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LGBTQ Advocates Push Back Against Biden Title IX Plan

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LGBTQ Advocates Push Back Against Biden Title IX Plan

WASHINGTON / October 2, 2023 – The Biden Department of Education is expected to miss its self-imposed October deadline to issue a new Title IX regulation (1). The proposal has faced stiff opposition from lawmakers, state attorneys general, and presidential candidates (2).

Now, a growing number of LGBTQ advocates are criticizing the plan, as well:

LGBTQ Activists: Leading LGBTQ advocate Alejandra Caraballo complained, “Honestly, this move by Biden to push a rule on trans kids in sports is not only a backwards betrayal, it forces us to have to spend our time dealing with sports instead of criminal bans on our healthcare.” (3)

Gays Against Groomers: Sporting 17 chapters nationwide, Gays Against Groomers has become a strong voice of opposition to the Biden plan (4). At a September 21 SAVE press conference, Brady Oehler, leader of the group’s D.C. chapter, explained, “Gays Against Groomers does not advocate against adults who have gender dysphoria, but advocates for the protection of children, and to be a voice for the voiceless…If you truly care and want to support those that need guidance, you will not take our youth and use them to push a gender ideology.” (5)

Expert Witness: The most detailed criticism was voiced by Dr. Erica E. Anderson, a psychologist and transgender woman. Testifying in a recent lawsuit before the US District Court of Southern California, Anderson explained:

“A child or adolescent who exhibits a desire to change name and pronouns should receive a careful professional assessment prior to transitioning…Parental involvement is necessary to obtain professional assistance for a child or adolescent experiencing gender incongruence.”

Anderson concluded, “a social transition represents one of the most difficult psychological changes a person can experience. [And] embarking upon a social transition based solely upon the self-attestation of the youth without consultation with parents and appropriate professionals is unwise.”

Apparently swayed by this testimony, Judge Roger Benitez ruled on September 14 against the parental secrecy policy of the Escondido Union School District (6).

Detransitioners: Detransitioners are speaking out against gender dysphoria treatments for minors, as well (7). At a recent Congressional hearing, Chloe Cole described the gender transitioning of youth as “one of the biggest medical scandals in the history of the United States of America,” and issued a heart-felt plea to lawmakers to “bring the scandal to an end.” (8)

These developments have compelled 59 organizations to call for the resignation of DOE Office for Civil Rights director Catherine Lhamon (9).

The recent rise of the movement to promote gender transitioning can be attributed to a nihilistic philosophy known as“anti-humanism.” Proponent Patricia MacCormack explains, “The death of the human species is the most life-affirming event that could liberate the natural world from oppression.” (10)

Over a decade ago, anti-humanism began to infiltrate Leftist ideology, particularly the environmental movement (11). Anti-humanism is now evident in radical proposals to decimate livestock and curtail agricultural production (12).

Now, anti-humanism is targeting vulnerable children and youth so they no longer have the capacity to reproduce.