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Thoughtful Media Accounts on Title IX Regulation Carry the Day

SAVE Last Updated on January 31, 2019 The SAVE Statement on the Proposed Title IX Regulation calls on “all stakeholders in this important issue to engage in thoughtful and reasoned debate how to restore due process and fairness on college campuses.” To this end, SAVE has identified the following news stories and editorials that are accurate

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The SAVE Statement on the Proposed Title IX Regulation calls on “all stakeholders in this important issue to engage in thoughtful and reasoned debate how to restore due process and fairness on college campuses.” To this end, SAVE has identified the following news stories and editorials that are accurate, thoughtful, and fair:

  1. David French (National Review): Just How Easy Should It Be to Destroy a Young Man’s Life? – 1/30/19
  2. Meg Mott (New England Public Radio): New Title IX Rules Would Empower Both the Accused and the Survivors – 1/16/19
  3. Scott Greenfield (Simple Justice): The “Survivors” Last Stand – 1/11/19
  4. Inez Stepman (The Hill): Changes to Title IX Enforcement Are Common Sense – 1/9/19
  5. Curt Levey (Fox News): Education Secretary DeVos’s New Rules for Title IX and Sexual Assault Will Restore Fairness Across the Board – 1/4/19
  6. Wendy McElroy (The Hill): The New Title IX Regulation Helps Women – 1/3/19
  7. Tom Ciccotta (Breitbart News): Feminist Professor Says Betsy DeVos Title IX Guidelines Benefit Survivors – 1/3/19
  8. KC Johnson (The Regulatory Review): Changes to Universities’ Sexual Assault Tribunals May Be Here to Stay – 1/2/19
  9. Nicole DeSmet (Burlington Free Press): Title IX College Sexual Assault Rule Changes; What You Need to Know; How to Act – 12/21/18
  10. Peter Wallison (Real Clear Politics): DeVos Rule on Sexual Harassment Restores Primacy of Law – 12/20/18
  11. Meg Mott (Inside Higher Ed): The New Title IX Guidelines Benefit Survivors – 12/17/18
  12. Robby Soave (The Times-News): Title IX Changes Are Needed – 12/16/18
  13. Courier Editorial Board (The Courier): Campus Sex Assault Rules Need Revisions – 12/16/18
  14. Editorial Board (The Washington Post): What Betsy DeVos’s New Title IX Changes Get Right – and Wrong – 12/14/18
  15. Wendy McElroy (The Hill): A Sea Change for Sexual Conduct on Campus – 12/13/18
  16. KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor Jr. (The Weekly Standard): It’s Time for Republicans to Show They Truly Care About Due Process – 12/12/18
  17. Greg Piper (The College Fix): Feminist Law Professor Supports DeVos on Title IX because of “Troubling Racial Dynamics” in the System – 12/6/18
  18. Stacey Lennox (The Resurgent): If You Care About Due Process for College Age Men, Click This Link – 12/6/18
  19. Shikha Dalmia (Reason): Betsy DeVos’ Title IX Campus Reforms Advance a Liberal Cause – 12/4/18
  20. Lara Bazelon (New York Times): I’m a Democrat and a Feminist. And I Support Betsy DeVos’s Title IX Reforms – 12/4/18
  21. Robby Soave (Inside Sources): Point: Title IX Reforms Are Contentious, but Necessary – 12/3/18
  22. Shikha Dalmia (The Week): In Defense of Betsy DeVos’ Title IX Plan – 11/29/18
  23. Lindsay Marchello (Higher Education): ACLU’s Opposition to Title IX Reform Betrays Their Claims to Defend Civil Rights – 11/27/18
  24. Andrew Kreighbaum (Inside Higher Ed): What the DeVos Title IX Rule Means for Misconduct Off Campus – 11/27/18
  25. Derek Newton (Forbes): Betsy DeVos is Making the Right Choice on Sexual Assault Rules – 11/25/18
  26. KC Johnson (Minding the Campus): Finally, Due Process Near for College Males – 11/23/18
  27. Heather MacDonald (City Journal): Feminists’ Undue Process – 11/23/18
  28. Erika Sanzi (The Hill): With Title IX Rewrite, DeVos Gets It Right for Accusers and Accused – 11/22/18
  29. Cathy Young (Arc Digital Media): Sex, Lies, and Campus Tribunals – 11/22/18
  30. Christine Flowers (Philadelphia Inquirer): Betsy DeVos’ New Rules for Handling Campus Sexual Assault Provide Much-Needed Balance – 11/21/18
  31. Franczek Radelet (JD Supra): Proposed Title IX Regulations Raise Many Questions, Particularly for K-12 Schools – 11/21/18
  32. Editorial Board (Wall Street Journal): Reviving Due Process on Campus – 11/20/18
  33. Greg Piper (The College Fix): Rape-Culture Activists Hate Cross-Examination. They May Have to Worry About the Supreme Court – 11/20/18
  34. Ramesh Ponnuru (Bloomberg): Betsy DeVos is Protecting Civil Liberties on Campus – 11/20/18
  35. Ashe Schow (Daily Wire): New Campus Sexual Assault Rules Will Help Stifle Current Moral Panic – 11/20/18
  36. Daily News Editorial Board (Daily News): Lesson Learned: Betsy DeVos (mostly) Gets Title IX Rules Right – 11/19/18
  37. Justin Dillon (Chronicle for Higher Education): New Title IX Proposal Would Restore Fairness in Sexual Misconduct Cases – 11/19/18
  38. Conor Friedersdorf (The Atlantic): The ACLU Declines to Defend Civil Rights – 11/19/18
  39. Lakshmi Singh (NPR): Education Secretary Proposes Enhanced Protections for Those Accused of Sexual Assault on Campus – 11/18/18
  40. KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor Jr. (Wall Street Journal): DeVos Keeps Her Promise on Campus Due Process – 11/18/18
  41. Tiana Lowe (Washington Examiner): The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of New Title IX Regulations – 11/17/18
  42. Anne Flaherty (ABC): Betsy DeVos Pitches New Protections for Students Accused of Sexual Assault – 11/17/18
  43. Adam Harris (The Atlantic): Betsy DeVos’s Sexual Assault Rules Would Let the Accused Cross-Examine Accusers – 11/17/18
  44. Alice Lloyd (The Weekly Standard): Will Colleges Actually Heed the New Title IX Regulations? – 11/17/18
  45. Laura Meckler (Washington Post): Betsy DeVos Releases Sexual Assault Rules She Hails as Balancing Rights of Victims, Accused – 11/16/18
  46. Collin Binkley (Associated Press): DeVos Proposes Overhaul to Campus Sexual Misconduct Rules – 11/16/18
  47. Erica Green (New York Times): Sex Assault Rules Under DeVos Bolster Defendants’ Rights and Ease College Liability – 11/16/18
  48. Teresa Watanabe (Los Angeles Times): Betsy DeVos Moves to Strengthen the Rights of the Accused in Campus Sexual Misconduct Cases – 11/16/18
  49. Sarah Brown and Katherine Mangan (Chronicle for Higher Education): What You Need to Know About the Proposed Title IX Regulations – 11/16/18
  50. Erica Green (New York Times): Sex Assault Under DeVos Bolster Defendants’ Rights and Ease College Liability – 11/16/18
  51. Kaitlyn Schallhorn (Fox News): Education Department Unveils New Title IX Guidance for Campus Sexual Assault: Here’s What Would Change – 11/16/18
  52. David French (National Review): Betsy DeVos Strikes a Blow for the Constitution – 11/16/18
  53. Robby Soave (Reason): ABC Makes Patently False Claim About New Title IX Rules – 11/16/18
  54. Robby Soave (Reason): Betsy DeVos Formally Unveils New Title IX Rules: 3 Ways They Will Strengthen Due Process on Campus – 11/16/18
  55. Richard Vedder (Forbes): Doing Things Right: Betsy DeVos, Title IX and Due Process – 11/16/18
  56. David French (National Review): ABC News Makes a Serious Mistake – 11/16/18