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Editorialists Speak Out in Opposition to Catherine Lhamon Nomination

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Editorialists Speak Out in Opposition to Catherine Lhamon Nomination


July 31, 2021

Following Catherine Lhamon’s disastrous July 13 Senate HELP Committee hearing, a number of news organizations, non-profits, and individual commentators have come out in opposition to her nomination.

Following are the key quotes by six editorialists:

  1. Charles C.W. Cooke: Guilty until proven innocent: Lhamon and Biden undermine due process for college students – “Under questioning, Lhamon declined to alter her previously held positions on the lack of need for hearings and cross-examination or on the desirability of the single-investigator model, and she confirmed that America’s traditional approach to presumption of innocence is not relevant to college-based adjudications.” (July 30)
  2. Robert Franklin: Congress Must Reject Lhamon Nomination – Lhamon was “partly responsible for the infamous ‘Dear Colleague’ letter that, at a single stroke, demolished the due process rights of every college student accused of sexual impropriety.” (July 23)
  3. Thomas Gallatin: Biden’s DOE Nominee Threatens Student Due Process Rights – “Lhamon argued that the judicial standard of innocent until proven guilty should not apply within the college and university setting, as trials there are not criminal proceedings. The results of this dubious and dangerous directive were several instances of falsely accused students successfully suing schools for violating their civil right to due process.”  (July 22)
  4. Mike LaChance: Biden Ed Dept. Nominee: Trump-Era Protections of Due Process Allow Students to ‘Rape With Impunity’ – “Is it a good idea to put someone who believes students will “rape with impunity” in charge of civil rights in education? Lhamon is a radical.” (July 15)
  5. Robby Soave: Catherine Lhamon, Once and Future Title IX Czar, Says Campus Rules Don’t Require ‘Presumption of Innocence’ – “Her response to questions from the Senate HELP committee were disqualifying.” (July 14)
  6. Ashe Schow: Biden Nominee For Civil Rights Position Rejects Presumption Of Innocence, Defends Tweet Claiming Trump-Era Regs Allow Students To ‘Rape’ With ‘Impunity’ – “Due process may not be as sexy a constitutional right as the First or Second Amendments, but it’s one that all Americans need to defend.”  (July 14)