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Stop Child Groomers, Protect Parental Rights

PRESS RELEASE: Dwindling Support Among Gay Community for Transgender Agenda

The global Gender Agenda seeks to redefine sex to include “gender identity,” reconfigure the nuclear family, and impose a Marxist ideology on society.

Accordingly, the Department of Education’s Title IX proposal seeks to change the definition of “sex” to include “gender identity.” This move has served to unleash and embolden transgender activists, who in recent months have:

  • Engaged in acts of violence
  • Infringed on persons’ free speech rights
  • Promoted drag-queen shows in schools.
    • In response, lawmakers across the country are pushing back:
      • States with proposed bills that would ban “adult cabaret performances” in public places where minors could watch
      • States with anti-drag laws: Tennessee and Montana

These developments have come at the expense of parental rights. For example:

The Title IX Network is conducting a national campaign to publicize these concerns.


Target stores are shamefully promoting transgender-themed products to under-age children:

  • Target stores were marketing “tuck-friendly” clothing to children.
  • Target donated $2.1 million to an LGBTQ group that encouraged schools to hide children’s gender transitions from parents.
  • Erik Carnell, a self-declared “satanist,” designed Target’s “Pride Month” collection.
  • The Target website markets hundreds of LGBT products, including some that feature images of children.

Videos and podcasts:

Take Action:

  • Don’t buy any Target merchandise!
  • Print out and distribute our flyer, Stop Child Groomers (we recommend you stand on the sidewalk, not on Target’s private property!)
  • Sign the petition
  • Make a complaint:
  • Support the Eagle Forum campaign: