Flyers are the perfect way to educate candidates and the public about the necessity for Domestic Violence reform. When you find out about an upcoming event, decide what issue you want to focus on and review the flyer to make sure it’s appropriate:

At the Event

  1. Plan to arrive early so you won’t miss the early-arrivers. If there are microphones for audience questions, claim a seat there so later you can easily slip into the question line!
  2. Be appropriately dressed. If appropriate, wear the Campaign 2012 T-shirt.
  3. When you pass out flyers, be sure to smile! 🙂
  4. Some persons may make negative comments. Don’t worry, that means your flyer is being read and is attracting attention!
  5. Cooperate with any requests by security officials.
  6. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into any kind of confrontation, argument, or “incident” at the event.
  7. Once the event begins, return to your seat. Prepare to ask the candidate a question about your issue.