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Drop the Domestic Violence Double-Standard

UPDATE: On January 21, the U.S. women’s national team suspended Hope Solo for a 30-day period. The suspension was the result of a number of incidents, including a run-in earlier in the week with police. Solo had been facing domestic violence assault charges stemming from an altercation with her half-sister and 17-year-old nephew.


National Football League running back Ray Rice was arrested and indicted for aggravated assault on March 27, 2014, after he punched his then-fiancée in the face, rendering her unconscious. As a result, the NFL suspended Rice.

U.S. Soccer goaltender Hope Solo was arrested on June 21, 2014 and charged with two counts of fourth degree assault against her nephew and sister. According to the police report, Solo caused her nephew to bleed from his left ear and badly scraped her sister’s face — see photographs.

But while the NFL took strong action, the U.S. Soccer Federation chose to make excuses:

“We are aware that Hope is handling a personal situation at this moment. At the same time, she has an opportunity to set a significant record that speaks to her hard work and dedication over the years with the National Team. While considering all factors involved, we believe that we should recognize that in the proper way.”

This represents an unacceptable double-standard. Double-standards have no place in our nation’s effort to end to domestic violence. ESPN, TV Guide, and the Chicago Tribune have all called for Solo’s suspension.


Tell U.S. Soccer to immediately suspend goalkeeper Hope Solo. Bring an end to the double standard!

“So what kind of message does this send to the millions of girls and women the U.S. national team has empowered and inspired over the past couple of decades? That alleged domestic violence is somehow different and less alarming when the alleged abuser is a woman?” — Christine Brennan, USA Today Sports Columnist