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Founded in 2008, SAVE has been a leader in the national effort to ensure fairness and due process in schools, using a variety of strategies and campaigns:

  1. Conducted high-profile public awareness campaigns featuring press releases, TV and radio interviews, social media, and a compilation of editorials.
  2. Held thousands of meetings with lawmakers and staffers at both the federal and state levels. Blocked the passage of dozens of proposed laws that would have upended fairness and removed due process protections in schools.
  3. Sponsored over 10 CAMP (Countering Abuse Misinformation Project) campaigns, resulting in numerous victories.
  4. Continues to publicize the fallacies of “trauma-informed” and “Start By Believing” investigations.
  5. Coordinates the SAVE Network, consisting of faculty members, students, attorneys, and others who are supportive of fairness and due process.
  6. Working through its Title IX Equity Project, assures that sex-specific scholarships comply with Title IX requirements.
  7. Maintains extensive informational resources on the SAVE website, including Special Reports, findings of public opinion polls, and more.

SAVE partners with the Center for Prosecutor Integrity on projects involving the criminal justice system, and with the Coalition to End Domestic Violence for partner-abuse projects.