CAMP: Countering Abuse Misinformation Project

Relying on quick-response, high-visibility media and advocacy campaigns, SAVE’s Countering Abuse Misinformation Project — CAMP — seeks to promote the dissemination of accurate information and to reform biased policies.

Previous Campaigns:  

  1. California SB-169: We Can Do Better — Success!
  2. Drop the Domestic Violence Double-Standard – Success!
  3. One-in-Five: Regret is Not Rape – Success!
  4. Department of Education Proposed Affirmative Consent Regulation Success!
  5. Stop Abuse Myths
  6. Tall Tales and Lethal Lies
  7. Stop the Ugly Stereotypes! Success!
  8. Stop the WaPo Whoppers! – Success!
  9. KFC: Don’t ‘Chicken-out’ on Domestic Violence! Success!
  10. Stop the War on Free Speech on Campus
  11. NDAA: Stop Prosecutor Bias
  12. False Allegations on Campus — Success!
  13. Prosecutor Misconduct in Maine – Success!
  14. Gender Gerrymander: Inclusive Screening for Domestic Violence 
  15. CDC Violence Survey 
  16. Verizon Monsters Video Success!
  17. VAWA Draft Bill Success!
  18. Gender-Biased Briefing Success!
  19. Biden on The View Success!
  20. DED Sexual Assault Policy – Success!
  21. Mary Kellett: Abuse Hysteria in Maine – Success!
  22. Stop Mandatory Arrest