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678 articles:

  1. COTWA: 2014 in Review – December 31
  2. Conn Carroll: White House Rape Data “Not Supported By The Scientific Evidence” – December 31
  3. Ashe Schow: Harvard Law Bows to Federal Gov’t over Campus Sexual Assault Policies – December 31
  4. Leo Hohmann: Activists: Schools Must Teach Sex Consent to Kindergartners – December 31
  5. Joe Pallazolo: Harvard Law Professor: Feds’ Position on Sexual-Assault Policies Is ‘Madness’ – December 30
  6. Blake Neff: Harvard Yields To Feds On Sex Assault – December 30
  7. Robby Soave: As the Campus Rape Narrative Unravels, Will Due Process Strike Back in 2015? – December 30
  8. Ashe Schow: U.Va. Professor, Son Want Apology to Those ‘Wrongfully Punished’ – December 30

  9. Susan Kruth: Department of Education Finds Harvard Law School Violated Title IX  – December 30
  10. Ashe Schow: What Common Core and Campus Sexual Assault Policies Have in Common – December 29
  11. COTWA: Sen. Claire McCaskill Needs to Resign – December 29
  12. Adan Salazar: California Activists Want Sexual Consent Taught to Kindergartners – December 29
  13. COTWA: This is How Stupid College Students can be When They Talk about Rape – December 29
  14. Robby Soave: Doonesbury Somehow Unaware That the UVA Gang Rape Story Was Debunked Weeks Ago – December 29
  15. Sonny Bunch: Garry Trudeau, Call Your Office – December 29
  16. Jim Treacher: Garry Trudeau Still Believes Jackie, Sabrina Erdely, and Rolling Stone – December 29
  17. KC Johnson: UVA Student Coalition Demands Secret Trials in Virginia – December 28
  18. Glenn Kessler: One in Five Women in College Sexually Assaulted: An Update on this Statistic – December 28
  19. Hans Bader: ‘Affirmative Consent’ Movement Seeks to Control Your Private Life – December 28
  20. Peter Berkowitz: The Demise of Due Process on Campus – December 28

  21. Amy Alkon: The Slippery Slope Of Affirmative Consent: Perhaps Coming To Sex Lives Off Campus, Too – December 27
  22. Asche Schow: Claire McCaskill: Statistics? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Statistics! – December 26
  23. Twitchy: Listing of Politicians and Media Outlets that Falsely Claimed 1 in 5 Women is Sexually Assaulted in College – December 26
  24. Kaitlyn Schallhorn: Student Activists Demand California Teach Sexual Consent to Kindergartners – December 26
  25. Matt Vespa: MRCTV Asks UVA Students About Botched Rolling Stone Piece – December 26
  26. Greg Piper: Virgin Mary Justifies Affirmative Consent Sex Regime, Christian Professor Says – December 24
  27. Wendy McElroy: Obama and the Fiction of ‘Rape Culture’ – December 24
  28. Michael Barone: The Campus-Rape Frenzy – December 23
  29. Matt Vespa: Why Does Due Process Go Out The Window With Rape Cases? – December 23
  30. Cathy Young: The Crusade Against Rape Culture Stumbles – December 23
  31. Chuck Ross: Emails Show UVA Coordinator Hoped To Put ‘Positive People’ In Touch With Rolling Stone Reporter – December 23
  32. COTWA: A Victory for the Truth: Sen. Gillibrand’s Sexual Assault Resources Website Drops the ‘One in Five’ Myth – December 22
  33. The Bureaucrat Behind the “Rape Culture” Radicals – December 21

  34. Ben Cohen: Amanda Marcotte: The Face of Rape Hysteria – December 21
  35. KC Johnson: Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act E-Mails – December 21
  36. Matt Kaiser and Justin Dillon: What the Rolling Stone Story Tells Us about Campus Sexual Assault – December 20
  37. Charlotte Hays: Law Students: We Can’t Study Rape Law Because It Might Traumatize Us – December 19
  38. Stephen Baskerville: At The End Of The Day, Feminism Is A War On Due Process – December 19
  39. Matt Vespa: Talk About Sending the Arsonist to Put Out the Fire – December 19
  40. KC Johnson: UVA’s Troubled Campus Culture – December 19
  41. COTWA: Female college president’s photo with bare-chested male students prompts professors to question whether the college has “a casual attitude toward sexual assaults” – December 19
  42. Megan Daum: Now More Than Ever, The Issue of Campus Rape Requires Critical Thinking – December 18
  43. Asche Schow: Marginalizing the Already Marginalized – December 18
  44. Chuck Ross: Here Is What The UVA Student Behind The Rolling Stone Article Wrote About A Friend She Had A Crush On – December 18
  45. Katherine Timpf: New Women’s Rights Cause May Let More Rapists Free – December 18
  46. Ann Coulter: One in Five Rolling Stone Writers are Morons – December 17
  47. Asche Schow: Defining Nearly All Sex as Rape – December 17
  48. KC Johnson: Jackie’s Story and UVA’s Stalinist Rules – December 16

  49. Chuck Ross: University Of Virginia Student’s Catfishing Scheme Revealed – December 16
  50. Setting the Record Straight on ‘1 in 5′ – December 15
  51. Jeannie Suk: The Trouble with Teaching Rape Law – December 15
  52. Jeffrey Scott Shapiro: Bogus Phone Numbers Raise Fresh Doubts About ROLLING STONE Gang Rape Story… – December 15
  53. Glenn Reynolds: The Great Campus Rape Hoax – December 15
  54. Katie Kieffer: Selling Sex (Allegations) – December 15
  55. Charlotte HaysDOJ Campus Sexual Assault Study: The Administration’s One-In-Five Statistic Appears to Be Waaaay Off Base – December 15
  56. Eric Owens: Here are Eight Campus Rape Hoaxes Eerily Like the UVA Rape Story – December 14
  57. Kristine Marsh: DOJ Debunks WH’s Stats on College Rape, Will Media Report? – December 14
  58. Brendan O’Neill: The war on rape: the logic of the lynch mob returns – Nov. 14
  59. Vincent Carroll: Overhyping Sexual Assault on College Campuses – December 14
  60. Vicki E. Alger: Sexual Violence Needs Sober Solutions – December 13
  61. Peg Rosen: Is Date-Rape Crusade Hurting Innocent Young Men? – December 13
  62. Jazz Shaw: The Strange Case of Joshua Strange – December 13
  63. KC Johnson: Triple Jeopardy and No Lawyers at SMU – December 12
  64. Mark Perry: New Justice Department Study Reveals that About 1 in 52.6 College Women Have Been Victims of Rape/Sexual Assault – December 12
  65. Selwyn Duke: Rape and the Attack of the “Man-hating Media” – December 12
  66. Robin Wilson: Study Challenges Notion That Risk of Sexual Assault Is Greater at College – December 12
  67. Avi Snyder: A Welcome Call to Dismantle Campus Kangaroo Courts – December 12
  68. James Ceaser: The Flight from Reason on Campus – December 12
  69. Asche Schow: Advocacy Groups Must Believe Rape Accusers Without Evidence, Others Should Not – December 12
  70. Jim Treacher: Reporter Behind UVA Gang-Rape Tale Was Once Disciplined For Making Up A Story… By STEPHEN GLASS – December 12
  71. Erik Erikson: The Man Hating Media – December 12
  72. Greg Piper: Sexual-Assault Activists Yelled Obscenities at Us, SDSU Frat President Says – December 11
  73. Philip N. Cohen: College Sex-Assault Trials Belong in Court, Not on Campus – December 11
  74. The Federalist: New DOJ Data On Sexual Assaults: College Students Are Actually Less Likely To Be Victimized – December 11
  75. Charles Cooke: Does Truth Matter to the Feminist Left? – December 11
  76. COTWA: Game Changer: New DOJ study on college sexual assault says it’s not one-in-five, it’s one-in-forty-one at most – December 11
  77. Wendy McElroy: The Rape Culture Hysteria – December 11
  78. Asche Schow: More Evidence That 1 in 5 College Women Have Not Been Sexually Assaulted – December 11
  79. Ben Shapiro: To The Left, Lying About Rape Is Just Dandy – December 11
  80. Joshua Strange: A Letter From a Survivor – December 11
  81. Valerie Richardson: U.Va., Lena Dunham Cases Could Swing Pendulum in College-Rape Cases – December 10
  82. Hannah Rosin: The Washington Post Inches Closer to Calling the UVA Gang Rape Story a Fabrication – December 10
  83. Ann Coulter: The College Rape Club – December 10
  84. Barbara Kay: Rolling Stone was Performing Advocacy, Not Journalism – December 10
  85. Jonah Goldberg: Using Allegations of Rape in a Grab for Power – December 10
  86. Robby Soave: Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape Story Just Took Another Massive Hit – December 10
  87. Matt Walsh: Rape Culture Doesn’t Exist And There Is No Rape Epidemic – December 10

  88. Joseph Cohn: More on Senate Committee’s Hearing on Campus Sexual Assault – December 10
  89. Christopher McDonald: Are Alleged Rapists Automatically Guilty? – December 10
  90. Matt Walsh: Rape Culture Doesn’t Exist And There Is No Rape Epidemic – December 9
  91. Bryan Gruley: Can a Wife With Dementia Say Yes to Sex? – December 9
  92. Hanan Adley: Critics Say Survey Figures Inflate Threat of On-campus Rapes – December 9
  93. Megan McArdle: You Can’t Just Accuse People of Rape – December 9
  94. Patrick Bissett: Bad Reporting in UVA Rape Story is on Rolling Stone, But Jackie’s Story Still Doesn’t Add Up – December 9
  95. Coy Ozias: Guilty Until Proven Innocent – December 9

  96. Ann Coulter: If There’s a Campus Rape Epidemic, Then Why So Many Hoaxes? – December 9
  97. Robby Soave: Lessons from the UVA Catastrophe: We Can’t Prevent Rape if We’re Deluded About It – December 9
  98. Eric Owens: Disgraced Journalist Behind UVA Rape Story Sanctimoniously Criticized FALSE REPORTING – December 9
  99. National Review Online Editors: Rape and Rolling Stone – December 9
  100. Joseph Cohn: Senate Committee Conducts Hearing on Campus Sexual Assault – December 9
  101. Greg Piper: Sexual-Assault Study Authors Disavow How Their Work is Portrayed by Activists – December 9
  102. Charles Johnson: Here’s Jackie Coakley “Rape Obsessed” Pinterest Account #UVAHoax – December 8
  103. Brendan O’Neill: Rolling Stone and the Cult of Credulity – December 8
  104. COTWA: The Rolling Stone debacle didn’t happen in a vacuum: It is time to mothball the destructive ‘rape culture’ meme – December 8
  105. Glenn Reynolds: When Rape Matters, and When it Doesn’t – December 8
  106. Howard Kurtz: Rolling Stone’s Rape Story: A Bigger Journalistic Train Wreck Than We Thought – December 8
  107. William Jacobson: Mothers Must Speak Up for Their Sons on Campus – December 8
  108. Jonathan Taylor: As UVA Case Unravels, Feminists Scramble with Damage Control but Maintain Presumptions of Male Guilt – December 8
  109. Cathy Young: The UVA Story Unravels: Feminist Agitprop and Rape-Hoax Denialism – December 8
  110. Hans Bader: University of Virginia Violated Constitution Through Collective Guilt Suspension for Sororities and Frats – December 8
  111. Emily Yoffe: The College Rape Overcorrection – December 7
  112. John Fund: Another College Campus, More Pitchfork Justice – December 7
  113. KC Johnson: Campus After-Effects of the Rolling Stone Travesty – December 7
  114. Margaret Talbot: Reporting on Rape – December 7
  115. Eric Owen: 11 Job Ideas for Disgraced, Slimball Journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdely – December 7
  116. Rolling Stone Tries to Regroup After Campus Rape Article Is Disputed – December 7
  117. Michael Moynihan: Why It Was Right to Question Rolling Stone’s U-VA Rape Story – December 6
  118. Eugene Volokh: Libel Law and the Rolling Stone / UVA Alleged Gang Rape Story – December 6
  119. The Economist: Professors as Judges – December 6
  120. James Taranto: An Education in College Justice – December 6
  121. Hanna Rosin: Key Player in UVA Rape Story: Rolling Stone Never Talked to Me – December 6
  122. Cathy Young: It’s Women Who Suffer When We Don’t Ask Questions – December 6
  123. FIRE: ‘Rolling Stone’ Developments Underline Need for Professional Response to Campus Sexual Assault – December 5
  124. Chuck Ross: Disgraced Rolling Stone Reporter’s Tweets Come Back To Haunt Her – December 5
  125. Marc Randazza: Should We Always Believe the Victim? – December 5
  126. Hannah Rosin: Blame Rolling Stone – December 5
  127. Joseph Cohn: UMass Amherst Tells Court That ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter Is Not Binding Law – December 4
  128. Heather Wilhelm: The U-Va. Rape Case and Feminist Confusion – December 4
  129. Jonah GoldbergA Story Too Useful to Verify? – December 3
  130. Bob Rayner: Is the Rolling Stone Story a Fable? – December 3
  131. KC Johnson: The Rolling Stone Saga: Everything That’s Wrong with How We Deal with Campus Rape – December 2
  132. David French: The Wheels Are Coming Off the Sexual Revolution – December 2
  133. Rachel Axon: Jameis Winston Rape Case Spotlights Calls for Reform – December 2

  134. Erik Wemple: Rolling Stone Whiffs in Reporting on Alleged Rape – December 2
  135. Susan Kruth: CUNY Board of Trustees Approves New Sexual Misconduct Policy – December 2
  136. Rod DreherUVA’s Jackie: A Wahoo Tawana Brawley? – December 2
  137. KC Johnson: More Questions about Rolling Stone and UVA – December 2
  138. Stephen Henrick: Three More Flaws in Harvard’s Sexual Harassment Policy – December 2
  139. Allison Benedikt and Hanna Rosin: The Missing Men – December 2
  140. Paul Farhi: Author of Rolling Stone Article on Alleged U-Va. Rape Didn’t Talk to Accused Perpetrators – December 1
  141. Robert Shibley: Time to Call the Cops: Title IX Has Failed Campus Sexual Assault – December 1
  142. Asche Schow: Amid Outrage, Questions Emerge about U.Va. Gang-Rape Allegation – December 1
  143. Judith Sulevitz: Rolling Stone Never Gave the Villains of Its Gang Rape Story a Chance to Defend Themselves – December 1
  144. COTWA: When it comes to rape claims, feminists say campus ‘justice’ is superior to real justice because due process doesn’t get in the way – December 1
  145. Robby Soave: Is the UVA Rape Story a Gigantic Hoax? – December 1
  146. Valerie Richardson: Men Invoking Anti-Discrimination Title IX to Fight Sex Assault Charges – December 1
  147. Annemarie Butkiewicz: Confronting Sexual Assault: University Conduct Hearings Receive Plenty of Criticism – November 30

  148. Bradford Wilcox: The Right and Campus Rape – November 26
  149. Wendy McElroy: Is Challenging ‘Rape Culture’ Claims an Idea Too Dangerous for University Students? – November 26
  150. Greg Piper: Even ‘Slate’ Thinks Campus Sexual-Assault Investigations are Worse than Police – November 25
  151. Charlotte Hays: Rolling Stone’s U-Va Rape Story – November 25
  152. Robby Soave: The UVA Rapists Should Not Have Been Expelled – November 25
  153. National Public Radio: Colleges Ill-Equipped To Investigate, Adjudicate Sexual Assaults – November 25
  154. Kimball Perry: U of Cincinnati Violating Rights of Accused Students – November 25
  155. Anna Oakes: Former Football Player Sues Appalachian State U – November 25
  156. Dahlia Lithwick: The University of Virginia Finally Confronts Its Rape Problem – November 24

  157. Richard Bradley: Is the Rolling Stone Story True? – November 24
  158. Asche Schow: UVA Gang-Rape Allegation Shows Why Universities Shouldn’t Arbitrate Sexual Assault – November 24
  159. Judith Sulevitz: Where UVA Went Wrong: Students Need to See Rape as a Felony, Not Just a Campus Infraction – November 24
  160. Cathy Young: The Debate at Brown – November 24
  161. Noah Rothman: More Evidence That the Left Wants to Get into your Bedroom – November 24
  162. Lisa Gartner: Eckerd president blames college sexual assaults on excess drinking, casual sex – November 24
  163. KC Johnson: McCarthyite Justice at Wesleyan and Swarthmore – November 23
  164. Neil Chaudhary: Realigning Universities’ Paralegal Sexual Assault Systems – November 22

  165. Megan McArdle: Campus Rapes and Kangaroo Courts – November 21

  166. Ashe SchowDue Process Win: Swarthmore College Settles Lawsuit with Accused Student – November 21

  167. COTWA: In the Wake of the Indictment of College Sex Tribunals by 28 Harvard Law Professors, It’s Suddenly Become Respectable to Champion the Rights of College Men – November 21
  168. Michael Shammas: To Harvard and Other Universities: In Protecting Students From Sexual Assault, Don’t Disregard Due Process – November 20
  169. Katie J.M. Baker: The Accused – November 20
  170. Samantha Harris: Victory for Freedom of Conscience at UC Davis: University Removes Coercive Slide from Sexual Assault Training Materials  November 20
  171. Ariel Kaminer: New Factor in Campus Sexual Assault Cases: Counsel for the Accused – November 20
  172. Anthony Berteaux: Consent Bill Assaults Amendment – November 20
  173. Asche Schow: The Coming War Between Sex-Positive Feminism and Affirmative Consent – November 20
  174. COTWA: Feminists Condemn Wendy McElroy for Taking a Position that Mirrors RAINN’s – November 20
  175. Suzanne Fields: Misreading the Cry of Rape – November 19
  176. Gil Smart: Assaulted by an Opinion – November 19
  177. Robby Soave: Some Feminists Think Stopping Jokes Would Help Stop Rape, But ‘Alcohol is Not the Problem'[*]
  178. John Leo: An Actual Debate at Brown – November 19
  179. Charlotte HaysCampus Rape Culture: Another Issue on Which the Obama Administration May Be Failing to Get Its Point Across – November 18
  180. Joseph Zappa: Forum Veers from Dealing with Sexual Assault on Campuses, Focuses on Rape Culture in United States – November 18

  181. KC Johnson: Rubenfeld on Campus Rape – November 18
  182. John Leo: The Times Allows Criticism of Campus Sex Hearings – November 18
  183. Samantha Miller: Brown University’s Two-Faced Attitude Toward Free Speech – November 18
  184. Ashe Schow: Alan Dershowitz: Campus Sexual Assault Rules ‘Preclude a Defense’ for the Accused – November 18

  185. COTWA: Jessica Valenti Brands Yale Law Prof. Who Expresses Concerns About Wrongful Sexual Assault Claims a Rape Apologist – November 18
  186. Susan Kruth: UC Davis Response to FIRE Letter Misses the Point on Freedom of Conscience – November 17
  187. Robby Soave: Liberal Feminists, Stop Smearing Critics As Rape Apologists – November 17
  188. Robby Soave: ‘Our Strategy for Dealing With Rape on College Campuses Has Failed Abysmally.’

  189. Jed Rubenfeld: Mishandling Rape – November 15

  190. Janet Halley: Harvard’s New Sexual Harassment Policy Must Change

  191. Cynthia P. Garrett: Campus Sexual Misconduct Policies Reveal Potential Gender Bias – November 13

  192. Mike Adams: University Deans Gang Rape Black Sorority – November 13

  193. Francis Levy: Pornosophy: Have You Signed a Pre-Coital? – November 13
  194. COTWA: The Grotesque Injustice to Josh Strange – November 13

  195. Robby Soave: Porn Star James Deen Is a Raging Libertarian, Hates Affirmative Consent – November 12
  196. Nicole Grether 
  197. Malcolm James: The Patrick Witt Case: Life-Changing Consequences of Sex-Assault Allegations – November 12

  198. David Walsh: Harvard’s New Sexual Harassment Policy, Democratic Rights and the New Right – November 11
  199. Asche Schow: Socialists Disapprove of Obama Administration’s Policy on Campus Sexual Assault – November 11
  200. Ruth Marcus: Campus Sexual Assault Charges Carry Dangers for Boys as Well – November 10
  201. Rick Moran: What Gender Warriors Mean by ‘Affirmative Consent’ – November 10
  202. Ben Boychuk: ‘Affirmative Consent’: Colleges are Motivated by the Almighty Dollar – November 9

  203. Susan Snyder: A College President’s Words to Young Women about Men – November 8

  204. Robby Soave: Feds Punish Princeton For Liking Due Process Too Much

  205. Cully Stimson and Andrew Kloster: Harvard Professors Reject Obama Campus Rape Policies – November 7
  206. Ashe SchowPrinceton University under Federal Scrutiny for Treating Sexual Assault as a Crime – November 7

  207. Nicole Ng and Vivian Wang: Enough Alcohol to Call it Rape? – November 7
  208. Susan Kruth: In Mishandling Sexual Assault Allegations Against Patrick Witt, Yale Failed Everyone –November 7
  209. Brendan O’Neill: An Ivy League Lynch Mob – November 6
  210. COTWA: Anyone Who Fights for the Rights of Students Accused of Sexual Assault is Acting out of Arrogance and Ingrained Male Privilege – November 6
  211. KC Johnson: The Smearing of Patrick Witt Continues – November 6
  212. COTWA: Feminist Wants Campus Crime Alerts to be Issued for Accusations of Acquaintance Sexual Assault – November 5
  213. Greg Piper: Lesson for Bros who Want to Promote Affirmative Consent: Don’t Make T-Shirts – November 5
  214. Katy Waldman: Patrick Witt’s Op-Ed About Harvard’s Sexual Assault Policy Is Infuriating. It’s Also Right– November 4

  215. Dennis Prager: When the Left Attacks: A Personal Tale – November 4

  216. The Quarterback Smeared by Yale Speaks Out – 
  217. Patrick Witt: A Sexual Harassment Policy that Nearly Ruined My Life – November 3
  218. COTWA: College anti-rape advocate wants to do away with burden of proof when students are accused of sexual assault – November 3
  219. Joel Mathis and Ben Boychuk: Should the Law Require ‘Affirmative Consent’ for Sex? – November 2
  220. Charlotte Hays: Does “Yes Means Yes” Trivialize Rape? – October 31
  221. Ben Boychuk: Should the Law Require “Affirmative Consent” for Sex? – October 31
  222. Conor Friedersdorf: Sex on Campus: UCLA Students Weigh Affirmative-Consent Laws – October 31
  223. Ashe Schow: Feminist Lawyer Denounces Handling of Campus Sexual Assault Cases – October 30
  224. Jessica Heppler: Face-Off: Affirmative Consent – October 30
  225. Danielle Crume, Michael Hatch, and Derek Rosseau: California Consent Laws Fail to Protect All Students – October 30
  226. Ted Rall: Will ‘Yes Means Yes’ Create More Problems than it Solves? – October 30
  227. The Weakening of Due Process at Penn – 

  228. Blaise Desnoes: Students Protest Sexual Violence with Mattresses Covered in Harassing Messages – October 29
  229. Susan Kruth: Former Occidental Student Files Title IX Complaint After Being Denied Fair Hearing   October 29
  230. Julianna Renzi and Katelyn Kennon: Sexual Assault Policy : “Oh God, Yes” or “No, Stop” – October 29
  231. Hans Bader: Progressives Coddle Rapists, While Smearing Innocent People as Predators – October 28
  232. Elizabeth Nolan Brown: Half of MIT Students Think It’s Possible to “Accidentally” Rape Someone (Thanks, Affirmative Consent!) – October 28
  233. KC Johnson: How Judges of Campus Sex Offenses Are ‘Trained’ – 
  234. Amalia Halikias: No to yes-means-yes – October 28
  235. Janet Halley: On the New Harvard University Sexual Harassment Policy – October 28
  236. Kathleen A. Bogle: “Yes Means Yes” Isn’t the Answer – October 27
  237. COTWA: Prof. Alan Dershowitz: “Harvard’s policy was written by people who think sexual assault is so heinous a crime that even innocence is not a defense.” – October 25
  238. Duff McDonaldPro Due Process Does Not Equate to Pro Rape – October 24

  239. Marshall Rottman: Boycott College Women While in College – October 24
  240. Tim Lindsay: Harvard Law Professors Condemn University’s War On Young Men – October 24

  241. Andrea Peyser: You Kids are Getting Screwed–And Not in the Good Way – October 23
  242. How the Education Department Warped Title IX – October 22

  243. R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.The Harvard 28 to the Rescue on Sexual Harassment – October 22
  244. Wendy McElroy: Federalizing Sex – October 22
  245. Cathy Young: Groupthink Hits the Federalist Society – October 21
  246. Bruce Fein: Assaulting Due Process under Sexual Assault Banner – October 21
  247. Conor Friedersdorf: Why One Male College Student Abandoned Affirmative Consent – October 20
  248. Yvonne Dean-Bailey: ‘Yes Means Yes’ Sexual Education Class Provides P.E. Credit – October 20
  249. Benjamin Wermund: Former UH Students Sue School Over Sex Assault Investigation – October 20

  250. Miriam Weaver: If You Read Nothing Else This Week, Just Make Sure To Read This – October 20
  251. Heather MacDonald: Neo-Victorianism on Campus – October 20
  252. Cathy Young: The Federalist Society Caves to “Rape Culture” Orthodoxy – October 19

  253. The Underside of “Affirmative Consent” – October 19
  254. Cathy Young: Harvard Liberals Hate New Campus Sex Laws – October 19

  255. Conor Friedersdorf: Sex and the Class of 2020: How Will Hookups Change? – October 18
  256. KC Johnson: Ezra Klein’s Confusion on the California Sex Law – October 18
  257. Robert Shibley: What Ezra Klein Gets Wrong About the ‘Yes Means Yes’ Law in California – October 17
  258. Vicki E. Alger: California Says All Sex on College Campuses = Rape – October 17
  259. COTWA: Here’s Why Ezra Klein Doesn’t Know What the Hell he’s Talking About When it Comes to Sexual Assault – October 17

  260. Conor FriedersdorfAn Appalling Case for Affirmative-Consent Laws – October 16

  261. Ashe Schow: ‘Yes Means Yes’ Laws also Hurt Women – October 16

  262. Robert Shibley: For Some ‘Affirmative Consent’ Supporters, Injustice Is A Feature, Not A Bug – October 16
  263. Twenty-Eight Members of the Harvard Law School Faculty: Rethink Harvard’s Sexual Harassment Policy – October 15
  264. Cathy Young: The Argument Against Affirmative Consent Laws Gets Voxjacked
  265. Andrew Desiderio: Law Professor Blasts ‘Yes Means Yes’: ‘Ridiculous, Unfair, Infantilizes Women’ – October 15
  266. Jess Bidgood and Tamar Levin: Some Harvard Professors Oppose Policy on Assaults – October 15
  267. Robby Soave: How to Solve the Campus Rape Crisis: Lower the Drinking Age – October 15
  268. Jonathan Chait: Liberals Get Illiberal on Campus Rape – October 14
  269. Charles Cooke: The Illiberal Ezra Klein – October 14
  270. James Taranto: No Justice, No Problem – October 14
  271. Katherine TimpfWomen Are Too Weak to Say No to Sex – October 14
  272. Steve Greenhut: PC Gone Amok? College Boots George Will Over Sexual-Assault Column – October 14
  273. False Imprisonment by Campus Sex Police? – 

  274. Asche Schow: Ezra Klein Favors Extreme ‘Yes Means Yes’ Law Because of a Myth – October 13
  275. Randy Alcorn: In California, ‘Yes Means Yes’ and Stupid Means Stupid – October 13

  276. Stephen Littau: ‘Affirmative Consent’ Blurs the Lines between Consensual Sex and Sexual Assault on Campus – October 13

  277. COTWA: In California and on College Campuses Across America, Sex is now Presumptive Rape Based Solely on an Accusation  – October 13
  278. Malcolm James: Columbia University Reaches the Holy Grail for “Anti-Sexual Assault” Activists – October 13

  279. Casey Given: Here’s Another Reason to Hate Title IX – October 13
  280. Judith Shulevitz: Accused College Rapists Have Rights, Too – October 11
  281. Shikha Dalmia: Sex-Shaming: The Feminist Weapon of Choice to Silence Dissenters on Affirmative Consent – October 10

  282. Roz Galtz: Feminist Says No to California’s Yes-Means-Yes Law … Here’s Why – October 10

  283. Orange County Register: ‘Yes Means Yes’ Law Splits Democrats – October 9
  284. Wendy McElroy: Campus Act would Hurt Sons to ‘Save’ Daughters – October 9
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July 1 – September 30

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January 1 – June 30

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