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2015 Editorials

These 902 editorials and news articles reveal widespread doubts whether rape victims are well served by campus sex panels, regarding the removal of due process rights from the accused, the illogic of Affirmative Consent, expanding definitions of sexual assault, and related issues:

  1. Ashe Schow: 2015: A Year of Campus Hysteria – Dec. 31
  2. Robby Soave: Makers of The Hunting Ground Are in Denial About Their Film’s Flaws – Dec. 31
  3. Stuart Taylor and KC Johnson: The New Standard for Campus Sexual Assault: Guilty until Proven Innocent – Dec. 30
  4. Ben Kew: ‘They tried to break me’: Breitbart Meets Consent Class Critic George Lawlor – Dec. 29
  5. Ashe Schow: Harvard Law dean compares microaggressions to violence, sexual assault – Dec. 28
  6. Jennifer Kabbany: Student: Music prof’s ignorance of cultural music trends a microaggression – Dec. 28
  7. Emily Shire: Victims and Microaggressions: Why 2015 Was The Year Students Lost Their Minds – Dec. 27
  8. Greg Piper: Harvard Law dean puts ‘microaggressions’ in the same league as sexual assault – Dec. 24
  9. Scott Greer: Rolling Stone Wants Lawsuit Filed Over Fabricated UVA Rape Story Thrown Out Of Court – Dec. 24
  10. William Watkins: Ending Title IX Tyranny – Dec. 23
  11. Ari Cohn: Administrator Joins OCR in Forgetting the Constitution’s Supremacy – Dec. 23
  12. Barney Greenwald: Wrongly Accused Strike Back With Lawsuit – Dec. 23
  13. Matt Lamb: Georgia Tech railroaded straight and bisexual students accused of rape, lawsuits claim – Dec. 22
  14. College Fix: Student accused of rape in double-jeopardy case settles with Middlebury College – Dec. 22
  15. College Fix: Black women face bias when they accuse black men of rape on campus, Harvard Law group says – Dec. 21
  16. Ashe Schow: Mother of falsely accused student describes ongoing trauma – Dec. 21
  17. KC Johnson: More Shenanigans from GA Tech – Dec. 18
  18. Robby Soave: Omnibus Gives More Money to OCR, the Agency in Charge of Title IX Witch Hunts – Dec. 18
  19. Ashe Schow: Another male gender-bias claim dismissed in court – Dec. 18
  20. Greg Piper: Agency that promotes campus-rape witch hunts gets budget increase from GOP Congress – Dec. 17
  21. Hans Bader: Congress Rewards Education Department for Overreaching and Flouting Checks and Balances – Dec. 17
  22. Ashe Schow: Ed Dept. just got more money to combat campus sexual assault – Dec. 17
  23. Joseph Cohn: Congressional Budget Deal Includes Unfortunate Increase in OCR’s Budget – Dec. 17
  24. Barney Greenwald: Harvard Law Professors Accused of Putting “the Chill on Campus Sexual Assault Victims” – Dec. 17
  25. Paul Mirengoff: Omnibus bill rewards Department of Education overreach – Dec. 16
  26. Ashe Schow: Three Men Unfairly Branded as Campus Rapists – Dec. 16
  27. SAVE: This is What Happens When a Federal Agency is Allowed to Ignore the APA, Rewrite a Key Supreme Court Definition – Dec. 15
  28. R0bby Soave: Feminist Camille Paglia on Yes Means Yes: ‘Drearily Puritanical, Hopelessly Authoritarian’ – Dec. 14
  29. Susan Berry: FNC Report: College Sex Crime ‘Courts’ Dismiss Due Process – Dec. 14
  30. Roosh Valizadeh: Men Should Start Recording Sex With A Hidden Camera – Dec. 14
  31. Blake Neff: Professors Threatened With Investigation For Questioning Rape Documentary – Dec. 14
  32. David French: Campus Rape Radicals Threaten Dissenters, Disregard Due Process – Dec. 14
  33. Ashe Schow: Fox News documentary covers campus sexual assault – Dec. 14
  34. Samantha Harris: American Law Institute Wades into Campus Sexual Assault Debate – Dec. 14
  35. Ashe Schow: Harvard Law professor: Most sex assault accusations are against minorities – Dec. 14
  36. Eric Owens: Meet The Taxpayer-Funded Administrator Who Thinks Title IX Supersedes The US Constitution – Dec. 11
  37. Robby Soave: Activists Might Be Gearing Up to Sic the Title IX Inquisition on The Hunting Ground’s Critics – Dec. 11
  38. Jeannie Suk: Shutting Down Conversations About Rape at Harvard Law – Dec. 11
  39. Alex Griswold: Rape Activist Threatens to Sue Newsweek For Publishing Accused Student’s Side of the Story – Dec. 11
  40. Greg Piper: Public university says Title IX trumps the Constitution in punishing satirical publication – Dec. 10
  41. Max Kutner: The Other Side of the College Sexual Assault Crisis – Dec. 10
  42. Greg Piper: The media finally notice the ‘1 in 5’ campus rape stat is bunk – Dec. 10
  43. Twitchy: Sens. Gillibrand, McCaskill given super hero makeovers for fighting campus sexual assault – Dec. 10
  44. College Fix: No one shows up for sexual-violence prevention workshop at Barnard, alleged hotbed of assault – Dec. 10
  45. Ashe Schow: Professors, rights groups write letter defending student due process rights – Dec. 9
  46. Cathy Young: Premature Ruination: James Deen Deserves His Day in Court – Dec. 7
  47. Stuart Taylor and KC Johnson: Until Proven Guilty – Dec. 7
  48. Robby Soave: Harvard Profs Criticizing The Hunting Ground Might Have Created a ‘Hostile Climate,’ Activist Filmmakers Claim – Dec. 7
  49. Wendy McElroy: Is ‘The Hunting Ground’ documentary or propaganda? – Dec. 7
  50. KC Johnson: The Hunting Ground’s Academic Apologist – Dec. 7
  51. Scott Greenfield: The Emerging Backlash in Academia – Dec. 6
  52. COTWA: How the Mantra of “Start By Believing” and “Don’t Victimize the Victim” Can Get a Victim Murdered – Dec. 4
  53. College Fix: Counsel for accused student in ‘The Hunting Ground’ launches website to challenge the documentary – Dec. 3
  54. Robby Soave: One Year After Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape Debacle, Fabulists Still Fool the Media – Dec. 1
  55. Mike Adams: Radical Feminists and White Racists – Dec. 1
  56. Joseph Farah: Jaw-dropping chances of your daughter being raped – Dec. 1
  57. Nancy Gertner: Sex, Lies and Justice – Dec. 1
  58. COTWA: Closing time – Nov. 30
  59. Alex Morey: FIRE to OCR: Affirmative Consent Standards Threaten Due Process – Nov. 30
  60. Pierce Harlan: “The Hunting Ground:” An Extremist Propaganda Film Aimed at Eradicating Due Process – Nov. 29
  61. Barbara Kay: Rape Culture and the Problem with Numbers – Nov. 26
  62. Joan Bertin: Ivory Tower Sex Panic? – Nov. 25
  63. College Fix: Wesleyan Title IX officer: Not feeling welcome on campus deserves same response as rape – Nov. 25
  64. Charlie Nash: Rolling Stone Part II? CNN Broadcasts Controversial Campus Rape Documentary – Nov. 25
  65. Ashe Schow: At Princeton, a push-back against campus crybullies – Nov. 25
  66. Ashe Schow: Women’s group can’t accept that ‘rape culture’ just might not be a thing – Nov. 24
  67. Charlotte Hays: Yep, CNN Went Right Ahead and Aired a College Rape Film that Rests on Almost Certainly False “Facts” – Nov. 23
  68. Jesse Singal: The Hunting Ground Uses a Striking Statistic About Campus Rape That’s Almost Certainly False – Nov. 23
  69. COTWA: CNN Aired The Hunting Ground Last Night: Impressions of an Atrocity – Nov. 23
  70. KC Johnson: The Hunting Ground and UNC – Nov. 22
  71. Derek Hunter: Backfire: Hillary Tweets All Sexual Abuse Accusers Deserve To Be ‘Believed,’ Is Reminded Of Her Husband – Nov. 22
  72. Ashe Schow: More problems with a famous campus sexual assault study – Nov. 20
  73. Robby Soave: How The Hunting Ground Spreads Myths About Campus Rape – Nov. 20
  74. Ashe Schow: ‘The Hunting Ground’ director claims film is ‘completely accurate,’ despite inaccuracies – Nov. 20
  75. Linda LeFauvre: The Misleading Video Interview With a Rapist at the Heart of the Campus Sexual Assault Freakout – Nov. 20
  76. Nanette Asimov and Jenna Lyons: Vigilante justice: Cal student turns to public shaming of her alleged rapist – Nov. 19
  77. Ashe Schow: The Hunting Ground’ crew caught editing Wikipedia to make facts conform to film – Nov. 19
  78. COTWA: Harvard law profs point out the evidence doesn’t support accusations in “The Hunting Ground,” the filmmakers accuse them of hating women – Nov. 19
  79. College Fix: Texas A&M under federal investigation for railroading student accused of rape – Nov. 18
  80. Wendy McElroy: Discredited rape data overshadow what’s accurate – Nov. 18
  81. Tina Daunt: CNN Defends Campus Rape Movie That Its College Critics Call “Inaccurate,” “Misleading” – Nov. 17
  82. Ashe Schow: Surveyors baffled when students don’t see themselves as sex assault victims – Nov. 17
  83. COTWA: CNN to air rape “documentary” that takes the side of accusers and smears the presumptively innocent – Nov. 17
  84. Ashe Schow: Emails reveal ‘The Hunting Ground’s lack of journalistic integrity – Nov. 17
  85. Stuart Taylor: A Smoking-Gun E-mail Exposes the Bias of The Hunting Ground – Nov. 16
  86. SAVE: Who Killed Free Speech and Due Process on Campus? The OCR. – Nov. 16
  87. Ashe Schow: FSU president calls out ‘The Hunting Ground’ propaganda – Nov. 16
  88. Twitchy: ‘Are you insane?’ Sen. Gillibrand: Reporting this to police is ‘wrong approach’ – Nov. 16
  89. Eric Owens: Here Is The $25 Million Lawsuit Against Rolling Stone Over Its UVA Rape Hoax Story – Nov. 16
  90. COTWA: Feminist compares made-up college “rape culture” to ISIS – Nov. 16
  91. Erin Aitcheson: Harvard Professors Defend Male Student, Slam Rape Epidemic Propaganda Film ‘The Hunting Ground’ – Nov. 13
  92. COTWA: Huffington Post likes double standards just fine when they hurt presumptively innocent men, not when they favor them – Nov. 12
  93. Ashe Schow: 19 Harvard Law professors pen letter denouncing ‘The Hunting Ground’ – Nov. 11
  94. Mike Adams: Cover Your Buns and Then We’ll Respect You – Nov. 11
  95. COTWA: The top three stupid arguments in opposition to the Safe Campus Act – Nov. 11
  96. Ashe Schow: If Bears Killed 1 in 5 People – Nov. 10
  97. COTWA: College Humor’s 1-in-5 video actually underscores that there is no college rape epidemic – Nov. 9
  98. Asche Schow: When evidence is allowed, Stanford changes its verdict on an alleged campus sexual assault – Nov. 9
  99. COTWA: Paid lobbyists should not be dictating policies that deprive our sons of fundamental fairness in college sex proceedings – Nov. 8
  100. Katie Barrows: University of Delaware’s ‘Single Investigator Model’ is Bad for Students – Nov. 6
  101. Jake New: Court Wins for Accused – Nov. 5
  102. Ashe Schow: Another high-profile rape accusation falls apart – Nov. 5
  103. COTWA: Virginia’s elected officials demand due process in college sex witch hunts–but only for U-Va., not accused students – Nov. 4
  104. Ashe Schow: Female student pens scathing review of ‘rape culture’ for college course – Nov. 4
  105. Ashe Schow: University wants due process for itself, but not its male students – Nov. 4
  106. COTWA: The sexual grievance industry mounts a furious challenge to the Safe Campus Act–and their rationales are stomach-turning – Nov. 3
  107. John Hayward: New York Students Baffled by ‘Affirmative Consent’ Sex Regulations – Nov. 2
  108. Cathy Young: Consent: It’s a Piece of Cake – Nov. 2
  109. Ashe Schow: Flawed campus sexual assault policy nearly sent student back to Syria – Nov. 2
  110. Heather MacDonald: An Assault on Common Sense: The Phone Campus Rape Crisis – Nov. 2
  111. KC Johnson: Two Lawmakers Vote ‘No’ to Safe Campus Act – Nov. 2
  112. Ashe Schow: Video highlights lack of understanding of ‘yes means yes’ laws – Nov. 2
  113. Samantha Watkins: Maker of anti-rape technology scolds ‘burnt out bureaucrats’ for failing to protect students – Nov. 2
  114. COTWA: Sen. Claire McCaskill: foremost enemy of the wrongly accused on campus–the latest evidence – Nov. 2
  115. Norman Reimer: Due Process Crisis on Campus: An Isolated Phenomenon or a Harbinger of More Overcriminalization? – Nov. 2
  116. Charles M. Sevilla: Campus Sexual Assault Allegations, Adjudications, and Title IX – Nov. 1
  117. College Fix: Campus anti-rape activists gripe about the travails of ‘hooking up’ – Oct. 31
  118. Samantha Harris: Judge Halts Penn State’s Suspension of Syrian Student Accused of Sexual Misconduct – Oct. 30
  119. Greg Piper: Law prof: Publisher of ‘Ms.’ has no grounds to claim ‘retaliation’ by university in Yik Yak case – Oct. 29
  120. Blake Neff: NYU Students Are Baffled By New Affirmative Consent Laws – Oct. 29
  121. Greg Piper: Foreign student branded a rapist could die if university sends him back to Syria, suit claims – Oct. 28
  122. Chris Maltby: New York’s Affirmative Consent Law Affirmatively Confuses Students – Oct. 28
  123. COTWA: The true victims of law enforcement’s handling of rape are . . . black women? – Oct. 28
  124. Frank Furedi: Teaching Consent, Policing Intimacy – Oct. 27
  125. Mike Adams: Pistols, Panties, and Personal Protection – Oct. 27
  126. COTWA: The hateful things college students say about the innocent – Oct. 27
  127. Matt Lamb: Taxpayer-funded groups seek to deny due process to students accused of rape – Oct. 26
  128. Hans Bader: Yik Yak — Latest Target of the Anti-Free Speech Left – Oct. 26
  129. College Fix: Former Ed. Dept. lawyer warns Office for Civil Rights about liability re: 1st Amendment violations – Oct. 25
  130. Spencer Irvine: American Academia’s War on Due Process – Oct. 24
  131. College Fix: Student candidate cleared of sexual misconduct is shamed into taking down his post about it – Oct. 22
  132. Ashe Schow: Student newspaper just fine with false accusations – Oct. 22
  133. Walter Olson: OCR’s Distorted Concept of Sexual Harassment Does More Harm than Good – Oct. 22
  134. Ashe Schow: ‘The Hunting Ground’ predicted for Oscar nomination – Oct. 22
  135. Jessica Roy: The Man Who Defends Men Accused of Campus Rape – Oct. 22
  136. Ashe Schow: Congressional staffers briefed on campus due process needs – Oct. 21
  137. COTWA: “Safe Campus Act” opponent says college men can protect themselves from false rape claims by helping women fight rape – Oct. 21
  138. Linda Bruenig: Is Sex Serious? College Women Won’t Be Satisfied Until They Decide – Oct. 21
  139. Ashe Schow: Lessons from dismissed campus due process lawsuits – Oct. 21
  140. COTWA: Title IX guru says lowering the standard of proof in sexual assault cases does not “take” due process from anyone – Oct. 21
  141. David French: At Brown University, a Male Student Suspended for Sexual Misconduct Takes on the University and His Accuser – Oct. 20
  142. Conor Friedersdorf: How Sexual-Harassment Policies Are Diminishing Academic Freedom – Oct. 20
  143. Shelby Emmett: FIRE Briefs Congressional Staffers on Due Process – Oct. 20
  144. Mike Adams: The Constitution is a Female Dog – Oct. 19
  145. College Fix: Father speaks out after college-athlete son cleared of rape: ‘How many young men have to have their lives destroyed? – Oct. 19
  146. Milo Yiannopoulos: Male Students, Do Not Go to Consent Classes – Oct. 16
  147. Ashe Schow: Joe Biden calls ‘yes means yes’ consent policies ‘tricky’ – Oct. 16
  148. COTWA: College student insists he doesn’t need consent training–next, he’ll insist he doesn’t need training on how not to kill people – Oct. 14
  149. Blake Neff: California Trains Kids To Ask For Consent Every 10 Minutes During Sex – Oct. 14
  150. COTWA: Colleges are covering up epic numbers of rape reports . . . except they aren’t – Oct. 13
  151. Greg Piper: California ruling could end kangaroo-court investigations of campus rape, law professor says – Oct. 12
  152. Dave Huber: Dartmouth students stage silent protest during ‘controversial’ sexual assault speech – Oct. 11
  153. Bob Unruh: Expulsion for off-campus offense hits speed bump – Oct. 8
  154. Ashe Schow: 1 in 5 rapes being proved false doesn’t make 4 in 5 true – Oct. 6
  155. Greg Piper: Another Department of Ed official admits its ‘guidance’ on Title IX isn’t legally binding – Oct. 6
  156. Ashe Schow: Defining ambiguous sex as rape – Oct. 6
  157. COTWA: Alarming stats from Harvard: One-in-five rape claims determined to be false or baseless–and the real number is almost certainly much, much higher – Oct. 5
  158. Samantha Harris: Middlebury Student Paper Condemns Judicial Scrutiny of College’s Disciplinary Processes – Oct. 5
  159. Ashe Schow: Another report finds 1-in-5 campus rape reports to be false – Oct. 5
  160. Ashe Schow: Report: 1 in 5 campus rape reports are false – Oct. 5
  161. Cleta Mitchell and Trent Lott: Rethinking How We Deal with Campus Sexual Assault – Oct. 4
  162. Joseph Cohn: Second Department of Education Official in Eight Days Tells Congress Guidance Is Not Binding – Oct. 2
  163. Marieke Tuthill Beck-Coon: Kansas Court of Appeals Decides Off-Campus Tweeting Case – Oct. 2
  164. Glenn Reynolds: The unilateral war on college men – Sept. 30

  165. Mark Perry: Using White House Reporting Claim of 12%, 1 in More Than 30 Women at MSU and OSU Are Sexually Assaulted, Not 1 in 5 – Sept. 30
  166. Joseph Cohn: Department of Education’s Overreach Questioned by Senator Lamar Alexander – Sept. 30
  167. Greg Piper: Skepticism grows the more closely you look at the data in the latest sexual-assault survey – Sept. 29

  168. Brian Earp: 1 in 4 Women: How the Latest Sexual Assault Statistics Were Turned into Click Bait by the ‘New York Times’ – Sept. 28
  169. Ashe Schow: Court ruling shows limits of campus sexual harassment expulsions – Sept. 28
  170. Mariana Barillas: AAU releases massive sexual assault study – September 28
  171. New York Post Editorial Board: Will Any University Stand up to the Bogus Rape Epidemic Hype? – Sept. 27
  172. College Fix: Columbia files motion to dismiss ‘Mattress Girl’ target Paul Nungesser’s lawsuit – September 27
  173. Naomi Shaffer Riley: The myth of the college ‘rape culture’ – Sept. 27
  174. Jim Dey: Shadow college system embraces accusation – Sept. 27
  175. David Golub: Law Professors Face Off in Intelligence Squared Debate on Campus Sexual Assault – September 27
  176. Hans Bader: Education Dept. Rules on Campus Rape Called Illegal – Sept. 26
  177. Scott Greenfield: The DoE Office of Civil Rights Gone Rogue – Sept. 25
  178. Andy Thomason: U. of Kansas Can’t Expel Student Over Derogatory Tweets, Court Rules – Sept. 25
  179. Ashe Schow: How schools can stop ‘civil rights’ trampling due process – September 25
  180. COTWA: College expels male using ‘preponderance’ standard; male sues, college claims he should meet ‘clear or substantial likelihood of success on the merits – September 25
  181. KC Johnson: A New Politically Tainted Survey on Campus Sexual Assault – September 25
  182. Greg Piper: Dept. of Education SHREDDED for lawless overreach in Senate hearing – September 24
  183. Ashe Schow: A troubling trend in campus sexual assault findings – September 24
  184. David French: Another Week, Another Nonsensical, Misreported Campus-Rape Survey – September 24
  185. Emily Yoffe: The Problem With Campus Sexual Assault Surveys – Sept. 24
  186. Michael McGrady: Univ. of Cincinnati sued by former football player – September 23
  187. KC Johnson: Weaponizing Title IX at Middlebury – September 23
  188. Stuart Taylor: The latest big sexual assault survey is (like others) more hype than science – September 23
  189. Alex Morey: More Campuses Using Special Victims Units to Investigate Sexual Assaults – September 23
  190. Derek Draplin: Lawsuit forces university to drop rape charge against student, but threats to other innocents loom – September 23
  191. Ashe Schow: College’s hypocrisy on standard of evidence when it comes to accused students – September 22
  192. Alex Morey: Polis Fallout Continues Despite Apology for Saying Innocent Students Should Be Expelled – September 22
  193. Samantha Harris: Federal Court Halts Middlebury’s Expulsion of Student Accused of Sexual Misconduct – September 22
  194. Greg Piper: College can’t expel student it found responsible for rape after he was cleared, federal court rules – September 22
  195. Lizzie Crocker: How Misleading Is the New ‘One in Four’ Campus Rape Statistic? – September 22
  196. Austin Ruse: University Study on Rape Considers ‘Hooking Up’ A Relationship and Kissing a Crime – September 22
  197. COTWA: Another college rape scare survey that is not reliable – September 22
  198. Greg Piper: The massive new campus sexual-assault survey has one giant design flaw – September 22
  199. Ashe Schow: New sexual assault survey suffers same problems as others – September 21
  200. Blake Neff: Another Survey Probably Overstates Prevalence Of Campus Rape – September 21
  201. College Fix: Congressman who called for expelling innocent students gets reamed by his district attorney – September 21
  202. David Hookstead: University of Wisconsin Implements Controversial Sexual Assault Prevention Program – September 18
  203. Ashe Schow: Hillary Clinton pushes campus sexual assault myths – Sept. 18
  204. Greg Piper: Another accused student tries Title IX as a club to beat the hell out of his college – September 17
  205. Greg Piper: Tear down frat houses to fight rape culture, student columnist implies – September 17
  206. KC Johnson: Expel 10 if One or Two are Guilty of Rape? – September 17
  207. Michael McGrady: Michigan state legislature to propose ‘Yes Means Yes’ bill – September 17
  208. Suzannah Weiss: Learning To Practice Consent As A Straight Woman – Sept. 17
  209. KC Johnson: U. of Michigan Screws up in ‘Rape’ Case – September 17
  210. Greg Piper: Congressman who called for innocent students to be expelled: ‘I committed a major gaffe’ – September 16
  211. Susan Kruth: Polis Apologizes for ‘Gaffe’ But Doubles Down on Failed Campus Sexual Assault Policies – September 16
  212. Ashe Schow: Rep. Jared Polis did not misspeak, he just doesn’t like the backlash – September 16
  213. Greg Piper: Bernie Sanders signs on to campus sexual assault bill – September 16
  214. Emily Yoffe: A Campus Rape Ruling, Reversed – September 15
  215. Scott Greenfield: How Did Title IX Turn Into A Rape Law? – September 15
  216. Glenn Reynolds: A war on college men – September 14
  217. Peter Fricke: Federally-funded group at NKU sponsors mattress-carrying demonstration – September 14
  218. Alex Morey: Baylor Rape Controversy More Evidence Colleges Unequipped to Decide Sexual Assault Cases – September 14
  219. Scott Greer: Campus Rape Hysteria Has No Use For Due Process – September 14
  220. COTWA: Appalling trend: Innocent young men are deemed necessary collateral damage in the war on rape – September 14
  221. Scott Greenfield: Affirmative Consent: Of Shifting Burdens and Fuzzy Analysis – September 13
  222. Chuck Ross: Congressman’s Call To Expel Students Falsely Accused Of Rape Draws Rebuke From Local Paper – September 13
  223. Greg Piper: Mothers of sons falsely accused of rape hammer congressman who called for expulsion of innocents – September 11
  224. Joseph Cohn: Follow-Up Thoughts on Yesterday’s Congressional Hearing – September 11
  225. Eugene Volokh: Better that five innocent students get expelled than one guilty student stay enrolled – September 11
  226. COTWA: Colorado Rep. Jared Polis needs to resign: He wants to expel innocent students who are merely accused of sexual assault – September 10
  227. David Jesse: U-M drops nonconsensual sex finding to settle suit – September 11
  228. Greg Piper: Congressman supports expelling innocent students accused of rape – September 11
  229. Peter Fricke: POLL: Justice system should handle sexual assault on campuses – September 11
  230. Greg Piper: Mothers of sons falsely accused of rape hammer congressman who called for expulsion of innocents – Sept. 11
  231. Ashe Schow: The Biggest Problem with Rep. Jared Polis’ Sex Assault Comments – September 11
  232. Robby Soave: Rep. Jared Polis Thinks Colleges Should Be Able to Expel Students When They’re Only 20% Sure a Rape Happened – September 10
  233. Alex Griswold: Dem Rep. on Campus Rape: Better to Expel More Students, Even if 80% Are Innocent – September 10
  234. Ashe Schow: Campus sexual assault hearing applauds witch-hunt mentality – September 10
  235. Chuck Ross: Dem Congressman: Expel All Students Accused Of Sexual Assault, Even The Innocent Ones [VIDEO] – September 10
  236. KC Johnson: Office For Civil Rights Goes After Michigan State – September 9
  237. Blake Neff: College Promises To Punish Students Who Heckled Mandatory Play – September 8
  238. Ashe Schow: Colleges can’t win when it comes to campus sexual assault complaints – September 8
  239. Blake Neff: College Promises To Punish Students Who Heckled Mandatory Play – September 8
  240. C.D. Mock: I Fought Political Correctness and Correctness Won – September 7
  241. Michelle Moons: SDSU Sued Over False Sexual Assault Accusations – September 7
  242. Jay Schalin: Don’t Cross the Political Correctness Mafia! – September 7
  243. Hans Bader: Education Department Rewards Lying By Twisting Title IX – September 7
  244. Rick Moran: Defining ‘sexual assault’ down – Sept. 6
  245. Katherine Timpf: Rutgers Survey Counts Unwanted ‘Remarks about Physical Appearance’ as ‘Sexual Violence’ – September 4
  246. Ashe Schow: My warning to incoming and returning college students – September 3
  247. Greg Piper: Sexual-assault victim advocates admit it: They want ridiculously broad definitions – September 3
  248. Tamara Lave: Affirmative consent and switching the burden of proof – September 3
  249. Ashe Schow: Study includes ‘remarks about physical appearance’ to trump up sexual violence numbers – September 3
  250. Shaw Jazz: New York rolls out Yes Means Yes plan to combat “college rape culture” – September 3
  251. Ashe Schow: Miami law professor criticizes burden of proof shifting – September 3
  252. Greg Piper: Sexual-assault victim advocates admit it: They want ridiculously broad definitions – September 3
  253. Carrie Lukas: No easy cure for dysfunctional campus sexual culture – September 3
  254. College Fix: Exonerated student goes on the offensive against SDSU and his rape accuser – September 2
  255. Leslie Loftis: Would You Rather Be a Man or a Woman Facing a Sexual Assault Trial? – September 2
  256. COTWA: Song lyrics where a guy asks a girl what she means is ‘rape culture’ – September 2
  257. Jake New: Differing Definitions – September 2
  258. Elizabeth Nolan Brown: ‘Remarks About Physical Appearance’ Considered ‘Sexual Violence’ in Rutgers Student Survey – September 2
  259. Ashe Schow: Due process group distributes warning flyers to campus men – September 1
  260. Greg Piper: Starkly lower rate of sexual assault in massive University of Kentucky student survey – September 1
  261. COTWA: Ohio store suggests need for “Freshman Son Drop Off”–in order to start a “conversation” about “rape culture” – September 1
  262. Ashe Schow: NYC commissioner: ‘Validate the experience’ of sex assault accusers – September 1
  263. College Fix: Lawsuit claims university didn’t even meet low evidence standard in expelling accused student – August 31
  264. Ashe Schow: U.Va. president blames feds for response to Rolling Stone debacle – August 31
  265. Summer Ratcliff: Cuomo’s ‘Enough Is Enough’ gets it half right – August 31
  266. Mona Charen: What The Left And Right Don’t Get About Campus Rape – August 31
  267. Robby Soave: Misleading Data Fuels Campus Rape Terror, But Why Won’t Everyone Admit Controversy? – August 31
  268. Peter Fricke: Columbia Univ. students offended by ‘Consent is bae’ posters – August 31
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