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What are Some Informational Resources to Consider?

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A wealth of domestic violence books, manuals, and other materials are available to domestic violence service providers. These are three such resources:

  • Domestic Violence: Intervention, Prevention, Policies, and Solutions by Richard Davis.
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  • The Whole Truth About Domestic Violence by James Kline.

Send $25.00 (money orders or cashier’s checks only) and your mailing address to:

James A. Kline
811 Olmstead Lane
Bayfield, CO  81122

Your book will be shipped first class within two working days.

For information about the book or ordering you may call:  970.426.9629 or


  • Poster: Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women.


18” x 11” poster with tear-off coupons. Suggested donation for each poster: $7.50.

Mail check to:

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women

P.O. Box 252
Harmony, ME 04942

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