False Allegations on Campus

Tell Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to safeguard civil liberties and remove its unlawful Sexual Assault Directive: arne.duncan@ed.gov

One year ago SAVE launched a campaign for the Department of Education (DED) to rescind its unlawful Sexual Assault Directive. Since then, our campaign has lept forward:

  • The American Association of University Professors and 12 other organizations have called for the policy’s removal.
  • To date, over 200 editorials have been written opposing the mandate.

The harmful effects of the DED Sexual Assault Directive have already been documented — see: On College Campuses, Civil Liberties Took a Beating.

Unfortunately, the DED policy  is part of a broader trend to give free rein to an “authoritarian impulse,” using rape laws as a vehicle to revamp basic tenets of our criminal justice system: How Rape Laws Remove the Presumption of Innocence.

For more details, visit Accusing U. For more information on the problem of false allegations of sexual assault, visit SAVE’s web page.