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VAWA Must Require Accreditation of DV Educational Programs

The upcoming Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act will include a new focus on teen dating violence. SAVE supports evidence-based programs for persons of all ages. When done right, youth who are in abusive relationships can break the cycle of violence.

The key words here are, “When done right.” Unfortunately, many DV educational programs are futile exercises in misrepresentation and bias:

Abuse prevention programs need to be rooted in fact. So SAVE is calling on Sen. Patrick Leahy, Judiciary Committee chairman, to assure that all DV Training, Education, and Public Awareness (TEPA) programs are accredited: SAVE letter to Sen. Leahy

Contact Senator Leahy today. Politely yet firmly explain that all new teen dating violence prevention programs funded by VAWA need to be accredited to assure accuracy and balance:

Success! Thanks in part to the CAMP campaign which heightened Sen. Leahy’s awareness of our concerns, a controversial provision in Leahy’s draft bill that would have mandated colleges to handle rape charges on the 51% basis was removed. In addition, Senate bill S. 2338, introduced by Sen. Bailey-Hutchison, included a provision requiring that VAWA training and education programs be accredited.