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Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

Have you been falsely accused or wrongly prosecuted for domestic violence?  False allegations and wrongful prosecutions harm the innocent, squander resources, and shortchange true victims.

1. Connect: Facebook

2. Tip sheets: How to Avoid and Survive a Domestic Violence False Allegation

  • Before the Accusation
  • If a Restraining Order is Served on You
  • Defending the Allegation
  • Immigration
  • Working for Change

3. National survey: One in Ten Falsely Accused of Abuse 

4. False Allegations Awareness Month:

5. Join the Domestic Violence Legislative Project (DVLP) to work for change at the state level.

SAVE maintains an on-going policy reform and media efforts. Please support SAVE’s continuing efforts to stop false allegations and wrongful prosecutions! Make a donation now: