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False Allegations on Campus

UPDATE: On September 22, 2017, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos rescinded the controversial 2011 Dear Colleague Letter on sexual violence. You can read the announcement HERE.


Tell Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to safeguard civil liberties and remove its unlawful Sexual Assault Directive:

One year ago SAVE launched a campaign for the Department of Education (DED) to rescind its unlawful Sexual Assault Directive. Since then, our campaign has lept forward:

  • The American Association of University Professors and 12 other organizations have called for the policy’s removal.
  • To date, over 200 editorials have been written opposing the mandate.

The harmful effects of the DED Sexual Assault Directive have already been documented — see: On College Campuses, Civil Liberties Took a Beating.

Unfortunately, the DED policy  is part of a broader trend to give free rein to an “authoritarian impulse,” using rape laws as a vehicle to revamp basic tenets of our criminal justice system: How Rape Laws Remove the Presumption of Innocence.

For more details, visit Accusing U. For more information on the problem of false allegations of sexual assault, visit SAVE’s web page.