June is False Allegations Awareness Month…and VAWA is Up for Reauthorization

Come to Washington DC, enhance your skills, connect with the movers and shakers, make a difference!

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Theme: Connecting for Change


Friday, June 29:

Lobbying on Capitol Hill — Tell staffers how VAWA needs to be reformed to stop false accusations

  • Location: Cannon House Office Building. Parking on Capitol Hill is extremely limited — we strongly recommend taking the Metro (Metro: Blue-Orange Line Capitol Hill South).
  • You will need to arrive promptly by 9:00am to connect with your team, review the schedule, and get materials.
  • You must participate in the orientation teleconference, to be held on Tuesday, June 19 at 9pm ET
  • Attire: Business casual (jacket and tie for men), comfortable walking shoes.
  • Bring your cell phone and business cards.
  • Staff meetings will wrap up by 5:00pm.
  • Complimentary welcome dinner at 5:30pm.

Saturday, June 30 – False Allegation Summit & DVLP Conference:

  • Location: 901 Fifteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC  20005 (Metro: Blue-Orange Line McPherson Square)
  • See schedule here


  • Space is limited.
  • There is no charge to attend, but pre-registration is required: info@saveservices.org


Selected Comments

  •  “I enjoyed the lobbying effort very much. Ron was a great speaker. It was wonderful to be with like-minded people. In the past, I have felt like a piece of cheese – as in ‘the cheese stands alone.'”
  • “What I liked best was the ability to connect, network, share ideas, advance dialogue, strategies and tactics.”
  • “I liked the speakers the most. Meeting everyone. Enjoyed it all. I found Gordon’s message very practical. Kathy’s was eye-opening. Vladek was very inspirational. Robert and Ron were very informational.”
  • “I liked networking with other rights activists. And being able to offer new ideas, and to get ideas from others around the country.”
  • “The best part was Erin Pizzey. She was passionate, articulate, fact-based, and had a thorough knowledge of her subject.”
  • “I enjoyed meeting activists I formerly only knew from social media/reputation.”
  • “What I liked the most was the breadth of topics presented by excellent speakers, the openness to discussion of issues, and the feeling of support.”
  • “I enjoyed the legal experts. All lawyers in the room were amazing assets to the conference.”
  • “Networking with all these activists was a very important part of this conference. The people who come to events like these are the key to moving the agenda forward.”
  • “My favorite part was the advice from Kathy King.”
  • “I liked the variety of speakers and their diverse backgrounds; variety of topics.”
  • “I enjoyed the opportunity to share knowledge and ask questions of people with legal backgrounds.”
  • “Great speakers and stimulating dialogue. Mr. Gordon Smith was especially compelling/motivating.”
  • “The best part was the solidarity among everyone. Powerful. Intellectual. Inspirational.