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Dec. 26, 2013: Letter to Carol Kurzig, President of AVON Foundation for Women

Recently we reviewed your Fact Sheet found at We compared the information found in your Fact Sheet against 10 objective criteria. Unfortunately, we found your Fact Sheet met only 1 of the 10 criteria.

Summary Sheet
Organization: AVON Foundation for Women


Name of president:  Carol Kurzig
Dept. of Justice funding (2012): *
URL of Fact Sheet:
Date of review: 12/12/13
Fact Sheet Grade:  F
Totals 1 9
1. Does the Fact Sheet list at least three of the causes and risk factors for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) identified by the US Centers for Disease Control, such as substance abuse, marital instability, and psychological factors? X Only mentions generational DV.
2. Does the Fact Sheet indicate that men and women engage in IPV at approximately equal rates? X The entire brochure is gender biased.
3. Does the Fact Sheet indicate that about half of all IPV is mutual? X
4. Does the Fact Sheet indicate that female initiation of IPV is the leading cause of a woman becoming injured by her partner? X
5. Does the Fact Sheet indicate that about two-thirds of persons injured by IPV are female? X States that 85% of DV victims are female.
6. Does the Fact Sheet indicate that rates of IPV have fallen substantially in recent decades? X
7. Does the Fact Sheet include any mention of the problem of false allegations, and how false allegations divert resources from victims? X
8. Does the Fact Sheet indicate that crime surveys (e.g., NCVS) and criminal justice statistics (e.g., arrests) are not valid indicators of overall levels of IPV? X
9. Does the Fact Sheet avoid use of imprecise terminology such as “battering”? X
10. Are the majority (> 50%)  of the references recent, i.e., published since 2005? X
* Source: Federal Audit Clearinghouse: