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2016 Editorials and Articles

These 659 editorials and news articles highlight widespread doubts whether rape victims are well served by campus sex panels, regarding the removal of due process rights from the accused, the illogic of Affirmative Consent, expanding definitions of sexual assault, and related issues:

  1. Anne Hendershott: ‘Safe Transfer Act’ Would Brand Transcripts of Students Ensnared in Campus Sex-Crimes Tribunals – Dec. 30
  2. Paul Singer: Rep. Meadows targets campus rape rule as unfair to ‘often-innocent accused’ – Dec. 30
  3. Jillian Melchior: UMinn Pressured to Can Coach Who Supported Players Fighting Title IX – Dec. 29
  4. College Fix: A blueprint for the Trump administration’s agenda on Title IX and due process on campus – Dec. 29
  5. David French: American Colleges Are Approaching a Constitutional Crisis – Dec. 28
  6. Robert Shipley: Time to Reform the Kangaroo Courts on Campus – Dec. 27
  7. Justin Dillon and Matt Kaiser: Minnesota’s failed football boycott was a blow to fairness in campus sexual assault hearings – Dec. 20
  8. Jorin Burkhart: University says no due process owed to professor who sang ‘sexual’ Beach Boys song – Dec. 20
  9. Greg Piper: College athletes can avoid kangaroo courts more easily if they avoid risky sex – Dec. 20
  10. Glenn Reynolds: Title IX is ‘bureaucratic sex creep’ gone wild – Dec. 19
  11. College Fix: Professor punished for ‘sexual misconduct’ of singing Beach Boys to students, he says – Dec. 19
  12. Ashe Schow: University of Minnesota Football Players Reverse Course, End Boycott – Dec. 19
  13. Jennifer Kabbany: UMN football players boycott football until teammates suspended over unproven rape claim reinstated – Dec. 16
  14. Ashe Schow: Minnesota Football Players Boycott Practice, Threaten Bowl Game Over Lack of Due Process – Dec. 16
  15. College Fix: Arizona urges law enforcement to avoid program that prejudges people accused of rape – Dec. 15
  16. College Fix: Football players get suspended by college for sexual assault — after being cleared by prosecutors – Dec. 15
  17. Chris Seaton: Sixth Circuit to College Kids: “What Due Process?” – Dec. 15
  18. Ashe Schow: Could the Education Department’s Title IX overreach be nearing an end? – Dec. 13
  19. Susan Kruth: Colleges’ Policies Against Sexual Coercion Prohibit Honest Discussion of Feelings and Intentions – Dec. 13
  20. Greg Piper: The federal bureaucrats that doomed innocent young men hold a ‘funeral’ for their lawless work – Dec. 13
  21. Ashe Schow: Title IX tales: Uneven gender justice at Williams – Dec. 12
  22. Susan Berry: US Department of Education Civil Rights Complaints More than Doubled During Obama Administration – Dec. 12
  23. COTWA: NPR publishes guide to spotting fake news–NPR should apply it to its own reporting about sexual assault – Dec. 12
  24. Alice Lloyd: Education Dept’s Overreaching Office of Civil Rights Fears the End Is Near – Dec. 9
  25. Ashe Schow: California lawmaker wants to pin Scarlett A on students based on dubious due process – Dec. 9
  26. Samantha Harris: Due Process Legal Update: Complaints and Rulings Keep Coming – Dec. 7
  27. Peter Van Voorhis: College forces students to pass test on ‘gender violence’ before class enrollment – Dec. 7
  28. Robby Soave: Will President Trump Fire the College Sex Police? Q and A with Attorney Andrew Miltenberg – Dec. 6
  29. College Fix: UMinn drops felony question from application, still demands answers on ‘sexual offenses’ – Dec. 5
  30. KC Johnson: Due Process & Cross-Examination – Dec. 3
  31. Ashe Schow: Judge: Accused Students Have Right to Cross-Examination – Dec. 1
  32. Eugene Volokh: Getting sex by saying ‘If you don’t have sex with me I will find someone who will’ = rape or sexual assault? – Dec. 1
  33. Alex Griswold: University: Saying ‘If You Love Me, You Would Have Sex With Me’ Is Rape – Dec. 1
  34. Nahema Marshal: College Employee Accused Student of Rape So She Wouldn’t Get Fired – Dec. 1
  35. Ashe Schow: Female student punished for false accusation of sexual assault – Nov. 30
  36. Kayla Scheirbecker: College employee falsely accused student of rape so she wouldn’t get fired, lawsuit claims – Nov. 30
  37. Samantha Harris: Due Process Legal Update: The Kangaroo Lives On – Nov. 30
  38. SAVE: Dear Colleague Letter on Sexual Violence: Surveying the Damage – Nov. 28
  39. Fox News: Trump could reverse Obama’s actions on college sexual assault – Nov. 28
  40. Max Larkin: The Obama Administration Remade Sexual Assault Enforcement on Campus. Could Trump Unmake It? – Nov. 25
  41. COTWA: Trump likely to roll back the witch hunt on college men – Nov. 23
  42. Greg Piper: Ohio University releases sexual-assault survey results that it admits are bunk – Nov. 22
  43. Charlotte Hays: Will the Trump Administration Drain the DOE Swamp? – Nov. 21
  44. Julian Melchior: Pitzer Bathroom Graffiti Campaign Tars Students as ‘Perpetrators of Rape Culture’ – Nov. 21
  45. Frederick Hess: Choosing the Right Trump Secretary of Education – Nov. 21
  46. Claire Fallon: Famous Authors Sign Letter Questioning Due Process For Campus Sexual Assault Cases – Nov. 18
  47. Scott Greenfield: The Future of OCR’s Dear Colleague – Nov. 17
  48. Ford Fisher: Trump’s Department of Education predicted to be ‘more rational,’ less ideological than Obama’s – Nov. 17
  49. Josh Girsky: Lawsuit Alleges Bias in University Sexual Assault Investigation – Nov. 16
  50. Jessica Denis: Title IX And College Rape: A Series Of Injustice, The Conclusion – Nov. 16
  51. Tyler Kingkade: What A Trump Presidency Could Mean For Combating Campus Rape – Nov. 15
  52. KC Johnson: The Title IX Mess–Will it be Reformed? – Nov. 14
  53. Greg Piper: Harvard bribes student groups to undergo sexual assault prevention training by biased office – Nov. 14
  54. Greg Piper: Forget the election: The fight for due process on campus is still raging – Nov. 10
  55. Jake New: Campus Sexual Assault in a Trump Era – Nov. 10
  56. Samantha Harris: Due Process Legal Update: Filings, Rulings, and a Kangaroo – Nov. 9
  57. Ashe Schow: Rolling Stone to cough up $3 million over gang-rape hoax – Nov. 8
  58. Leslie Loftis: Rolling Stone’s False Rape Story Will End the Magazine – Nov. 4
  59. Elliott Hannon: Federal Jury Awards UVA Dean $3 Million for Discredited Rolling StoneGang Rape Story – Nov. 7
  60. Ashe Schow: Rolling Stone verdict should help fraternity also suing magazine – Nov. 7
  61. Sam Staley: Rolling Stone Defamation Conviction Reveals Danger of Dogma When Addressing Campus Sexual Assault – Nov. 7
  62. KC Johnson: At UCSD, “Where Is the Kangaroo?” – Nov. 5
  63. Mollie Hemingway: Rolling Stone Can Take Their Defamation Statement And Shove It – Nov. 4
  64. Robby Soave: Nicole Eramo Wins: Rolling Stone Committed Defamation in UVA Rape Article – Nov. 4
  65. Ashe Schow: Rolling Stone, publisher, author found liable for defamation – Nov. 4
  66. Blake Neff: Rolling Stone DEFEATED In UVA Jackie Lawsuit, Liable For $7.5 Million – Nov. 4
  67. Jeremy Stahl: Why Rolling StoneDeserved to Lose Its “Rape on Campus” Defamation Case – Nov. 4
  68. T. Rees Shapiro: Jury finds reporter, Rolling Stone responsible for defaming U-Va. dean with gang rape story – Nov. 4
  69. Ashe Schow: Rolling Stone Lawsuit is Now with the Jury – Nov. 2
  70. Hans Bader: What the Feds Have Done to Colleges and Schools – Nov. 1
  71. Susan Kruth: Columbia Prohibits Recording Gender-Based Misconduct Hearings Despite Student Objections – Nov. 1
  72. Ashe Schow: Rolling Stone publisher to his alleged defamation victim: ‘I’ve suffered as much as you have’ – Oct. 31
  73. Brittany Hughes: We Created ‘Rape Culture.’ Now We Get To Live With It. – Oct. 26
  74. American Interest: Colleges Enlist Growing Army of Title IX Enforcers – Oct. 26
  75. Jane Shaw: Is There Really a Rape Culture on College Campuses? – Oct. 26
  76. Amber Athey: REPORT: ‘Victim-centered’ view of sex assault erodes due process – Oct. 25
  77. Ashe Schow: Rolling Stone rape hoaxer claims ‘PTSD’ makes her memory ‘foggy’ – Oct. 25
  78. Blake Neff: Rolling Stone Says It Trusted Jackie Because Of ‘Sense’ She Was Honest – Oct. 25
  79. Jazz Shaw: “Jackie” Coakley Throws Rolling Stone Reporter Under The Bus During Video Deposition – Oct. 25
  80. Ashe Schow: Sabrina Rubin Erdely and the ‘banality of evil’ – Oct. 25
  81. KC Johnson: Erdely-Jackie Conversations – Oct. 24
  82. Blake Neff: Despite Overwhelming Evidence, UVA Jackie Is Still Defending Her Gang Rape Story – Oct. 24
  83. Richard Epstein: Yale, Beyond the Pale – Oct. 24
  84. Ashe Schow: 4 things we’ve learned about a Rolling Stone author’s rape bias – Oct. 24
  85. Courteney Stuart: Rolling Stone magazine “Jackie” recording released – Oct. 22
  86. Brian Min: Vandals destroy flyers on campus talk opposing trigger warnings, victimhood culture – Oct. 22
  87. Ashe Schow: Author of fake Rolling Stone gang-rape article admits her ‘mistake’ – Oct. 21
  88. Blake Neff: Rolling Stone Trial: UVA Jackie Invented Rumor Her Friend Had Syphilis – Oct. 20
  89. Jennifer Braceras: College Sex Meets the Star Chamber – Oct. 20
  90. Dan Subotnik: “Redefining Rape”? Let’s Hope Not; Or Catharine MacKinnon is at it Again – Oct. 20
  91. Autumn Price: Student sues ISU over anti-speech harassment training – Oct. 19
  92. Miriam Khan: Rolling Stone Writer Testifies in Defamation Trial Over ‘A Rape on Campus’ Story – Oct. 19
  93. Ashe Schow: Rolling Stone allegedly edited fake rape article to make school dean look worse – Oct. 19
  94. Peter Maxwell: Columbia threatens to punish students who take notes during sexual-misconduct proceedings – Oct. 19
  95. Jake Goldberg: Restoring Fair Procedures At The University of Maryland – Oct. 17
  96. John Bacon: ‘Rolling Stone’ on trial over discredited campus rape story – Oct. 16
  97. Ashe Schow: U.Va. dean vilified in fake Rolling Stone article speaks out – Oct. 14
  98. Robby Soave: For the First Time Ever, Feds Focus on How a College Violated Accused Student’s Title IX Rights – Oct. 14
  99. COTWA: Never fabricate a claim that 66.5 million eyewitnesses can refute – Oct. 14
  100. Alex Morey: Secret Syllabus Investigation at Brooklyn College Exemplifies ‘Frightening’ Expansion of Title IX – Oct. 13
  101. Will Creeley: OCR Finds Unfair Disciplinary Process for Accused Student Violates Title IX – Oct. 13
  102. Robby Soave: CUNY Prof Accused of Sexual Harassment Because His Syllabus Says Effort Is 10% of Grade – Oct. 13
  103. Fred Barbash: College expels student for sex misconduct without bothering to interview him, draws sharp government rebuke – Oct. 13
  104. Ashe Schow: Education Department finds school violated rights of the accused – Oct. 12
  105. Greg Piper: Maryland students pay for their own sexual witch hunts with new Title IX fee – Oct. 12
  106. Amber Athey: UMD SGA wants students to pony up for Title IX office – Oct. 12
  107. Robby Soave: Sierra College Feminists Will Hand Out Harassment Citations to Students Who Whistle, Honk, Shout, Whisper, Say Things – Oct. 12
  108. Ashe Schow: ABC to air ’20/20′ feature on Rolling Stone rape hoax – Oct. 12
  109. Robby Soave: UT Student Now Being Investigated for Sexual Harassment After Writing His Instructor’s Name Wrong – Oct. 12
  110. Ashe Schow: Rolling Stone accuses U.Va administrator of leaking video, wants trial delayed – Oct. 11
  111. Tyler Coward: University of Tennessee Investigating Student Accused of Sexual Harassment for Writing Wrong Name on Quiz – Oct. 11
  112. Blake Neff: Student Accused Of Sexual Harassment For Getting Teacher’s Name Wrong – Oct. 5
  113. Robby Soave: Tennessee Student Accused of Sexual Harassment Because He Wrote Instructor’s Name Wrong – Oct. 4
  114. COTWA: Brown University–where hostility to the rights of accused men is routine – Oct. 3
  115. Robby Soave: Columbia Student: I Was Reported to Gender-Based Misconduct Office for Calling Myself Handsome – Oct. 3
  116. Fred Barbash: Judge reinstates Brown Univ. student accused of sexual misconduct, blasts ‘organized’ pressure to get him not to – Oct. 3
  117. KC Johnson: Likely Defeat for Due Process in 6th Circuit – Sept. 30
  118. Samantha Harris: Judge Rules Against Brown in Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit, but Cites School’s Broad Latitude to Punish Students – Sept. 30
  119. Greg Piper: Federal judge rules against Brown for railroading student accused of rape – Sept. 29
  120. KC Johnson: Rolling Stone Goes to Trial – Sept. 29
  121. Ashe Schow: Judge rules in favor of Brown University student suspended for sexual assault – Sept. 29
  122. Blake Neff: Brown University Railroaded Student Accused Of Rape, Judge Rules – Sept. 29
  123. Joseph Cohn: Education Department to Senate Committee: ‘Preponderance’ Mandate Is Not Law – Sept. 28
  124. Ashe Schow: Lawyer takes down unfair campus sexual assault processes – Sept. 28
  125. Samantha Harris: Due Process Legal Update – Sept. 28
  126. College Fix: University of Pennsylvania sued for racism against black man accused of rape – Sept. 28
  127. Scott Greenfield: When It’s Personal, The Virtues Of Due Process Become Clear – Sept. 28
  128. COTWA: Hillary Clinton’s hostility to the community of the wrongly accused – Sept. 27
  129. Katherine Timpf: Clemson University Bans ‘Any Reference to Harambe’ from Dorm Spaces Because of ‘Rape Culture’ and ‘Racism’ – Sept. 26
  130. COTWA: Man banished from college due to woman’s claim of incapacitated sex–even though the school said there was no evidence of incapacity – Sept. 23
  131. Asche Schow: Rolling Stone gang-rape defamation case will go to trial – Sept. 23
  132. Ashley Cullins: Rolling Stone Headed to Trial Over Campus Rape Story – Sept. 22
  133. Alice Lloyd: College President Tells Students Only ‘Lunatics’ Oppose Trigger Warnings – Sept. 22
  134. Tyler Arnold: Northwestern prez: only ‘idiots,’ ‘lunatics’ oppose safe spaces – Sept. 22
  135. Ashe Schow: Regulating student sex lives – Sept. 16
  136. Dave Huber: Columbia ponders how to make students ‘buy in’ to its ‘sexual respect’ program – Sept. 15
  137. Blake Neff: College Prof: Sexual Assault Offends Too Many Students To Teach About It – Sept. 15
  138. Hans Bader: College sex bureaucracies expand and get more intrusive – Sept. 15
  139. Greg Piper: Say you’re sexually harassed to stop clock on student loan repayment, lawmaker says – Sept. 14
  140. COTWA: Geraldo Rivera says sexual assault and harassment accusers deserve the ‘presumption of credibility’ – Sept. 13
  141. Hans Bader: Obama Administration Attacks ‘Reasonableness’ and ‘Common Sense’ in Sex Harassment Investigations – Sept. 13
  142. Ashe Schow: School found in violation of Title IX for using ‘common sense’ to investigate accusations – Sept. 12
  143. Toni Airaksinen: How the Feminist Silence on False Rape Accusations Hurts Everyone – Sept. 12
  144. Ashe Schow: His accuser said she’d made it all up, but he was expelled anyway – Sept. 12
  145. Seth Merebloom: One False Rape Accusation is One Too Many – Sept. 10
  146. Robby Soave: Female Student Admits to Incredible Lie That Got Auburn Football Player Kicked Off Team – Sept. 9
  147. Scott Greenfield: Title IX’s False Expectations Hurt Too – Sept. 8
  148. Jessica Denis: Title IX And College Rape: A Series Of Injustice, Part 4 – Sept. 7
  149. Ashe Schow: Incoming freshmen get training on ‘microaggressions’ – Sept. 7
  150. COTWA: Nate Parker preserves his PC credentials by defending the kinds of people who automatically believe he’s a rapist – Sept. 6
  151. Jake Goldberg: Rebuttal to “Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces Are Necessary” – Sept. 6
  152. Ashe Schow: Fraternity’s lawsuit against Rolling Stone will move forward – Sept. 2
  153. Jeannie Suk Gersen: The Public Trial of Nate Parker – Sept. 2
  154. Sarah Kuta: ‘Healthy outrage’ fuels attorney suing CU, other schools on behalf of men accused of sexual assault – Sept. 2
  155. College Fix: Federal judge who ruled against Brown’s rape investigation targeted by student campaign – Sept. 2
  156. Ashe Schow: Report: Due process lawsuits increased dramatically after Education Dept. overreach – Sept. 1
  157. Ashley Lee:  Advocacy group claims students accused of sexual assault at universities treated unfairly – Sept. 1
  158. Toni Airaksinen: Warning Students about Rape isn’t Victim Blaming. It’s Prevention. — Aug. 31
  159. Jessica Denis: Title IX And College Rape: A Series Of Injustice, Part 3 – Aug. 31
  160. College Fix: GW students can choose from six flavors of mandatory sexual-assault prevention training – Aug. 30
  161. Jake Goldberg: OCR Series: 2001 Guidance – Aug. 30
  162. Ashe Schow: Schools, media ignore civil protections when it comes to campus sexual assault – Aug. 30
  163. Matt Lamb: Yale’s latest sexual-assault report suggests school is more dangerous than Detroit – Aug. 30
  164. Alexandra Desanctis: Stanford Offers Commonsense Advice for Preventing Sexual Assault – Aug. 30
  165. Ashe Schow: Illinois just made it more difficult for accused students to defend themselves – Aug. 30
  166. Greg Piper: Anti-gun dildo protest at UT-Austin is ‘sexual harassment’ according to federal definition – Aug. 29
  167. Tamara Rice Lave: Misusing Data On Campus Rape – Aug. 29
  168. Jake Goldberg: OCR Series: 1997 Guidance – Aug. 29
  169. Ashe Schow: School found accuser’s claims ‘meritless,’ still punishes the accused – Aug. 29
  170. Christian Montoya: Stanford deletes ‘victim-blaming’ primer on how alcohol affects women – Aug. 26
  171. Robby Soave: Nate Parker’s Critics Are Convinced He’s a Rapist, But It’s More Complicated Than That – Aug. 25
  172. Ashley Rae Goldenberg: University Apologizes For Anti-Rape Poster – Aug. 25
  173. Greg Piper: Estimates of ‘false accusations’ in rape cases are completely unreliable – Aug. 25
  174. Kate Briquelet: College Coach: I Was Fired for Reporting Campus Rape to Police – Aug. 25
  175. COTWA: A U.S. Senator thinks it’s your son’s responsibility to keep his daughters from being raped – Aug. 25
  176. Ashe Schow: Rape victim: Stop watering down rape – Aug. 24
  177. Greg Piper: Brown student judged rapist under ex post facto rule ‘likely’ to win lawsuit, judge says – Aug. 24
  178. Cathy Young: Stop calling Nate Parker a rapist – Aug. 23
  179. Ashe Schow: Differing definitions of rape create opening for misuse – Aug. 23
  180. College Fix: USC study: Twenty-five percent of online comments in rape/sex assault articles ‘blame the victim’ – Aug. 21
  181. Peter Maxwell: Christian college sues the feds to protect women’s privacy and due process, president says – Aug. 19
  182. Robby Soave: Of Course Sports Boosters Shouldn’t Judge Campus Rape Cases. Neither Should Title IX Administrators. – Aug. 18
  183. Robby Soave: Nate Parker’s Campus Rape Acquittal: For The Birth of a Nation Star, Innocent Is Still Guilty – Aug. 17
  184. Reagan McCarthy: OKWU joins suit alleging Obama admin sex assault rules violate due process – Aug. 17
  185. Ramona Tausz: Destroy your emails before students accused of rape can sue you, lawyers advise colleges – Aug. 17
  186. Ashe Schow: Evidence should be most important in sexual assault investigations – Aug. 15
  187. Greg Piper: Christian college sues the feds to block low evidence standard in rape cases – Aug. 15
  188. Ashe Schow: Hillary Clinton campaign removes statement about believing rape accusers – Aug. 15
  189. Blake Neff: Christian College Sues Obama Admin Over Sex Assault Rules – Aug. 15
  190. Susan Kruth: Oklahoma Wesleyan Joins Lawsuit Challenging 2011 ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter – Aug. 15
  191. Ashe Schow: We will learn Friday if U.Va. dean’s defamation lawsuit will be dismissed – Aug. 12
  192. Ashe Schow: Rights group calls on presidential candidates to denounce ‘victim-centered investigations’ – Aug. 11
  193. Greg Piper: Depriving accused student athletes of due process is needed ‘to keep women safe’ – Aug. 11
  194. Ashe Schow: Affirmative consent is a failure, but it still has defenders – Aug. 10
  195. Dave Huber: UCLA student editorial: California ‘affirmative consent’ law sucks, but keep it anyway – Aug. 9
  196. Stephen Edwards: Title IX coordinator blasts Department of Education for abusing the law – Aug. 9
  197. Dan Thomasson: As tales of campus ‘rape culture’ rage, justice goes missing – Aug. 9
  198. Matt Lamb: Law professor rips Minnesota law that forces colleges to accept anonymous rape reports – Aug. 8
  199. Scott Greenfield: A White Polemic on Title IX and the Preponderance Standard – Aug. 8
  200. Robby Soave: CU-Boulder Suspended Student for Rape, Before Interviewing Alleged Victims – Aug. 8
  201. Susan James: Colleges Embrace Online Anonymous ‘Snitching’ to Fight Sexual Violence – Aug. 7
  202. Greg Piper: Accused student should have known unwritten consent rule from campus posters, Brown says – Aug. 5
  203. Jeannie Suk Gersen: College Students Go to Court Over Sexual Assault – Aug. 5
  204. Matthew Rozsa and Mark Schierbecker: The troubling and counterproductive trend of liberals policing free speech: We cannot silence those we disagree with – Aug. 4
  205. Anders Hagstrom: Student Suing Columbia University For Anti-Male Bias – Aug. 4
  206. Brendan Clarey: In teaching sexual consent, group infuses humor with ‘rape bombs’ – Aug. 4
  207. Ashe Schow: Minnesota further erodes due process for accused students – Aug. 4
  208. Morgan Walker: Court green-lights ‘anti-male bias’ lawsuit against Columbia – Aug. 3
  209. Greg Piper: Student kicked off campus before he was even informed of anonymous rape allegations – Aug. 3
  210. College Fix: Feminist scholar’s research finds that ‘yes means yes’ sex policies don’t work in practice – Aug. 2
  211. Robby Soave: USC Campus Rape Lawsuit: This Title IX Official’s Vulgar Response Is Unbelievable – Aug. 2
  212. KC Johnson: How American College Campuses Have Become Anti–Due Process – Aug. 2
  213. Amber Athey: Minnesota students face mandatory sexual assault training – Aug. 1
  214. KC Johnson: USC and Investigatory Bias – Aug. 1
  215. Morgan Walker: Inconsistencies run rampant in campus climate surveys – Aug. 1
  216. Fred Barbash: Former Ivy League athlete suspended for alleged sexual assault wins important — and surprising — court victory – Aug. 1
  217. Scott Greenfield: Columbia Was Just Serving Up What Its Customers Want – July 31
  218. Morgan Walker: Biden references ‘one-in-five’ stat at DNC – July 29
  219. Greg Piper: Appeals court reinstates reverse discrimination case against Columbia by student accused of rape – July 29
  220. College Fix: Alleged rape victim ‘was motioning at his genitals and grabbing them,’ accused student says – July 29
  221. Bill Wyman: Is Rolling Stone about to get throttled in court over UVA rape report? – July 28
  222. Ashe Schow: Joe Biden pushes debunked ‘one in five’ sex assault statistic at Democratic convention – July 27
  223. Samantha Harris: Due Process Legal Update: Settlements, Trials, and More – July 27
  224. Greg Piper: Bisexual student accused of rape gets $125,000 from Georgia Tech to drop lawsuit – July 27
  225. Jennifer Kabbany-Fix: Student-athlete acquitted of rape says university won’t give him his degree – July 25
  226. KC Johnson: Cornell’s Year of Sexual Assault Cases – July 25
  227. Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia Tech settles two lawsuits involving sexual assaults – July 25
  228. Blake Neff: Court Docs: Rolling Stone Author Was Too Lazy To Fix Bogus Gang Rape Article – July 23
  229. Michael McGrady: Baylor still rocked by Title IX scandal as criticisms and calls for transparency persist – July 22
  230. Chuck Ross: Court Docs: Rolling Stone Recently Fired Author Of Debunked Campus Gang Rape Article – July 22
  231. Ashe Schow: School finally acknowledges students can’t recognize ‘black-out’ state – July 21
  232. COTWA: GOP platform: College rape claims need to be “prosecuted in a courtroom, not a faculty lounge” – July 20
  233. Ashe Schow: False accusations should receive harsh punishments – July 15
  234. Ashe Schow: Police involvement not all that’s needed to fix campus sexual assault problems – July 15
  235. COTWA: The sexual grievance industry’s defense of the ‘preponderance of the evidence’ standard is laughable – July 15
  236. Peter Maxwell: Florida State sought to ‘ambush’ accused student with 47 new allegations at hearing – July 15
  237. Greg Piper: It’s not just the GOP platform that’s recommending a law enforcement approach to rape – July 14
  238. Anthony Gockowski: VA takes discretion from sex assault victims, empowers universities – July 13
  239. Matt Lamb: Kansas State says it’s not legally required to police off-campus conduct, feds disagree – July 13
  240. Ashe Schow: GOP platform wants campus sexual assault handled by law enforcement – July 13
  241. Blake Neff: GOP Platform: Campus Rape Is For Police, Not Professors – July 13
  242. Ashe Schow: Student accused of sexual assault says he was denied a hearing before being suspended – July 12
  243. Susan Kruth: UT Knoxville Settles Title IX Lawsuit, Nixes Help Finding Lawyers – July 12
  244. Rohan Gulati: Due Process Concerns Over College Sexual Assault Adjudication Extend to Appeals Process – July 12
  245. Ashe Schow: ‘Listen and believe’ actually hurts rape victims in the long run – July 11
  246. Alice True: College Rape Statistics and Obama’s Boycott – July 11
  247. Jenna Lawrence: Cornell student allegedly suspended without hearing in sex assault case – July 11
  248. Greg Piper: New rape definition by public college is actually better than the old one – July 11
  249. William Andersen: Government in the Bedroom: Statism and Rape Culture – July 11
  250. Hunter Swogger: Rape Culture in the West is as Real as ‘Witchcraft in Salem’ – July 8
  251. Diana Moskovitz: Why Title IX Has Failed Everyone on Campus Rape – July 7
  252. KC Johnson: Celebrating Erdely as a Journalist – July 7
  253. Ashe Schow: Obama, Biden won’t visit schools they claim don’t take sex assault seriously – July 6
  254. Robert Franklin: Wendy McElroy’s Latest Book Strikes a Blow Against Rape Culture Hysteria – July 3
  255. T. Rees Shapiro: ‘Our worst nightmare’: New legal filings detail reporting of Rolling Stone’s U-Va. gang rape story – July 2
  256. Jessica Denis: Title IX and College Rape: A Series Of Injustice Part 2 – July 1
  257. Matt Lamb: ‘Rape culture hysteria’ is based on a ‘Big Lie’ that qualifies as hate speech – July 1
  258. Ashe Schow: Rights group petitions Senate over campus sexual assault – June 30
  259. New York Post Editorial Board: Reining in Campus Courts – June 29
  260. Heather Marlowe: I’m a rape victim and activist, my opinion on the Stanford case wasn’t PC enough for Buzzfeed – June 29
  261. Ashe Schow: Fraternity brothers’ lawsuit over Rolling Stone fake rape story dismissed – June 29
  262. George Leef: Two Key Lawsuits Lead Counterattack Against Title IX Overreach – June 29
  263. Greg Piper: The hickey police: Petition asks lawmakers to ‘rein in’ agency that micromanages campus sex – June 28
  264. Ashe Schow: Rights group proposes bill to properly handle campus sexual assault – June 28
  265. Charlotte Hays: Model Legislation: The Campus Equality, Fairness, and Transparency Act – June 27
  266. Jessica Denis: Title IX and College Rape: A Series of Injustice – Part 1 – June 27
  267. Greg Piper: Teammate starts fundraiser for basketball captain suing Yale over questionable rape expulsion – June 27
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