Applications must be submitted electronically, with each Presenter Material and corresponding Learner Material(s) appended as a separate attachment.

Applications for TEPA Accreditation, as well as requests for Pre-Application Technical Assistance, should be emailed to:

TEPA Accreditation Program
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments
Email :
Telephone: 301-801-0608 


Applications need to include the following:

1. Listing of the names of each TEPA program for which accreditation is being requested, e.g., “How to Develop a Safety Plan”

2. For each TEPA program:

  • Specification of the target group, e.g., law enforcement personnel in Harrison County
  • Description of the qualifications (i.e., education, training, and relevant experience) of the person(s) who presents the program.
  • Presenter Materials: Curriculum guide, teaching lesson, training manual, or other similar document for the presenter that outlines  instructional content.
  • Learner Materials: Content information (including audio-visual materials, Powerpoints, and web pages) provided to learners, trainees, or members of the general public.

If any application materials are provided in a language other than English, an accurate English-language translation must accompany the materials.

3. Certifying statements that the applicant:

a. Understands that submission of the TEPA application does not guarantee that the TEPA program will be accredited.

b. Upon accreditation of the Presenter or Learner Materials, will not make any substantive alterations to the Materials without prior written review and approval by the TEPA Accreditation Program.

c. Hereby agrees to save and hold harmless Stop Abusive and Violent Environments and its staff and independent consultants from all cost, injury and caused by an activity, condition or event arising out of the performance or nonperformance of any provision of this agreement.

4. TEPA Application fee

Processing Procedure

Applications are processed according to this procedure:

  1. The application package is logged into the TEPA Accreditation database and reviewed by SAVE staff for completeness.
  2. The application package is reviewed and analyzed by a Research Analyst, based on the specified criteria.
  3. If any submitted Presenter Materials or Learner Materials do not meet all TEPA Approval Criteria, such materials are classified as “Pending” and returned to the applicant for appropriate revision. Such revisions are normally re-submitted to the TEPA Accreditation Program within 3 months. Applicants are charged an additional Page Fee for the subsequent review of revised Materials.
  4. When all approval criteria are met for a specified TEPA program, a confirmatory letter is sent to the applicant.