Listing of Federal Domestic Violence

Training, Education, and Public Awareness Programs

Each year, the federal government spends about $1 billion for domestic violence programs, of which an estimated $84.3 million is allotted to training, education, and public awareness programs. Unfortunately, many of these programs are biased in their content and/or lack a factual basis (1).

Because effective policies need to be based on accurate information, SAVE has established the Training, Education, and Public Awareness (TEPA) Accreditation program to correct these biases (2). The TEPA Accreditation criteria are based on well-established scientific facts about the extent, nature, and causes of domestic violence.

Following is a listing of federally-funded domestic violence training, education, and public awareness programs, and their estimated budgets for the following departments:

  1. Department of Justice — $39.6 million
  2. Department of Health and Human Services — $26.1 million
  3. State Department/U.S. Agency for International Development — $18.6 million

Department of Justice

Office of Violence Against Women:

Violence Against Women Act[1] 

FY2011 Estimated Budget (millions)

Sec. 101: STOP: Training  $10.5[2]
Sec. 105: Court Training  $2.8
Sec. 205: Training and Services for the Elderly  $4.2
Sec. 303: Combat Domestic Violence in Middle and High Schools  $2.5
Sec. 304: Violent Crimes on Campus  $9.4
Sec. 401 : Engaging Men and Youth  $2.8
Sec. 701: National Resource Center on Workplace Violence  $1.0
Training Judicial Personnel for Child Abuse  $2.4
OVW Public Awareness Initiatives  $1.0
OVW Greenbook Initiative  $1.0
Publications  $1.0

National Institute of Justice

Publications  $1.0
 TOTAL  $39.6 


Department of Health and Human Services

Family Violence and Prevention Services[3]

FY2011 Estimated Budget (millions)

Formula Grants to States, State DV Coalitions, and to Tribes  $7.9[4]
Family Violence and Prevention Services: National and Special Issue Resource Centers  $6.2

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention[5]

DELTA: Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancements and Leadership Through Alliances Program  $6.0
Selected domestic violence publications and videos  $1.0
Prevention Strategies  $2.0
Prevention Resources  $2.0
World Health Organization  $1.0
 TOTAL   $26.1


State Department/Agency for International Development (USAID)


State Department

FY2011 Estimated Budget (millions)

Office of Global Women’s Issues[6] $10.0
United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women  $1.0
United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)  $1.0
United Nations Emergency Children’s Fund (UNICEF)  $1.0

USAID Women in Development[7]

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence  $0.5
Distribution of domestic violence publications  $0.1

Other USAID Domestic Violence Programs[8]

Assorted  $5.0
 TOTAL   $18.6



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2. SAVE. What is the TEPA Accreditation Program?

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[2] Total STOP budget for FY 2010: $210.0 million. STOP is a formula grant that allocates 5% for training projects.

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[4] Assumes 5% of the $157.5 million Formula Grants budget is directed to training, education, and public awareness programs and activities.

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