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Newspapers, Commentators, and Organizations Give the ‘Thumbs Down’ to Catherine Lhamon

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Newspapers, Commentators, and Organizations Give the ‘Thumbs Down’ to Catherine Lhamon

WASHINGTON / October 13, 2021 – A YouGov survey of the American public found that 68-80% of Americans — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents — support campus due process. Accordingly, a growing number of newspapers, commentators, and organizations has come out in opposition to the nomination of Catherine Lhamon to lead the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

During the July 13 HELP Committee hearing, Lhamon repeatedly side-stepped direct questions whether she believed in basic due process protections. She also admitted that she rejects the presumption of innocence, instead saying that Title IX adjudicators “should be open to the possibility” that the accused student is not guilty ( As a result, Lhamon failed to win approval from a majority of HELP Committee members.

Three media outlets, 35 commentators, and 12 non-profit groups — both liberal and conservative – have come out in opposition to the Lhamon nomination, often expressing their concerns in strong language:

Media Outlets


Over 35 editorials by liberal and conservative commentators have been written in opposition to the nomination. and


  1. American Enterprise Institute ( )
  2. Center for Urban Renewal and Education (
  3. Equality for Boys and Men ( )
  4. Families Advocating for Campus Equality (
  5. Family Research Council ( )
  6. Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (
  7. Independent Women’s Law Center and Independent Women’s Voice ( )
  8. National Association for Scholars (
  9. National Coalition For Men Carolinas ( )
  10. Palm Beach Freedom Institute ( )
  11. SAVE (
  12. Title IX for All (

“Should Catherine Lhamon be confirmed, we are likely to see the resurrection of college sex tribunals with all the procedural fairness of the Salem Witch Trials,“ according to Independent Women’s Law Center director Jennifer Braceras.

SAVE urges all senators to vigorously oppose the nomination of Catherine Lhamon.