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119 Organizations On Record as Opposed to Biden Title IX Plan, Cite Numerous Concerns

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119 Organizations On Record as Opposed to Biden Title IX Plan, Cite Numerous Concerns

WASHINGTON / July 18, 2022 – A growing number of organizations – 119 at last count — have gone on record in opposition to the Biden Title IX regulation, which was issued on June 23 (1). The opposing groups include public policy organizations, public interest law firms, religious groups, and local grass-roots entities. The complete listing of groups is included at the bottom of this press release (2).

Collectively, these organizations represent a formidable social and political force.

Opposition to the draft Title IX policy centers around six major concerns: due process, free speech, women’s sports, parental rights, bathroom and locker room privacy, and gender experimentation (3):

  1. Due Process

Many colleges have failed to abide by the Fourteenth Amendment, which promises due process protections for all. The new Title IX regulation seeks to remove key due process protections for persons, especially male students, accused of violating campus sexual misconduct policies.

  1. Free Speech

A recent survey of 481 colleges reported only 12% received a “green-light” rating. The draft Title IX regulation expands the definition of sexual harassment, which will serve to curtail campus speech about controversial topics.

And once the legal definition of “sex” is expanded to include gender identity, students can demand that persons call them by their preferred pronouns. But mandated speech is not free speech. In a recent Wisconsin case, a 13-year-old boy refused to use a fellow student’s preferred “they” and “them” pronouns, resulting in a Title IX complaint against him.

  1. Women’s Sports

Transgenders enjoy numerous physical advantages over biological females. This contradicts the whole purpose of Title IX, which is to assure fairness for all students regardless of sex. For example, transgender Lia Thomas set new school and program records after competing on the women’s UPenn swim team.

  1. Bathrooms and Locker Room Privacy

In August 2021, Loudon County, VA approved a new policy on Rights of Transgender and Gender-Expansive Students. During the following three months, a student committed a sexual assault in a girl’s bathroom, high schoolers staged a walk-out to protest the schools’ handling of the incident, and the case became a focus of heated debate during the race for governor.

  1. Parental Rights

If the definition of sex is expanded to include “gender identity,” parents may lose their right to restrict the exposure of young children to age-inappropriate discussions of sexual practices. Worse, children could be gender “transitioned” and assigned a new name without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

  1. Gender Experimentation

The vast majority of children who struggle with their sex come to accept their biological sex by adulthood. Boys and girls need to be supported, not encouraged to question fundamental facts of their biology. Encouraging young children to question their own biology represents a radical experiment in gender engineering.

A rally will be held in Washington, DC on August 11 to highlight these concerns, and to call on the Department of Education to not move forward with its Title IX proposal (4).





  1. SAVE
  2. Alliance Defending Freedom
  3. American Association of Christian Schools (21):
    • Buckeye Christian School Organization
    • Christian Schools of Arizona
    • Christian Schools of Vermont
    • Delaware Association of Christian Schools
    • Golden State Association of Christian Schools
    • Illinois Association of Christian Schools
    • Indiana Association of Christian Schools
    • Maryland Association of Christian Schools
    • Michigan Association of Christian Schools
    • Mid-South Association of Christian Schools
    • Missouri Association of Christian Schools
    • New Mexico Association of Christian Schools
    • New York Association of Christian Schools
    • North Carolina Christian School Association
    • Northwest Association of Christian Schools
    • South Carolina Association of Christian Schools
    • Sunshine State Association of Christian Schools
    • Tennessee Association of Christian Schools
    • West Virginia Christian Education Association
    • Wisconsin Association of Christian School
  4. American Principles Project
  5. Concerned Women for America
  6. Eagle Forum (6)
    • Alabama Eagle Forum
    • Tennessee Eagle Forum
    • Texas Eagle Forum
    • Utah Eagle Forum
    • Washington Eagle Forum
  7. Families Advocating for Campus Equality:
  8. Family Policy Alliance
  9. FIRE
  10. Heritage Action
  11. Heritage Foundation
  12. Independent Women’s Forum
  13. National Association of Scholars
  14. Parents Defending Education
  15. Speech First
  16. U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
  17. National Groups (36): 60 Plus Association; Advancing American Freedom; Alexander Hamilton Institute; ACRU Action; American Council for Health Care; American Family Association; Americans for Limited Government; Center for Military Readiness; Center for Urban Renewal and Education; Child Protection League; Children First Foundation; Citizens for Renewing America; Coalition for a Fair Judiciary; ConservativeHQ; Dr. James Dobson Family Institute; FAIR Energy Foundation; Firebrand Moms; First Liberty Institute; ForAmerica; Learn to Protect Kids; Less Government; Men and Women for a Representative Democracy; Moms for America; No Left Turn in Education; Radiance Foundation; Recover America Action; Reaching America; Rule of Law Committee; Save Our States; Strategic Coalitions & Initiatives; Tea Party Nation; The Conservative Caucus; United Families International; Voices Against Trafficking; Washington Marketing Group; and Women for Democracy in America.
  18. State-Level Groups (17): California Association of Scholars; Caesar Rodney Institute (DE); Cascade Policy Institute (OR); Delaware Family Policy Council; Family Action Council of Tennessee; Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming; Frontline Policy Council (GA); Louisiana Family Forum; Louisiana Save Our Schools; Middle Resolution Policy Network (VA); Moms for Liberty (TN); Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs; Palm Beach Freedom InstituteRhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity; Roughrider Policy Center (ND); South West Policy Group (AZ); and United Against Racism in Education (MD).
  19. Religious Groups (12): American Association of Evangelicals; Association of Christian Schools International; Catholics Count; Coalition of African American Pastors; Coalition of Conservative Christian Colleges; Conservatives of Faith; Institute on Religion and Democracy; Katartismos Global; Schindler’s Ark; Maranatha House Ministries; Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.; and Well Versed.
  20. Title IX Law Firms (14): Agee, Owens & Cooper, LLC; Albeit Weiker, LLP; Binnall Law Group; Bucci Law; Friedman & Nemecek, LLC; Jauregui Law Firm; Law Offices of Barry S. Jacobson; Law Offices of Scott J. Limmer; Nesenoff & Miltenberg LLP; Rosenberg & Ball Co., LPA; Rupp Baase Pfalzgraf Cunningham LLC; Sammons Law; Tin Fulton Walker & Owen; and West, Webb, Allbritton & Gentry, P.C.