name of leftist progress. While the Left obsesses over its emphasis on parts of speech, it dismisses the crucial importance of parts of our body.

We can no longer say what we know. We must repeat what we’re told.

The First Amendment is just part of the collateral damage of LGBTQ fascism in the effort to not only control policy but control our speech. Even the Civil Rights Act of 1964 never told Americans which parts of speech they have to use, or which words were acceptable, or which speech referencing race was legal. But the Biden administration wants to pretend that pronouns are hate speech and gender-specific sports are discriminatory. The solution? Forced speech and more discrimination.

In Wisconsin’s Kiel Area School District, a Title IX action was brought against three 8th grade boys for “mispronouning” a girl in their class. According to the school administration, they committed a crime: sexual harassment. They failed to call a single female “they” or “them”; instead, the boys used “her” and “she.”

In Virginia, beloved high school French teacher Peter Vlaming was fired for using a so-called “transgender” student’s actual name instead of her “preferred pronouns.” We’re awaiting a ruling from the state Supreme Court.

When did confusion become a virtue and clarity a vice?

This indoctrination is happening in government-run schools across the country. Both students and teachers live in fear of violating rules that are unconstitutional, rules that are anti-science, rules that require us to wrongly discriminate against one group of people in order to assuage an infinitesimally small group that can daily redefine themselves. I have two daughters. They deserve an even playing field in sports, not one taken over by guys who identify as girls. Who will fight for females’ equality against the patriarchy of LGBT activism? I will. Every American should. This Title IX takeover has everything to do with increasing enmity among us all, not increasing equality. I refuse to bow to an ideology that wants to erase women, that wants to erase free speech, that wants to obliterate objective truths.

The acceptance of transgenderism as a ‘social good’ requires the rejection of basic biology, common sense, and compassion. As one of those informed and involved Loudoun County parents branded “terrorists” by the DOJ, I care about the harmful ideological climate change in our schools. And it gets worse by the day. Our culture often invokes love and demands tolerance. Actual love lifts people out of their circumstances. Tolerance keeps people where they are and pretends there are no circumstances. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. And that starts with being told the truth.

Candidate Joe Biden once strangely claimed: “We choose truth over facts”. President Biden clearly chooses neither. He also said: “We choose unity over division. We choose science over fiction.” This Title IX takeover is nothing but widespread division and activist fiction.

I’m a factivist. Context brings clarity. Clarity brings comprehension. I want to slay the myth that there was any ambiguity about the text of Title IX Education Amendment of 1972.

The original Title IX text repeatedly uses the words “both sexes”, and “boys” and “girls”, “father-daughter”, “mother-son”, because in 1972, there was no confusion about what sex meant. Sadly, Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Gorsuch decided in Bostock vs Clayton County to redefine the word “sex”. They apparently self-identified as legislators. And in the process, they and the four liberal justices enabled this attack on reality.

Leftists understand that deliberate confusion is power. Miseducation is power. But Americans need to understand there is a difference between being empowered and being fooled by those in power.

Note: This presentation was made at the Stop the Title IX Take-Over rally on August 11.