Safer Sex: Protect Yourself from a False Allegation

Consider these points to protect yourself from a false accusation:

1.      Forget about the old idea that rape has to be “forcible.” Now it only has to be “non-consensual.”

2.      Alcohol and sex don’t mix. Under the Department of Education’s 2011 Dear Colleague Letter, the mere “use” of a substance renders a person unable to give consent for sex, even if drinking a beer in advance is her idea.

3.      Ask for your partner’s consent: “Are you OK with this?” Let your partner help you come inside so the act is clearly mutual.

4.      Avoid kinky or rough sex.

5.      Avoid implied favors-for-sex deals: “After we make Whoopee, maybe I can do that homework assignment for you.”

6.      Be careful what you send in emails and Facebook posts.

7.      Look for the red-flags why persons falsely accuse:

  • Wants to avoid the guilt for having sex
  • Wants attention
  • Doesn’t want to lose the relationship
  • One person is cheating
  • Wants to get back at you