Accusing U.


 Accusing U.

American colleges are in the midst of a civil rights crisis that is undermining fundamental notions of fairness and justice. As Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, explains:

It took our civilization a few thousand years…to put the presumption of innocence and the right to face one’s accusers at the center of the proceedings. It has taken the higher-education establishment and the White House Task Force just a few months to figure out that all that fuss was unnecessary.

Rape StatisticsRapes have fallen dramatically in recent decades — see graph. Despite this fact, the White House claims that “one-in-five” college women are victims of sexual assault — a number that is grossly inflated because it confuses rape with drunken sex. Campus activists are now using the one-in-five number to promote the far-fetched claim that we live in a “rape culture.”

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To address the problem of campus sexual assault, Stop Abusive and Violent Environments is proposing enactment of the Safety of Our Students (SOS) Act.

The need for the SOS Act is revealed by a growing number of lawsuits and over 250 articles published in 2014 (and nearly 300 editorials published 2011 – 2013). These articles highlight widespread doubts whether rape victims are well served by campus sex panels, about the truthfulness of the one-in-five claim, and regarding the negation of due process rights for the accused:

  1. Cathy Young: The CDC’s Rape Numbers Are Misleading – September 17
  2. KC Johnson: DePauw Punishment Halted in Sex Case – September 17
  3. Wall Street Journal: Presumed Guilty at Princeton – September 17
  4. Kaitlyn Schallhorn: Public University Required Students to Submit Sexual History or Face Disciplinary Action – September 17
  5. Batya Ungar-Sargon: ‘Affirmative Consent’ Is Bad for Women – September 16
  6. Mike Adams: Professors Must Defy Feds To Protect Victims – September 16
  7. Mickey Davis: California Rape Law Could Backfire – September 15
  8. Susan Kruth: Due Process Advocates Take Critical Look at How Colleges Are Dealing with Sexual Assault AllegationsSeptember 15
  9. Peter Jacobs: Leaked Sexual-Assault Investigation Highlights The Latest Campus DebateSeptember 15
  10. Wendy Kaminer: Campus Rape and the Trouble With Affirmative Consent – September 15
  11. Eric Owens: UNC Radicals Issue Extreme Sexual Contact Fatwa - September 15
  12. COTWA: College Sex Tribunals are “Bizarre and Cruel” for the Presumptively Innocent - September 15
  13. Charlotte Allen: How to Get an “A” in Art at Columbia: Lug a Mattress Around Campus and Cry Rape – September 14
  14. Robby Soave: Ohio State: Students Must Agree on Why They Are Having SexSeptember 12
  15. Hans Bader: Ohio State University Restricts Consensual Sex and Touching, Calling it Assault - September 12
  16. Debra J. Saunders: Who’s Afraid to Look Soft on Campus Rape? – September 11
  17. Hans Bader: UNC Meddles in Students’ Romantic Lives While Misstating What Consent Is – September 10
  18. KC Johnson: UNC, Princeton Join the Campus War on Due Process
  19. Velma Montoya: University of California Students Had Better Wise Up and Learn Their Constitutional Rights – September 9
  20. Robin Koerner: No Sex Please: We’re CalifornianSeptember 8

  21. KC Johnson: Rare Two-Sided Reporting on Campus Sex - September 8
  22. Marta Vucci: Sen. Mark Warner Pushes for Transparency in Higher Ed. – September 7
  23. Charlotte Allen: After iCloud Hack and ‘Anti-date-rape’ Nail Polish, Feminists Too Quick to Pull ‘Victim-Blaming’ TriggerSeptember 6
  24. Peter Berkowitz: U.S. Colleges’ Sexual Assault Crusade – September 5
  25. Susan Kruth: Office for Civil Rights to Investigate Title IX Claim by Brandeis Student Accused of Sexual MisconductSeptember 5
  26. COTWA: It’s Orientation Season at College — And Time to Blame “Men” for RapeSeptember 5
  27. Scott H. Greenfield: Campus Rape Trials: The Deep Bias of the Empirical Scholar – September 4
  28. Ashe Schow: Campus Sexual Assault: The Only Crime Where Due Process is ShunnedSeptember 4
  29. Justin Dillon & Matthew G. Kaiser: California Bill Won’t Solve Sexual Assault Problems on Campus - September 3
  30. Tovia Smith: Some Accused Of Sexual Assault On Campus Say System Works Against Them
  31. Gabriella Morrongiello: Feminists Rage Over Suggestion that Alcohol Education can Help Curb Sexual Assault September 2
  32. Duke Chronicle Editorial Board: Reconsidering How We Try Sexual Assault – September 1
  33. Robin Wilson: Presumed Guilty – September 1
  34. Cathy Young: Campus Rape: The Problem with ‘Yes Means Yes’ – August 29
  35. Ian Tuttle: Feminists’ Failure on Rotherham - August 29
  36. Rick Moran: ‘Yes Means Yes’ Standard for Sexual Encounters in California Schools – August 29
  37. Leo Hohmann: Consenting to Sex Could Require a Text – August 29
  38. Charlotte Hays: California Moves Closer to Making “Yes Means Yes” Law – August 29
  39. Andrew Miltenberg: College Administrators Need Refresher Course in Due Process Under the Law – August 28
  40. KC Johnson: The Growing Sexual-Assault Investigations Industry – August 28
  41. Robby Soave: It Was a Wild and Crazy Summer of Criminalizing Campus Sex – August 27
  42. Hans Bader: The Frenzy Over “Rape Culture” Grows - August 25
  43. Tracy Frank: Nonprofit Supports Rights of Those Accused of Campus Sexual Assault - August 24
  44. Gordon Finley: The Denial of Due Process May Bankrupt Universities - August 24
  45. Asche Schow: Fallout from Campus Sexual Assault Hysteria: College Men Now Suspicious of Women – August 22
  46. Matt Lamb: New Startup Connects Students with a Lawyer the Minute They Get in Trouble – August 21
  47. Nick Anderson: Behind a Sexual Misconduct Case at Brandeis University: Questions on All Sides - August 20
  48. Asche Schow: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and the Cost of Sexual Assault on College Campuses – August 20
  49. Nick Anderson: Men Punished in Sexual Misconduct Cases on Colleges Campuses are Fighting Back - August 20
  50. Ron Collins: Young Men’s Guide to Campus Secessionism – August 20
  51. Robert Cubby: Calif. SB 967 and the Preponderance of the Evidence in Criminal Matters - August 19
  52. KC Johnson: Four Straight Legal Victories for Due Process - August 18
  53. Joseph Cohn: CT Campus Sexual Assault Bill Further Undermines Due Process - August 18
  54. Matt Lamb: Sexual-Assault Report: Yale Uses ‘Hearsay,’ ‘Scarlet Letter’ Against Accused – August 18
  55. NCFM – Carolinas: List of Legal Action Against Colleges for Due Process Violations Grows - August 18
  56. Emily Shire: Is UMass-Amherst Biased Against Male Students in Title IX Assault Cases? - August 18
  57. Las Vegas Review-Journal: Campus Sex Assault Bill Flattens Due Process - August 17
  58. Justin Dillon and Matt Kaiser: As You Were Saying…College ‘Courts’ Flunk Fairness Test - August 16
  59. Charlotte Hays: “Affirmative Consent” Laws Create More Confusion and Problems Than They Would Solve - August 15
  60. SAVE: NY Times Flops in Attempt to Rig the Campus Sexual Assault Debate - August 15
  61. Cynthia Garrett: Families Advocating for Campus Equality: Opposition to California SB 967 - August 14
  62. KC Johnson: Three GOP Senators Join the Crusade Against Due Process - August 14
  63. Edward Morrissey: Guilt by Accusation—How Colleges Deal with Campus Sex – August 14
  64. Asche Schow: Kelly Ayotte’s Spokeswoman Answers Questions About Campus Sexual Assault BillAugust 13
  65. Wendy McElroy: Devil’s in the Details of Campus Accountability and Safety Act – August 13
  66. Asche Schow: No, 1 in 5 Women Have Not Been Raped on College CampusesAugust 13
  67. KC Johnson: The Times’ One-Sided “Debate” on Sex HearingsAugust 13
  68. Kaitlyn Schallhorn: UNC System Campus Safety Group Recommends Removing Students from Sex Assault Hearings – August 13
  69. Samantha Harris: Law Enforcement Must Take the Lead in Campus Sexual Assault Cases – August 13
  70. Eric Owens: California Is About To Pass A Bizarre Law Making Sex A Legalistic Nightmare For College Males - August 13
  71. Washington Examiner: Obamacrats are Strangling Due Process Rights on Campus – August 12
  72. Maggie Lit: Univ. of Colorado Seeks Dismissal of Tenured Professor After He Called Alleged Sex Assault Victim ‘Promiscuous’ – August 12
  73. Kaitlyn Schallhorn: Professor: ‘Illegals at Border Have More Rights than College Students Accused of Rape’ – August 12
  74. Asche Schow: Backlash: College Men Challenge ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ Standard for Sex Assault Cases – August 11
  75. Andrea Peyser: ‘Rape Culture’ Leads to Manhunts on Campus - August 11
  76. Dianna Thompson and Gordon Finley: ‘Affirmative Consent’ U – August 11
  77. James Alan Fox and Richard Moran: Sex Assault Surveys Not the Answer – August 10
  78. Michael Carl: Campus-Rape Bill Comes Under Heavy Fire - August 10
  79. A Voice for Male Students: The Campus Accountability and Safety Act (CASA): A Flawed Response to an Exaggerated Problem – August 9
  80. Jay Ambrose: Addressing College Issue Intelligently – August 8
  81. Matt Rocheleau: Ex-UMass Student Sues Over Expulsion in Sex Assault Case - August 8
  82. Caroline Kitchens: One-Sided Campus-Rape Bill  - August 7
  83. Charlotte Hays: CASA and the Presumption of Guilt - August 7
  84. Caroline Kitchens: Mothers for Due Process – August 7
  85. KC Johnson: How Yale Brands Innocent Males as Rapists – August 7
  86. Asche Schow: Four Better Ideas to Fight Campus Sexual Assault - August 6
  87. Hans Bader: Troubling Provision in Campus Accountability and Safety Act – August 6
  88. John Steele Gordon: The Repeal of Due Process on Campus – August 6
  89. Spencer Chase: New Sexual Assault Bills Possibly Better Than Nothing – August 5
  90. Charlotte Allen: Why Is Wesleyan Targeting Its Frats? – August 5
  91. Asche Schow: Two More Campus Sexual Assault Bills Introduced, Neither Addresses Due Process - August 5
  92. Asche Schow: Chuck Grassley’s Spokeswoman Responds to Questions on Campus Sexual Assault Bill - August 4
  93. Emily Jashinsky: Male Student Sues University, Accuses Gender Bias in Rape Case - August 4
  94. KC Johnson: A Depressing Year for Campus Due Process – August 3
  95. Michael Conzachi: The Current Push for Colleges to Investigate Allegations of Sexual Assault Can Hurt Valid Cases: A Law Enforcement Perspective – August 3
  96. Charlotte Hays: Some Takes on the Campus Accountability and Safety Act - August 1
  97. Greg Piper: Latest Sexual-Assault Bill: ‘Literally No Limit’ On College Fines For Violations – August 1
  98. Joseph Cohn: Third Campus Sexual Assault Bill Introduced in Congress: Still No Provisions Addressing Due Process  – August 1
  99. Diana Furchtgott-Roth: Bill to Address Fake Campus-Rape Epidemic Goes Too Far – August 1
  100. Amy Miller: Due Process for Accused Not a Priority in Campus Sexual Assault Reform Bill - August 1
  101. KC Johnson: Marco Rubio Doesn’t Care About Campus Due Process - August 1
  102. Joseph Cohn: Second Campus Sexual Assault Bill Introduced in Senate Yesterday – July 31
  103. Asche Schow: Marco Rubio Spokesman Answers Questions on Campus Sexual Assault BillJuly 31
  104. Kaitlyn Schallhorn: Sexual Assault Course Now Mandatory at Oklahoma State – July 31
  105. KC Johnson: Campus ‘Due Process Has No Lobby’ - July 31
  106. COTWA: Bipartisan Senate Bill on Campus Sexual Assault Seeks to Ensure that Every Accusation is Tantamount to a Finding of Guilt – July 31
  107. FIRE: Statement on Campus Accountability and Safety Act - July 30
  108. National Association of Scholars: Letter to Lamar Alexander - July 30
  109. COTWA: Harvard Student Council VP: Harvard Needs its Own Definition of Consent, But Doesn’t Seem to Know What That Should Be - July 30
  110. KC Johnson: Campus Rape Activists Feud Among Themselves - July 30
  111. COTWA: University of Cincinnati Launches Witch Hunt Against Men - July 30
  112. Katie Baker: Meet The Sexual Assault Adviser Top U.S. Colleges Have On Speed Dial - July 28
  113. KC Johnson: Harvard Joins the Ivy League’s Race to the Bottom - July 28
  114. KC Johnson: HuffPost Gets It Wrong on a Campus Rape Case – July 24
  115. Jonathan Taylor: 10 Reasons False Rape Accusations are Common - July 22
  116. Stephanie Keaveney: University Conduct Boards Lack Training Standards for Student Members - July 22
  117. Jeremy Roebuck and Susan Snyder: College Backlash and a Difficult Balancing Act on Sex Assault – July 21
  118. KC Johnson: At Swarthmore, “A Very Low Bar” to Deem Students a Rapist - July 21
  119. COTWA: Female Title IX Complainant Supports Lawsuit of Male Ex-Classmate Who Claims School Denied Him Due Process - July 21
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  136. Eleanor Clift: Is the Campus Rape Crisis Overblown? – July 10
  137. COTWA: Sen. McCaskill’s Report on Campus Sexual Assault Reveals a Disturbing Bias Against the Accused - July 10
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  139. KC Johnson: Claire McCaskill Declares War on Due Process – July 10
  140. COTWA: Feminist Professors Attempt to Prove Campus Rape is an Epidemic – July 8
  141. COTWA: If Your Son is Accused of Sexual Assault at Dartmouth, He Has Fewer Rights Than “Illegal” Aliens at Removal Hearings – July 7
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  155. Matt Rocheleau: College Students Fight Sexual Assault Accusations – June 27
  156. KC Johnson: College Attorneys Face the War on Due Process – June 27
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