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Stop the Wave of Transgender Violence



On June 23, 2022 the Department of Education released its draft Title IX plan. The proposal seeks to re-define “sex” to include “gender identity,” a move that served to embolden the transgender movement, which is based on Marxist ideology.

That same month, the Trans Resistance Network — see unicorn logo — began to issue a series of inflammatory tweets that referred to transgender critics as “fascists,” and claimed that “Disarming trans people is a preparation for genocide.”

As a result, Americans are seeing a growing number of incidents of violence, or threats of violence. The most recent incidents are listed first:


  1. September 20, Portland, OR: A trans-identified male grabbed the hair of a female student from behind, pulled her down, yanked her back and forth, and hit her repeatedly in the hallway of Hazelbrook Middle School. Criminal charges have been filed.
  2. September 16, San Francisco, CA: Trans activist Casey Goonan was arrested and charged with felony vandalism after a group of activists attacked a conference of Women’s Declaration International.
  3. August 27, Portland, OR: Trans activist Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky was arrested for smashing the windows of a teenager’s car and defecating inside because the girl allegedly was “transphobic.”
  4. August 22, Los Angeles, CA: Members of the Los Angeles Police Department had to forcibly shove a group of trans activists who were trying to violently stop a parental rights rally. Several of the protesters were wearing shirts that said, in Spanish, “REVOLUTION, AND NOTHING LESS.”
  5. August 8, Multnomah County, Oregon: A judge ruled Madison “Denny” Lee Allen, Katherine “Corbyn” Belyea, and Sammich Overkill Schott-Deputy to pay $100,00 each to journalist Andy Ngo, following their June 29, 2019 attack on the man.
  6. July 20, Chino, CA:  A local school board president in California, Sonja Shaw, recently said that teachers should not keep parents in the dark if their children begin to identify as transgender. Because of this she has been seriously threatened by left-wing activists who have said they will dismember her, murder her children, and slaughter her pets.
  7. July 3, Philadelphia, PA: Cross-dresser Kimbrady Carriker went on a shooting spree, leaving five people dead and two others injured. Carriker’s Facebook page included a post that stated he “has been identified as a Trans/BLM activist.” The District Attorney’s office is referring to Carriker using the gender-neutral pronouns, “they/them.”
  8. June 14, Alameda County, CA: Dana Rivers, a prominent trans rights activist, was sentenced to life imprisonment for the 2016 triple homicide of a lesbian couple and their son.
  9. June 14, Benton County, AR: Theodore “Tiffany” Howell was sentenced to a 20-year prison sentence after being found guilty of threatening to murder a judge, whom he had described as “transphobic,” and a probation officer.
  10. June 11, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York: A spate of bomb threats led to the evacuation of numerous Target stores over the weekend after Target removed some of its Pride merchandise.
  11. June 10, Lafayette, LA: Multiple Target stores were targeted with bomb threats by suspected LGBTQ activists for removing Pride merchandise.
  12. June 10, Oklahoma City, OK: Several Target stores were evacuated after receiving bomb threats that warned, “We hid the bombs inside some product items. The bombs will detonate in several hours, guess which ones have the bombs. Time is ticking,”
  13. June 6, Glendale, CA: Antifa member Erik Boyd was arrested for his involvement in a brawl against parents who were protesting Pride Month plans being discussed at the school board meeting.
  14. June 3, Dallas, TX: During a “kid-friendly” drag show, a protester waved a sign saying, “Keep Kids Out Of Pride Month.” In response, trans activists repeatedly threatened, “Somebody is going to shoot you in the head.”
  15. June 2, North Hollywood, CA: As a group of parents wearing “Leave Our Kids Alone” T-shirts were protesting an upcoming PRIDE Assembly at a local school, a group of LGBT activists rushed the parents, pushing and shoving them. One arrest was made.
  16. May 26, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Utah: Trans activists emailed bomb threats to at least nine Target stores that had removed or relocated LGBTQ merchandise.
  17. May 19, Lincoln, NE: During a debate on a bill to restrict gender-transitioning procedures on minors, Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh repeatedly shouted, “We love trans people, trans people belong here.” Afterwards, a trans activist punched a trooper in the chest. At least six protesters were arrested.
  18. May 31, New York City: Black transgender rights activist Qween Jean was arrested on disorderly conduct charges during a “Trans Revolution” rally.
  19. May 8, Kent, OH: The Kent State College Republicans announced it would be holding a screening of the film, “What is a Woman?” In response, transgender activists made veiled threats, saying that they were undeterred by police investigations. The dispute culminated in a confrontation in which an activist forcibly tore a sign from the hands of a KSCR member.
  20. April 23, Ft. Worth: Three Antifa members were arrested on multiple charges, including assault of a police officer. They were arrested after attacking a peaceful protest outside a local restaurant where a drag queen show was taking place. Two out of the three Antifa members were transgender.
  21. April 6, San Francisco State University, CA: Following a speech by former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, a group of activists began to chant, “Trans rights are human rights.” They chased Gaines down a hallway, hitting her on the head, and forcing her to seek safety in a room. To secure her release, the activists demanded that Riley pay each of them a $10 “ransom.”
  22. March 31, Colorado Springs: Transgender Lilly Wentworth, 19, was arrested after she allegedly plotted to attack three of her former schools. Authorities also recovered a copy of the Communist Manifesto among Whitworth’s possessions. Coincidentally, March 31 is also the International Trans Day of Visibility.
  23. March 29, San Francisco, CA: Ella Irwin, head of Trust and Safety, announced that Twitter had deleted about 5,000 tweets of a poster for a “Trans Day of Vengeance” sponsored by the Trans Radical Activist Network. Irwin explained, “We do not support tweets that incite violence, irrespective of who posts them.”
  24. March 29, Richmond, VA: Two transgender activists and Antifa agitators were arrested for violently disrupting a pro-life event at Virginia Commonwealth University. One student was forcefully shoved into a table, requiring attention by EMT personnel.
  25. March 29, Nashville, TN: Following threats of violence against his family, critic Matt Walsh announced the cancellation of his upcoming presentation at Washington and Lee University in Virginia. “I will not let any harm come to my children or my wife,” Walsh explained.
  26. March 27, Nashville, TN: Armed with a rifle, pistol, and handgun, Audrey Hale rushed into Covenant School and fired 152 shots, killing three staff members and three students. Hale had self-identified as transgender. In response, the Trans Resistance Network issued a Media Statement saying Hale “felt he had no other effective way to be seen than to lash out by taking the life of others.”
  27. March 10, Sacramento, CA: During a Detransition Awareness Day at the California capitol, more than 100 activists—some carrying Antifa insignia and wielding clubs—attacked journalists. Activist Joseph Conradsen was arrested on multiple counts of “assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury.”
  28. February 28, Oklahoma City, OK: As lawmakers were debating a bill to ban gender transition procedures, two transgender activists assaulted a police officer and threw water at a Representative.
  29. January 18, Atlanta, GA: Non-binary activist Manuel Teran and others were camping in a forested area near Atlanta to block the development of “Cop City.” When police came to evict the protestors, Teran fired his gun, wounding an officer. In response, police fired back, killing Teran.


  1. November 14, New York City: Nine transgender activists were arrested following a clash with police officers during a Let Women Speak event. One demonstrator screamed, “Ima beat your ass .. these hands do not discriminate.”
  2. October 26, Edmond, WA:  A transgendered High School student was arrested for assault and battery for punching two female students in the face in the girls bathroom.
  3. October 26, Tacoma, WA: At a Let Women Speak rally, a counter-protester stormed the area where Kellie-Jay Keen and fellow speakers were presenting. Police made one arrest for assault.

In addition, Americans are now seeing a growing number of incidents of harassment and free speech violations. For example, transgender critic Matt Walsh has been subjected to numerous harassment incidents, requiring the protection of a 24-hour security detail.