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Mothers Commit 72% of All Infant Homicides

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Mothers Commit 72% of All Infant Homicides


April 4, 2023

A comprehensive review of child homicides around the world reached this conclusion:

“The 12 countries with detailed data on parent as perpetrators showed mothers commit the majority of parental homicides of children under 1 year (71.7% (IQR: 50.2–75.7)).”

To illustrate the extent of the problem, below are the results of a Google search that looked for news stories about American mothers who killed their children in the last 12 months:

  1. Texas mother charged with capital murder after three children found dead, two injured:
  2. Mother accused of killing three children in Massachusetts. The district attorney said the incident, in which a 5-year-old girl, a 3-old-boy and a 8-month-old boy were killed, was “an unimaginable, senseless tragedy.”
  3. Georgia mother charged with kids’ murders during house fire denied bond; father pleas for help:
  4. 3 children allegedly killed by mother in West Hills, possibly with help of 16-year-old son, identified:
  5. Mother charged in deaths of her 2 toddlers found stabbed multiple times in bathtub:
  6. Mom Accused of Shooting Her 2 Sons in Bucks County Home:
  7. Gresham woman kills 2 young children, herself in midst of custody battle:
  8. Mother that killed her kids ran illegal daycare in Connecticut:
  9. Mother accused of killing her 2 children in Little Haiti:
  10. Arrest reports detail horrific scene inside home where children were stabbed:
  11. Cary mother charged with murdering 2 children had multiple previous reports of neglect:
  12. Mom Accused of Killing Kids in Idaho Says She Has an Alibi: