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Gender-Biased Briefing – Success!

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Rep. Moore Should Cancel Gender-Biased Briefing

UPDATE: Success! As a result of our campaign, the Makers of Memories Foundation removed inaccurate and inflammatory information that had been featured on its website.

A Congressional briefing on the Effects of Domestic Violence on Children has been scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 12 in Washington DC. The event is hosted by Makers of Memories and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV).

Unfortunately, the NCADV website is biased, making the nonsense claim that “There is not a typical woman who will be battered – the risk factor is being born female.”

Please contact Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin, who is co-chairing the briefing. Tell her she needs to cancel the event until she identifies credible experts to testify. Here’s the contact information:

Children who experience domestic violence need programs based on accurate and truthful statistics, not gender-biased trash-talk.