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Title IX

Parental Rights Must Reign

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Parental Rights Must Reign

Cindi Castilla

As President of Texas Eagle Forum, I often get phone calls from parents seeking help. Their child as young as 7 has come home from school and asked if he is gay or if she is a lesbian because they love their best friends. We clearly already have teachers who are happy steal our role as parent and to expose young children to a doctrine that destroys. Kids are confused and parents want to know how to protect them from this insane gender agenda.

Unfortunately, our government is not here to help! The U.S. Department of Education has proposed new Title IX rules that will destroy parental rights in America. The Biden administration and DOE have unconstitutionally added the word GENDER to our laws in an attempt to force unscientific gender propaganda on our nation’s students.

It is quite disconcerting that the word “sex” or “sexual” is in the proposed rulemaking document 2985 times! “Regulation” shows up 1301 times. “Sexual orientation” 77 times, and “Gender identity” 112. Our government is creating a problem by exposing children to gender and sexual propaganda at a young age, and then forcing the public schools to follow 701 pages of new regulations in education, regulations which strip away our parental rights.

U.S. public education was originally intended to help a child reach his full potential and become a responsible citizen who loves his country.

Education was not given the right to indoctrinate our children with social and harmful ideologies.  As education continues to promote a social agenda instead of teaching factual knowledge, taxpayers and parents have watched the decline in U.S. educational outcomes.

One of many egregious acts of the proposed rules is to force schools to promote anti-Christian ideas about sex and gender to children of every age. Most young children do not think about sexuality and gender. They just don’t. Flinging these adult ideas on trusting children is harmful and destructive to young minds. Parents have a right to protect their children from these concepts – and only they decide when their child is ready for this information.

Until very recently, gender-confusion was considered a mental health issue and parents were advised to practice watchful waiting. Almost all gender-confused children embraced their birth sex as they got older. Those who were struggling because of abuse were able to get healing help.

Under the proposed rules, we can ask no questions. Free speech is muzzled when parents and children cannot express their own truth and are forced to acquiesce to another’s. The government will require everyone to agree that gender-confusion is perfectly normal and their destructive solutions are good. Truly, the emperor has no clothes!

When our government forces a child to use another child’s self-declared pronouns, they are clearly acting hostile to religion, which has been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in Kennedy v Bremerton. Christians and other Americans know God created men and women uniquely, with unchangeable XX or XY chromosomes, yet our government wants to force our children to believe in their religion of gender theology. This is the establishment of religion in our schools, and parents and our beloved Constitution are having none of that!

Another reason we must be alarmed is the idea that a child can be counseled without parental permission, to choose their gender.

To President Biden and the Department of Education we say:

“You may NOT indoctrinate our children in gender theology. You may NOT sexualize our children, You may NOT provide healthcare without our express permission. You many NOT collect our kids personal data, You may NOT invade our children’s privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms. You may NOT change the English language to accept ridiculous pronouns. You may NOT promote unhealthy behavior in our schools.”

“We DO give you permission to teach our children to read, to write, to do math, to study scientific ideas and to learn from real history. You MUST equip them to launch into adulthood with the ability to think for themselves and become productive citizens.”

If the Department of Education is seeking to destroy public education and increase the mass exodus from the institution, they are on the right track. If their goal is to truly educate our children, they MUST listen to parents and abandon this Title IX re-write, which has nothing to offer actual education.

Note: This presentation was given as the August 11 Stop the Title IX Take-Over rally in Washington, DC.